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Yuyu Hakusho – An Introduction

I have been using my 2 weeks holiday to watch Yuyu Hakusho. It isn’t my first time watching it, I’ve watched this anime in early 2000. My friend bought the DVD recently, because I like this anime quite a lot, I borrowed it and use my holiday to indulge my self with Hiei, my favorite character in Yuyu Hakusho. The English translation for Yuyu Hakusho is Ghost File.

The story is about a boy named Urameshi Yusuke, he was a delinquent boy who liked to play truant. Although he liked to fight, his heart was kind. One day, he was hit by a car when trying to save a little boy. He met a girl named Botan, she worked for Koenma, the highest authority in the Spirit Realm. Botan told Yusuke that he wasn’t supposed to die. Koenma gave Yusuke a chance to be alive again. At first, he refused the offer because no one in his world will miss him anyway. However, he soon saw that his mom and his childhood friend, Keiko, were heartbroken by his death. To his surprised, his all time rival, Kuwabara Kazuma, couldn’t accept his death too. Seeing those people made him decide to take the task that will bring him back to life.

When he finally lived again, he realized that he could see spirits. Koenma appointed him to be the Spirit Realm Detective. He had to solve problems caused by Yokai in Human Realm. His first big case was taking over 3 spirit items that were stolen from Koenma. The thieves were 3 wanted Yokai; Hiei, Kurama and one that I’ve already forgotten his name. Hiei was the one with cold heart and planning to change all human into yokai. Kurama only joined this group so that he could save his human mother. Kurama gave the item back to Yusuke without a fight. Hiei did a dirty trick by kidnapping Keiko. Yusuke defeated Hiei and returned all the items back to Koenma.

His next big case was to find a strong yokai named Rando (?) that had killed a lot of spirit masters and took their secret. Master Genkai was the best in Reikahado Technique. She needed to find her successor to continue her technique. Rando was disguising as one of the participants that wanted to become Genkai’s pupil. Yusuke defeated the yokai by luck and became Genkai’s pupil.

The last case for this introduction post is against the Four Beast of the Underworld. For this case, Yusuke was once again introduced to Kurama and Hiei, both of them are under Koenma’s probation. Kuwabara got carried away into this case too. The four beasts were planning to take over the human realm by using an evil flute to summons bugs from the spirit world. The bugs could turn ordinary human into vicious human. While working in this case, Hiei gradually changed from cruel yokai into a more considerate yokai.

This quartet becomes closer and teams up in the future cases.

The Main Characters (written based on order of appearance)

Urameshi Yusuke

Yusuke is the main character in this anime, the center of the story. He is a strong boy who likes to fight but he has a kind heart. He becomes aware of his Reiki’s power after his return from dead. His weapon is called Rei-gun (spirit gun). He will shoot his reiki through his finger. Although Yusuke is the main character, the strongest in the quartet, he is my least favorite character. His character is not as fun as Hiei, Kurama and even Kuwabara.

Kuwabara Kazuma

Kuwabara is the leader of a small group of delinquent boys in Yusuke’s school. He is always asking Yusuke to fight with him, his dream is to beat Yusuke. Kuwabara is really sensitive with spirit. Because of Kuwabara’s sensitivity, Yusuke is able to use him to get back to life. Kuwabara’s weapon is Spirit Sword. He can release his reiki in form of a blazing sword. Kuwabara is so weak with beautiful girls. He is so in love with Hiei’s sister , tho he doesn’t know that she is Hiei’s sister. Kuwa-chan is my 3rd favorite character in Yuyu Hakusho.


Hiei is the reason why I want to watch Yuyu Hakusho again. I really love his character, I always have a thing with cruel character 😉 . Hiei, before he meets Yusuke, is a cruel yokai that like to torment other yokai and human. He is very short but very fast. He has the coolest eyes amongst all Yuyu Hakusho’s Chara. I love the way he despises people. He never talks nonsense and he never opens himself to anyone. Hiei always look so cool. He has a third eye on his forehead. Hiei’s name is a combination of tobu (飛ぶ) and kage (影)which means flying shadow (飛影). He is very fast, his weapon is sword and spirit dragon.


Kurama used to be a cruel yokai named Yoko Kurama. When he was badly injured, he went to earth and possessed a pregnant woman. He was born as a human child named Minamono Suichi. As Minomono Suichi, Kurama learns how to be a good person. Kurama is the smartest of all 4. He always thinks before doing anything. His power is really cool, he can control every plants in human and spirit realm. His favorite weapon is rose whip. In dark tournament, Kurama shows his true form, it is a very cool Yokai in the shape of wolf. Kurama is my 2nd favorite Chara.

The rest of the chara will be introduced very briefly.

Botan works for Koenma as someone who takes spirit to heaven or hell. She becomes Yusuke’s assistant when Koenma appointed him to be detective. Botan is very cheerful.

Koenma is Enma-sama’s son. He controls the spirit realm when he’s father is not around. He appears like a small kid that still use pacifier. Koenma likes to blame everything on Jorge.

Master Genkai is a powerful old lady, her part will be showed more in the dark tournament.

Keiko is Yusuke’s friend since childhood. Both of them like each other but they never said it.

Next, I will write about The Dark tournament. Hiei becomes more and more kakkoi 🙂

Warning!!! Do not let your children watch this anime alone, it contains lots of blood and cut body parts (tho they only kill yokai)


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8 comments on “Yuyu Hakusho – An Introduction

  1. Asop
    September 25, 2010

    Wow, again, Yu-yu Hakusho! :mrgreen:

    Last time I watched this, when I was in junior high school, around 2002. I watched it on TPI, if I correctly remember. 😀

    • Novroz
      September 25, 2010

      I don’t remember which TV it was aired, but I don’t think it was TPI. It’s eiter indosiar or global. I might be wrong tho

      • Asop
        September 26, 2010

        No, seriously, it’s TPI. 😀
        At that time, GlobalTV was still MTV. *CMIIW*

        • Novroz
          September 26, 2010

          I guess you’re right 😉

  2. dhitzunako
    September 30, 2010

    Kalo ga salah, manga-ka dari Yu Yu Hakusho itu yang buat Hunter x Hunter juga ya? Habis Hiei-nya Killua banget. Sama lagi karakterisasinya: kejam sebelum bertemu sang tokoh utama.

    Belum pernah nonton yang ini, tapi Hunter x Hunter bagus ^^.

    • Novroz
      October 1, 2010

      Ga tau juga deh, gw belum pernah baca manganya.

      Hehehe kl gw justru kebalikannya, belum pernah nntn Hunter x hunter. Penasaran sih tp belum ada gratisannya 🙂

  3. rose
    February 15, 2011

    kurama ia a fox demon not a wolf.

    • Novroz
      February 15, 2011

      I didn’t realize I type wolf instead of fox … I often mixed them up. Thank you for letting me know, I’ll fix it as soon as I turn on my computer tomorrow morning 🙂

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