L’Arc~en~Ciel 7th Album: Ray

Last month, I have already explained that Ark and Ray were released at the same date, however I didn’t want to review both albums in the same month. I chose to write about Ark first then Ray, the reason is simply based on alphabetical order.

Ark and Ray are the only twin albums released by L’Arc~en~Ciel, I hope they will make another twin albums somewhere in the future. Both albums were released in July 1, 1999. For me, Ark and Ray sounds different but similar, there is something that connected these 2 albums. I can’t choose which one I like more, each has its own special songs.

As part of their 15th anniversary, Laruku re-released Ark and Ray in 2006. There was one extra DVD in each album. Because I have already bought Ark, I didn’t feel like buying the new one, but I have not yet owned Ray, so I jumped right away toward this opportunity and spent 1/3 of my salary to by the Expanded Edition of Ray. I love the expanded edition’s cover more than the old ones. Their faces look like star constellations.

There are 4 PVs (which also means that there are 4 singles) from this album (I search them in youtube), Honey, Snow Drop, Kasou and Shinshoku. My favorite is without a doubt Shinsoku.

Here is what I think about the songs:

Shi no Hai (死 の 灰)

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
This song is not an easy song to listen to. The beat is just not up to everyone taste. I admit that I myself need time to adjust to this song. The first time I heard it, it was in Grand Cross Conclusion Tour VCD, I found it a bit odd, but as time goes I grow to like this song more and more.

My favorite line:

Yume no yoni kimi o michibiku
kagayaki ga ori soso gebaiikedo
Shi no hai ka nani ka?
Unmei no toki ni suku ware ruka kakeyouze

It’s The end

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
It’s the End is one of many songs that becomes an instant favorite song. The song might not sound so special but I really like the beat. It’s a fun song, tho not as fun as snow Drop. The cheerfulness off this song can always make me smile.

My favorite line:

Tsumetaku sameta hikigane o hiite sayonara
I’ll say good luck
Minami e to mukete tooku e tobashite
It’s the end


Lyric & Music by Hyde
Honey is a knock out song!! Both the original and the P’unk en Ciel version are equally good. In my opinion, Honey is their most famous song, every one who loves Japanese music in my country knows Honey even though they are not laruku’s fans. The song is so ear-catching and the beat kind of stick into your head for a long time. It’s very easy to remember.

My favorite line:

Kawaita kaze o karamase
Anata o tsurete kunosa
Honey so sweet shinjitehoshii
Kono sekai ga usi demo

Sell My Soul

Lyric & Music by Hyde
This is the Jazz-iest song in this album, kinda reminds me of Lorelay in Heart. When I listen to Sell My soul, I always got the felling that Hyde is singing this song from his heart. In their latest Live performance DVD, L’7, they sing this song in a very cool way, they all sit together and sing it so lightly…it makes me imagine how it feels if they make a full acoustic live.

My favorite line:

taisetsu na kimi o saratte
tooi machi e yukou
soshite dokomademo annai shiyou ka
osanai koro no you ni

Snow drop

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Snow Drop is one of the songs that I never get tired of no matter how many times I listen to it. It’s a cheerful and fun song, this song is so Tetsu. I really like the PV for this song, Hyde looks like a kindergarten kid. The sound of the drum and the bass mix perfectly. In the beginning of the song, Hyde sings it with his low voice, then it gradually becomes higher and higher.

My favorite line:

fushigi da ne sabitsuite tomatteita toki ga
kono sekai ni mo asa o tsugete kureru yo


Lyric & Music by Yukihiro

It’s an instrumental song, this one doesn’t sound like house music (ex: Larva). The music is followed by a woman speaking in French.


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.

You can feel Ken all over this song, just like you can feel Tetsu in Snow Drop. I don’t know how to describe this song. The song is not as dark as the PV, I love the PV so much, but it’s not as dark as Shinshoku. I like this song but I couldn’t explain why I like it, the song has its own mysterious aura that really captures my all attention.

My favorite line:

barabara ni chirabaru hanabira shizuku wa kurenai
kaketa tsuki yo maware towa no koi wo utsushi

Shinshoku (浸食) – Lose Control

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
I LOVE LOVE LOVE this song very much!! The first time I heard it, I was totally awed by it. The sound of the drum was incredible and I instantly became Yukihiro’s fan. The sound is so odd but powerful, the tempo is unusual. The guitar intro and the bass give perfect dark feeling to the song. Hyde’s low and high voice perfected this song. But what makes me love this song so much is Yukihiro’s way of hitting his drum. If I heard a cover band playing this song, I will hate it if they can’t hit the drum perfectly. Shinsoku is one of the darkest songs Laruku ever produced. The PV is awesome, I once written my top-5 Laruku’s PV, if it was extended into top-6, Shinsoku’s PV will be the 6th.

My favorite line:

kakusei sareta no wa nakushiteta kizuato
kono karada ga ubawareteku
yakitsukusu taiyou kage wo kuroku someru
mou tomaranai hanasanai de


Lyric & Music by Yukihiro
I want to see this song live!! I want to jump and shout. This is one of the best songs to play during Live performance. I remember how amazed I was seeing all the audience in Grand Cross Conclusion Tour, more than 100.000 people all jumped and shout following the song. Laruku surprised their fan when they decided to play this song by doing an exchange position, the first verse was sung by Tetsu, the second verse by ken, the third verse by Yuki and the last verse by Hyde, not only that, they also switch their instrument.

