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Onryo No Densetsu

Onryo no Densetsu (おんりょ の 伝説) is a manga by Chie Watari . If you don’t know who Chie Watari  is, I’ll give a brief introduction about her. She is the Stephen King of Manga world. She always made Manga about mystery and horror. I am planning to review her manga at least once a month (maybe more) because she is one of my favorite mangaka.

Onryo no Densetsu means The Legend of Scroll Paintings, but the Indonesian translation for this manga is Misteri Lukisan Gulung or The mystery of  The Scroll Paintings in English. This manga was published in 1989, this is the first manga that I know of that featured my favorite character, Wanihiko Fudoh. Fudoh will appear in some of her manga.

The story begins with a girl named Sayumi who is the brink of death, she almost go to her late father’s image and leave the living world forever, but someone, a man, holds her back and asks her to return because her mom still needs her. Sayumi decides to go back and lives with her mother. She doesn’t realize that this incident will opens the gate to many terrible things in her future. Sayumi starts having terrible dreams about war in shogun era. She can also feels the present of ghost and bad aura.

One day, her aunt, Hiroko, comes by to talk to Sayumi’s mother. She tells her sister that her scroll painting was stolen. Sayumi overhears the conversation about a curse on the painting. Her mother refuses to tell her because the time is not right yet. The next morning, her mother leaves her alone because she has to go back to her village, Umezawa. Her mother’s leaving leads to a series of tragic events.

Aunt Hiroko’s son, Shiro, comes and accompanies her. Shiro’s intention to stay with Sayumi is not purely to accompany her. He wants to find the scroll painting that belongs to Sayumi’s mother. They search everywhere but couldn’t find it. At night, Sayumi sees a woman coming out of the altar (see the picture below) and they find the scroll painting inside the altar. The painting shows a dead woman being tied with blood coming out of her mouth (see the picture on the left). Something comes out of the painting and posses Shiro. He starts seeing things and stabs himself with a kitchen knife. A man who has been following her for few days suddenly burst in and helps Shiro, he is Wanihiko Fudoh.

Fudoh explains why he followed her, Fudoh is the man who held her back to the living world. Shiro tells Sayumi about the curse that lies upon the men in Umemiya family. Fudoh wants to see the scroll painting but it was stolen while they were gone to the hospital to help Shiro. Aunt Hiroko comes the next morning but Shiro has already killed himself. Hiroko tells Sayumi about the history of the scroll paintings.

Keiju Umemiya was a painter in the war era. He was drawn by the dark art. He loved painting the war victims. His paintings became more and more horrible. He wanted to draw more horrible paintings and started killing the woman and children with his own hands. It was said that he had killed hundreds of women and children and painted them. He made 3 paintings of women and passed it down from one generation to the next generation. One of his descendents, Katsuzo, became a priest. He turned the paintings into scroll paintings and sealed it with mantra. Throughout many generations, the men in Umemiya family always died young

After Shiro’s funeral, Sayumi receives a phone call from the village that informs her about her mother’s death. She died in the same way of the painting in her house. Sayumi, Fudoh and Hiroko go to Umezawa straight away. Sayumi and Fudoh can strongly feel the bad aura around the house of Umemiya. Both Sayumi and Fudoh have to face murder and supernatural being in that village.

Although this manga mostly tells about Sayumi, but as you can see in the cover, this manga is the introduction to Watari’s most famous character, Wanihiko Fudoh. Fudoh is a quiet man that has great ability to feel things supernatural and great power to exorcist demons. I fell in love with his character instantly.

Onryo no Densetsu is not only about curse and demons, it is also about mystery and what drives people to kill other people. I really like this manga. As always, Watari is not only provides us with scary images, she also gives us great story. Onryo no Densetsu deserves a 5 stars rating from me, it means that this is an amazing manga.


This review will also be my 2nd post for R.I.P. Challenge V and my 6th post for Manga Challenge.


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8 comments on “Onryo No Densetsu

  1. Kailana
    September 14, 2010

    I have never heard of this series before but I am going to look into it now. Thanks for the review!

    • Novroz
      September 14, 2010

      You’re welcome Kaliana.
      It’s a bit difficult to find now. I can only find this manga in secondhand book/manga store because they don’t publish it anymore

  2. Alice Audrey
    September 14, 2010

    Ah. Not my kind of manga, then.

    • Novroz
      September 14, 2010

      I guess you don’t like ghost and curse story. Thank you for reading it Alice.

  3. Rhinoa
    September 15, 2010

    Another one I can’t get hold of that looks excellent.

    • Novroz
      September 15, 2010

      I bet you can find its Manga scan in the internet. It’s not legal but better than never read it.

      I bought a manga recently, they only sale volume 2, 3, 4. Can’t find vol 1 everywhere. So I download volume 1.

  4. Inayd
    April 4, 2012

    I Love Chie Watari comics….. i ve read almost all of books by watari…very much scary and i love it… (i m a mystery comic fans)….

    if u have a link to read it online…. please share us if you don’t mind

    thx a lot

    • Novroz
      April 4, 2012

      Me too!!! I wish her manga is easier to find nowadays but they are so rare now 😦

      I don’t know where to read her comic online. Most online Manga are for new Manga, at least that’s what I know.

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