Shadow Family

After being captivated by Crossfire, I always want to read something else by Miyuki Miyabe. I really like the way she tells her story. Shadow Family takes place 4 years after the incident in Crossfire. We once again meet Chikako Ishizu, a police officer who is now already being demotion because of her case in Crossfire.

This time, Miyuki Miyabe doesn’t turn her book into a killing spree and full of action like before, Shadow Family is more into psychological thriller rather than full action police chase kind of story. It talks about betrayal, existence and cyber world. The main drama of this book happens in the interrogation room.

The story starts with the murder of a man named Ryosuke Tokoroda. Few days before his death, a young woman named Naoko Imai was also murdered. Police found evidence that linked both murder. The police were focusing their attention on Miss A. However, an old policeman, Nakamoto, who had left the field to work on desk came out with an unusual theory. He asked to be involved in this case but faith is cruel, he had to be hospitalized for his disease. His friend, another old timer, Sergeant Takegami took over the case and continued Nakomoto’s plan. The case brought two unit of police to work together, and to Takegami’s surprise, he had a chance to team up again with his old partner, Chikako Ishizu.

Kazumi Tokoroda, Ryousuke Tokoroda’s daughter, told the police that someone had been stalking her and the stalker might be the one who killed her father. Kazumi swore to get her father’s killer. Kazumi also told the police about her father often seen in the company of a stranger.  By going through Mr. Tokoroda’s computer, the police knew about his activity in internet. Mr. Tokoroda had been playing as a compassionate ‘dad’ in a cyber family that consisted of ‘dad’, ‘mom’, ‘Kazumi’, and ‘Minoru’. This make-believe family had finally met in real life days before the death of Mr. Tokoroda.

To find out the possibility that one of the members in Tokoroda’s cyber family could be the murderer, Takegami called Kazumi to identify them. Takegami called the entire member of that cyber family and interrogated them…and this is where the fun begun.

For someone who enjoys full action mystery book, it is quite a surprise when I find this book as something so compelling. If I didn’t have work to do, I would not put the book down. All the drama that happened in the interrogation room had drawn me completely. I really wanted to know what will happen next.

I tend to put down a book when I can figure out who the perpetrator is before it ends, well, put it down or have less intention to finish it. This is the reason why I don’t read much Agatha Christie, I read 2 of his books and I can tell who did it far before it ends, and those 2 books made me not so eager to pick another of his book. However, although I have suspected who is the murderer before the book ends, I kept on reading because I wanted to know how the police figured it out, what was the motive and above all I still wanted to read about that cyber family. Each member of the family had different personality and there was so much fun reading their reaction in the interrogation room.

After reading 2 books by her, Miyuki Miyabe hasn’t disappointed me yet. My next book by Miyuki Miyabe will be All She Was Worth, but the time might not come so soon because more books than I can handle on my shelf.

 My rating for this book is


I will share this book review as my 5th book for R.I.P. Challenge V, My 3rd book for Japanese Literature Challenge 4, my 7th book for Support The Library Reading Challenge 2010 and my 14th book for Suspense and Thriller Challenge 2010.

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