The Amazing World of One Piece

Last year, when One Piece finally reached volume 50, I promise to dedicate my blog to write a series of articles about One Piece, I want to write an introduction post for each characters and also the journey they have taken to achieve their dreams. However, something I can’t quite explain made me write the post in a random fashion, sometimes each month sometimes after 2 or 3 months. Here is my post about my dedication.

So…after My Annual One Piece re-read event (which was held last month) I decided to renew my dedication toward the most amazing manga ever created on earth, One Piece. I will turn One Piece into a monthly post along with my other monthly post (L’Arc~en~Ciel, My Top 5 of Everything, and Indonesia Banget). I will call this monthly post as The Amazing World of One Piece.

Why ‘The Amazing World of One Piece’? Because One Piece is AMAZING!! Everything about One Piece is amazing…there’s not a single boredom can be found in this Manga. It is full of good moral about dreams, friendship, loyalty, and humanity. There are so many good quote can be taken from this manga.

Here is an excerpt from my introduction to One Piece

By reading this…I’m sure you’ll easily find out that I am one of the biggest One Piece fans in the world. Why one piece?? what is so special about this manga?? what can make me so enchanted by it??

Onepiece is the complete guidance on the power of determination and perseverance, the will to survive and relive dreams, the strongest bound amongst friends, and the joy of adventures. So much positive vibes can easily be found in this manga…it is more than just a fun laughing kick-ass manga…it’s an inspiration to live life to the fullest. Looking beyond all of the fighting scene from this manga and you will see incredible quotes. continue..

Here are my previous posts about One Piece (Random)

Here are the post that I made for my dedication for One Piece :

Mugiwara kaizokudan are :

  • Captain : Monkey D Luffy (The Future Pirate King)
  • 2nd man : Roronoa Zoro (The Greatest Swordsman in the World)
  • Navigator : Nami (The One Who Will Draw the World Map)
  • Sniper : Usopp (The Bravest Man of the Sea)
  • Chef : Sanji (The Finder of All-Blue)
  • Doctor : Tonny Tonny Chopper (The Cutest Doctor)
  • Archaeologist : Nico Robin (The One Who Will Solve the Missing History)
  • Carpenter : Franky (The Sensitive Cyborg)
  • Musician : Brook (The Talking Skeleton)

And the adventures they had been through:


    1. I’ve been reading manga since junior high…it’s as much fun as novel for me.

      This manga is very long…it has reached volume 59, but most fans don’t mind about it and expect it to go even till 100 volumes because the author can keep the story interesting.

    1. Hi Robert,
      One Piece is really fun 🙂 You can see/read great fighting skill, you can laugh outloud and shed a tear, all are well-packed in this Manga.

    1. Hear hear!! however, the Anime is amazing because it follows the manga strictly, I like some anime I knew before.

      I love your site ♥, I’ll check it more detail when I have more time infront of a PC and will definitely put your link here 🙂

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