Yuyu Hakusho : The Dark Tournament

As I already said before, after the introduction of Yuyu Hakusho, it’s time to write about The Dark Tournament. Before reading this post, if you know nothing about Yuyu Hakusho, please read Yuyu Hakusho: An Introduction first. In that 1st post, I have written about the main characters of this anime.

After defeating The Four Beast of the underworld, Yusuke received a new job. This time, he went only with Kuwabara. The mission is to save a beautiful Yokai that can control snow, her name was Yukina. Yukina was a special yokai that attracted many greedy human. When Yukina cries, her tears will turn into a rare pearl. She was kidnapped by a rich man and he tried to make her cried by using 2 powerful yokai called The Toguro Brothers. Kuwabara was in love with Yukina, he doesn’t know that Yukina was Hiei’s sister. They could save Yukina by working together and defeated The Toguro Brothers easily.

However, The Toguro Brothers weren’t really defeated by Yusuke and Kuwabara, they were pretending to be defeated by them because a man named Sakyou asked them to do so. In return, Toguro-otouto (the youger Toguro) asked Sakyou to invite Yusuke to the Dark Tournament so that he can fight him fair and square in that tournament.

What is The Dark Tournament? The Dark Tournament is a tournament held once a year in a remote island. The tournament was participated by Yokai around the world, they were trying to find the strongest yokai in the world. But, there was always human involve in this tournament, they invited human as guest fighter. The tournament itself was not held by yokai, it was held by greedy human who used the tournament to gain what they want. The winner of the tournament will get everything they want without any exception. The owners of most the teams that joined the tournament were human being.

The rules were simple: each team consisted of 5 people. They could fight in battle royale way, where all the fighters fought at the same time on the stage and the last man standing won. They could also choose to fight one by one, the team with the most winner will win.

Urameshi Team consisted of Yusuke, Kuwabara, Hiei, Kurama and master Genkai.

They were taken to Kubikukuri Island.

Urameshi team had to fight more battle than the other participants because one of the committee was cheating. The first team they fought was Rokuyukai Team. It was a fast fight because Hiei released his deadly technique called Jao Ensatsu ken (Dragon of the Darkness Flame). The other 3 yokai in Rokuyukai Team ran away out of fear toward Hiei. That technique injured Hiei’s arm badly because that technique was not supposed to be used in human world. An extra fighter came and fought Yusuke. In my opinion, the fight between Rokuyukai team and Urameshi team was considered to be an easy battle. In this fight, Hiei’s fighting style is the best.

Next team was Dr. Ichigaki Team. This one is more difficult than previous fight because Dr. Ichigaki was using human as his fighter. He manipulated their heart and brain to make them heartless and cold-blooded killer. There were only 3 people in Dr. Ichigaki team plus Dr. Ichigaki himself. On Urameshi Team were also 3 people, Yusuke, Kuwabara and Genkai. Kurama and Hiei were busy fighting other yokai that were sent by Dr. Ichigaki. Genkai managed to help the humans that were being used by Dr. Ichigaki and Yusuke killed Dr. Ichigaki. In this fight, Genkai’s fighting style is the best.

Without any delay, Urameshi Team had to fight the next team, Matshotsukai Team. Matshotsukai Team were consisted of Shinobi of the yokai world, they were elite fighters. Kurama was so curious why they wanted to join the tournament. One of them told him the reason, they wanted to see the light, to live in the human world in an island of their own. This one on one fight was dirtied by the committee, they took away Hiei and Genkai for reason of inability to fight. Yusuke, Kurama and Kuwabara had to fight all five of Matshotsukai Team. In this fight, Kurama’s fighting style is the best.

Before heading to semifinal, every team was given some rest. Genkai asked Yusuke to follow her as she about to give him her final secret technique. The last thing a master should give to her chosen pupil. Because of this special training, Yusuke couldn’t come to the semifinal and Genkai came almost at the end of the fight.

Urameshi Team’s opponent in semi final was Uraotogi Team. This team was based upon Japanese folk tales such as Momotaro and Urashimataro. Each fighter had similarity with the folk-tale’s characters. Urameshi Team only consisted of Kurama, Hiei and Kuwabara, Genkai came late. Kuwabara was always deceived by Uraotogi Team….it was quite funny. The most interesting parts are when Hiei produced a new technique by summoning the dragon from human world’s flame, it was very impressive; and when Kurama changed into Yoko Kurama (he yokai’s form before he came to human world), Yoko Kurama is super kakkoi … but I still like Hiei more.

Before the final start, Toguro-otouto killed Genkai. From their fight, we knew that Genkai and Toguro used to be friend but Toguro chosen the forbidden path by becoming yokai. He stayed young while Genkai aged naturally.

On the final, both Toguro Team and Urameshi Team only consisted of 4 fighters. Because the rule in final must have 5 fighter, both team used their owner as the 5th fighter. Tougro Team’s owner is Sakyou and Urameshi Team’s owner is Koenma.

The first fight is between Kurama and Karasu. Karasu was very interested with Kurama and he was a higher level yokai compare to Kurama. To be able to fight Karasu, Kurama had to use a drink that will make him return to his Yoko form. Being a Yoko, Kurama finally able to match Kurasu’s fighting style. But the one who defeated Karasu in the end was Kurama himself, he summoned the blood sucking plant from yokai world.Although Kurama killed karasu, but he wasn’t the winner of this fight.

The second fight was between Hiei and Bui. It was a fierce battle. Both had powerful yoki. Hiei thought that he could win easily, but Bui kept showing Hiei his determination to win. Before the final start, Hieai tried so hard to master Jao Ensatsu Ken without hurting his hand and he nailed it. He used that technique to defeat Bui easily. Hiei was so powerful and scary. I love seeing his confident face that tends to look arrogant.

The third fight was between Kuwabara and Toguro-ani (the elder Toguro). Toguro-ani was different compare to Toguro-otouto, he was heartless. He can extend his body and regenerated over and over again. Kuwabara had difficulty to defeat him. Everytime Kuwabara cut Toguro-ani, he always came back unscratched. Fortunately, Kuwabara could produce a sword unlike his sword before. He defeated Toguro-ani.

The last fight was between Yusuke and Toguro-otouto. Sakyou promised to give his life if Toguro lose and Koenma also promised the other way around. The fight lasted longer than the other fights. Toguro used 80% of his power to fight Yusuke. Even in his 80% power, Yusuke was unable to defeat him. To let all his power out, Toguro was told to kill one of Yusuke’s friends. He killed Kuwabara in front of Yusuke’s eyes. Yusuke was furious and a powerful reiki came out his body. The fight became too intense and finally Yusuke killed Toguro.

Although they won the tournament, they couldn’t be happy because of Genkai’s death. But as the winner of the tournament, they were given anything they want as the prize and what they wanted was Genkai’s life.

Next post will be my last post on Yuyu Hakusho. There will be 2 events in one post. The series after the dark tournament is not interesting enough, at least in my opinion.


Fortunately, when writing this post, my favorite monthly Challenge, Hello Japan, theme for October is Japanese Spooky, it is same with last year which is to share about ghost, horror and other suspense things in Japan. It can be from movie, anime, manga or book. For that reason, I will share this post for this month Hello Japan. Yuyu Hakusho is all about Yokai, Monster and suspense. You can see a lot of killing in this anime, they don’t mind showing mutilated body parts (not in gruesome way)

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