My favorite line:

You only stand motionless
You are making a breaking smile
You try to stay in your shell, but
You know, it’s meaningless

Ibara no Namida

Lyric& Music by Hyde
Ibara no Namida means tears of thorn. The song is very powerful and I love how Hyde changes his voice throughout the song. It begins slow and thoughtful and then it raises its tempo and become a strong song. Although the song is written by Hyde, somehow it has a strong impression that the song is a bit Ken-ish, maybe because of the guitar solo. Hyde chose this song as one of his best work. The song is always played with fire as its background.

My favorite line:

ame ga furitsu zuite yokuboo o iyaseta nara
gensoo ni umorete ita ai mo mezameyoo
oh sasagu inori o mo ubau shihaisha yo

The Silver Shining

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
The Silver Shining is a very slow song. At first, I didn’t really like it, slow songs tend to take longer time to sip in to my heart. What makes me like this song is 100% Hyde’s voice. I love listening to his falsetto voice in this song.

My favorite line:

There is nothing I want
I stay with you
And lose all
Go and sail the sea
I’ve never gone
In the sun


The Extra DVD is consisting of introduction by people involved in their PVs or their live performances or the making of the album, the making of their PVs and some small size live performances. The first live performance is Shi no Hai @rondonhatsu (1999.07.04). The second live performance is Sell My soul @rondonhatsu (1999.06.06).

It shows the making of Honey, Snow Drop (Ken is so narcissist in this making), and Shinsoku.

The last video shows the back stage of Grand Cross Conclusion. It shows their preparation while watching cover bands singing their songs. They use those cover band as the opening acts.

This is part of my Tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (click the picture to see more tribute)

Page 2 is for you to see their PV (Music Video)


  1. Pertamax ni, Gan. ^^

    Wah, wah, ini dia album yang memperkenalkan L’arc en Ciel dan musik jepang (selain lagu anime) kepada saya.

    Setuju, setuju, kalo It’s the End dan Honey adalah lagu paling catchy. Tapi It’s the End kok menurut saya lagu paling sedih ya? Pilihan chord-nya juga rada-rada “gelap” cuma temponya aja yang cepat. Hehehe, beda orang memang beda interpretasi.

    Tapi ya lagu yang paling-paling saya suka Ibara no Namida. Asik dengernya. 🙂

    1. It’s the end kalo baca liriknya sih emang sedih tapi menurut gw musiknya fun…haha memang beda.

      Iya Ibara no Namida tuh menghipnotis bgt, apalagi kalo di konser…penuh api2 gitu. Keren

      Wah hadiah ulang tahun donk…selamat ulang tahun 🙂 (telat bgt ya)

    1. Thank you Zee 🙂 It’s good to know that you love it because I always put all my love when writing about Laruku.

      Shinshoku is crazy, that’s why I like it. What do you think of Punk en ciel’s version of Honey?

  2. Di album ray ini sih jagoan dr saya ttp honey, gila ini lagu seimbang smua prmainannya.. Bass nya liar, gitarnya keren, apalagi drumnya,, ^^
    Liriknya pun simpel bgt, tp easy listening bgt..
    Ini lgu cuma sy hafal dlm 1 hri aja…
    Gk kyk yg lain..

    Snow drop dan kasou jg jagoan di lagu ini.. Drum di snow drop sm gitar di kasou bnr “menghidupkan ini lagu”..
    Suara hyde di kasou jg indah bgt,, bda dr yg gw dgr di lagu lain..

    Nice post mba novroz…
    Ditunggu yg Real..

    1. Makasih Ferdinand 🙂 sebelum Real bakal muncul ttg Tetsu dulu.

      Hehehe hidup Yuki, permainan drum Yuki memang oke…ketukan drumnya benar2 berasa di tiap lagu.

    1. Your question is a bit ambiguous Alice 🙂 I’ll try to answer it in order.

      Yes I find the videos in youtube, I searched them in youtube because I am too lazy to upload them my self and I don’t want to deal with the copyright issues.

      But…I didn’t find the band in youtube, I’ve been a fan since 2001, this post is my tribute to them because next year is L’Arc~en~Ciel 20th anniversarry and my 10th anniversarry as a fan.

  3. Ahh, ray. One of my two all-time favorites. ^^

    Yeah. I LIKE (99,999,999x) this album.

    Shi no Hai, at first I thought was Hyde’s/Ken’s composition, (maybe because of it’s rock feel), but it’s still good, It’s the end is simple but awesome, HONEY is LEGENDARY, Sell my Soul is soothing, snow drop was catchy (5-hit combo! :D), Kasou gives me chills, Shinshoku has that sinister feel to it, (gives me goosebumps) trick makes me wanna tap my feet and bang my head, and Ibara no Namida makes me wanna sing along and cry while doing so. ^^

    If i could rate this album, I would rate it a 11/10 😀

    (PS. I have a little suggestion. Can u do a blog of the Quadrinity album? And I would also like to know, if you could replace the songs in Quadrinity, what songs would you put in? what would you put in Hyde’s/Ken’s/Tetsuya’s Best? I didn’t include Yuki bcos he has only a few composition unlike the 3 :D)

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