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Onigami no Sumuei

This is my 5th review on Chie Watari’s Manga, I’m planning to at least write 1 Chie Watari’s manga per month, this one is the second in this month. All the manga I have reviewed and will be reviewed afterward are re-read, I’ve read all her manga when I was still in high school.

This time, I will tell you about Onigami no Sumuei. I am not sure what Onigami no Sumuei meant because I don’t know what kanji she was using for those words, however, the Indonesian translation is Hutan Rahasia or Secret Forest. But, Indonesian translation sometimes doesn’t follow the original meaning.

There are 3 stories in this manga. Unlike her other manga, this one doesn’t involve ghosts and dark creatures, all three of them are pure mystery. As usual, Watari managed to keep each story full of suspense. Her drawing is also full with background (unlike most shoujo manga which always looks so empty, that is the reason why I only like few shoujo manga).

Now, let’s peek into each story.

1. Secret Forest

The story is about a girl named Aya Mamiya who was looking for her brother, Shuji Mamiya in a small village under the feet of Onigami Mountain (Demon’s God Mountain). Her brother was last seen in the company of Yukino Gamo, she was determined to find his brother in Gamo’s house. That village has a scary folk song about how the Demon’s God will take your eye out if you try to go inside the forest. The God in the back door of a temple will do the punishment. Aya tried to find Yukino Gamo but all she could find were her brother and her grandma. Aya accidentally went to the forest on the back on the temple. She was chased by the Demon’s God with 3 faces and 3 eyes in each face. Aya tried to survived and found out that the Demon’s God was not a real thing. What she found was the saddest human’s desire.

I really like this story because at first Watari made it as if it is a supernatural story, she is good in this field, but in the end it’s not something supernatural at all. The twist was good, it was terrific and sad.

2. The 5th Mephist Waltz

This short story is about a boy named Michel who was possessed with the spirit of a well-known composer named Franz Liszt. He met a music teacher named Paul, Paul took him to his house and looked after him. Michel made a beautiful classic music and told Paul that it was Liszt’s 5th MephistWaltz . Paul was curious about Michel’s past and wanted to know if Franz Liszt was really haunting him. He found out the truth about Michel and what had happened to her.

Just like the 1st story, this one is also not about supernatural being. Even though at first Michel seemed to be possessed but in truth there was something else. I like this story because it has heart in it, hope and heart.

3. Nightmare’s Trap

I think Nightmare’s Trap is my favorite of all three. I kinda figured out who the killer is half through the story but it is still the most fun of all. It’s a combination of supernatural ability and mystery…but it emphasizes more in the mystery.

Yurie kept having vivid dream about a woman being killed and drown in a lake but she couldn’t see the perpetrator. In spite of this repeating nightmare, she had to go to her club activity. Her tennis club had a intensive practice in Yuge’s Villa. Yuge was Yurie’s senpai. Yurie has special feeling toward Adachi who happened to be Yuge’s best friend. When they arrived at the villa, Yurie was very shock to see that the lake in her dream was near the villa. The dreams became more real than before, she even got brushes because of her dreams. At the same time, the perpetrator also had the same dreams. Yurie and her friends tried to solve the mystery and hoping that it would stop the nightmare.

Once again, Chie Watari has proven her ability in making good mystery through manga or graphic novel.

My rating for Onigami no Sumuei is


This review will be shared as my 4th post for R.I.P. Challenge V and my 6th post for Manga Challenge 2010.


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5 comments on “Onigami no Sumuei

  1. Asop
    September 30, 2010

    Auuuw, another “serial misteri”!! 👿

  2. Kailana
    October 2, 2010

    I have never heard of this series before, but your review makes it sounds pretty good!

  3. Novroz
    October 2, 2010

    @Asop hehe abis, sy emang sukanya buku2 misteri

    @Kaliana This series is pretty hard to find now. I’m glad I still can borrow it from my friend whenever I want to re-read it.

  4. nadiafriza
    October 5, 2010

    looking at the cover, think i’ve read Secret Forest before. but reading your review, no.. i haven’t :p perhaps there’s another look alike manga’s cover miss..?

    • Novroz
      October 5, 2010

      I don’t know if there is another manga with similar cover…But it’s possible, same with you I often forgot about cover but still remember the story.

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