Across The World: Pandemic, Ondine, Mother and The 4th Kind

These past few weeks, I have been watching one great movie after another, If I write them per post it will be too much to write, so I decided to put them all in one post.

I choose Across The World as the title because these 4 movies come from around the world, I have movies from Japan, Korean, Ireland and Hollywood (US). All four of these movies will be shared for my R.I.P Challenge V, they all have their own kind of peril. One of them will be shared in my Read The Book See The Movie Challenge.

I’m going to write it based on the order when I watched the movie. Because each movie

1. Pandemic

Pandemic is a movie from Japan. The movie was made into a Manga, I read that Manga early this year. At that time, I thought the movie came out after the manga but I was wrong, the manga was actually based on the movie. Its real title was Kansen Rettou. The movie is less horrified than the manga, I guess because it’s difficult to pile up bleeding people into a huge pile. There’s nothing much to tell because I’ve already written how I feel about this Manga in my previous post, and what I felt toward the Manga is the same with what I felt toward the movie.

The story is, of course, exactly the same with the manga. There was a new breed of virus that can killed people easily. Japan was in danger of extinction. The doctors were fighting the virus all they can, but even doctors can not be saved from that virus. An embassy from WHO came and helped them saves people’s life. For more details on the story and to see the graphic of the Manga, please read it here.

My rating for Pandemic is 3 Stars (I like it). This movie is shared for my Read the Book and See The Movie Challenge.

2. Ondine

Ondine is an Irish Movie that I bought simply because it won Irish Film and Television Awards for best actor despite the fact that Colin Farrell is my least favorite Irishmen. Ondine is written and directed by Neil Jordan (the same director that directed one of my all time favorite movies, Breakfast on Pluto). This movie is my least favorite of all, it’s a good thriller, they way it combines myth and real life is very interesting…what makes it less interesting is probably the love story, I just couldn’t find love story as something very interesting to see.

The story is about a combination of myth and real life. Colin Farrell plays as Syracuse, a divorcee fisherman with one daughter. He didn’t get the custody for her daughter. Annie (Alison Barry), Syracuse’s daughter had a heart disease and very weak. One day, Syracuse accidentally caught a beautiful and mysterious woman in his trawler’s nets. She said her name was Ondine (Alicja Bachleda), Ondine means creature from the sea. Annie believed that Ondine was a selkie, a creature from Irish myth. It was said that a selkie can live amongst human but her husband will try to find her. She believed it so much. But Ondine was not a selkie at all. She was running away from someone. Syracuse helped her out of the bad guy’s reach and live happily ever after like what always happened in fairy tale.

My rating for Ondine is 2 stars (it was okay)

3. Mother

Mother is an amazing movie from Korea. Of all these four movies I reviewed in this post, Mother was the best…in fact, without hesitation I can say that it is one of the best thriller movies ever made. It was superb and full of twisted storyline. The movie was released in 2009 and directed by Bong Joon-ho. The main casts were Kim Hye-ja as the mother, Won Bin as Do-joon and Jin Go as Jin-tae. I love how the movie keeps making me predict who kills that girl, I love seeing the mother’s persistence in finding the truth that can save her only son, and I freaking love the ending!! The ending is so unpredictable, it’s brilliant.

An old woman (she remains unnamed throughout the movie) lived only with her son, Do-joon. Do-joon was a quite and slightly retarded man. His mother always came to his rescue. One day, Do-joon, half drunk, followed a girl to an abandoned house. The next morning, that girl was murdered and the police arrested Do-joon. His mother could not accept that fact. She suspected Do-joon’s friend, Jin-tae, as the real perpetrator, but jin-tae ended up helping Do-joon’s mother in solving the mystery. What she finally found was so unpredictable and heart-breaking.

I truly love how it ended. I can’t write it here because it would spoil the fun. Just trust me when I say, the movie worth every cent you’ve spent to buy the DVD.

My favorite quote:

“Have you ever slept with a woman?”
“My mama”

Sleep in a different meaning 😉

My rating for Mather is an unquestionably 5 stars (it was amazing).

4. The Fourth Kind

This time, I watched a movie from Hollywood. The Fourth Kind is a movie about alien abduction, but it is unlike any alien abduction I’ve ever watched before. It has a very good thrilling atmosphere to it. Alien abduction is usually filled with so many government cover up and that really makes me bored to death. The alien abduction in this movie was told by a real life woman named Dr. Abigail Emily Tyler. The way it was filmed is really interesting and somehow it makes me feel like watching a horror movie with ghost rather than alien. It is a cross between actual footage with the dramatization made for the movie. In the end, they leave it up to us whether we want to believe it or not….I stand amongst those who don’t believe, it remains as nothing but entertainment for me.

The story is about Dr. Abigail Tyler whoa was interviewed by the director of this movie, Olatunde Osunsami. What she told him was made into movie and supported with real life recordings. There were records from her patients, herself and police car. All the videos showed evident that implied to alien abduction. The screaming and the distortion were really interesting and sometime gave the creep out of me (this is why I like the movie). Dr. Abigail (Played by Milla Jojovich) was a psychiatrist, she found that many of her patients suffered difficulty in sleeping and all of them said there was an owl in their room. When she put on of him under hypnosis, he said that it wasn’t an owl at all, it was something horrifying. Not long after the hypnosis, the man killed his family and himself. She put another patient in hypnosis and it ended up paralyzing the man from the neck down. An expert of Samarian Language told her that the language heard through out her recordings was Samarian but the voice didn’t sound like human.

My rating for The Fourth Kind is 3 stars (I like it).

Well, those are my 4 thrilling movies. In conclusion, Mother is the best movie, followed by Pandemic and the Fourth Kind and closed with Ondine. As always, I never could enjoy love story that much. I enjoy it when love is just the side story or when it is romantic comedy.

I really love holiday 🙂 because it’s the perfect time to enjoy lots of good (and sometime bad) movies.


  1. I am a bit of a movie addict so thanks for this post. I wanted to watch Ondine a while back but couldn’t make up my mind. I think the idea is good but thought it might not be something I really like. I don’t think much of Colin Farrell either. Did you see Neil Jordan’s The Company of Wolves? That would be perfect for R.I.P. I used to love it.
    I never herad of “Mother”. Sounds really good.

    1. No I haven’t watched that one. It’s really difficult to find Irish movies here, I was in luck when I found Ondine.

      You have got to see Mother!! it’s brilliant!! so many twist and keeps us guessing all the time.

  2. Hey Nov, wow you really love Mother huh? It’s not really my kind of movie, the trailer creeps me out. As for Ondine, I think your assessment is fair, if you don’t care for the love story, it’s hard to enjoy the movie. I still might check it out though, but now I wish I didn’t know what she was about in your review 😉

    1. I haven’t seen the trailer yet…I bought it simply on hunch. It’s not creepy at all…it’s 100% mystery and mother’s love.

      Ups…sorry for the spoiler. I kinda already guess it from the start when reading the brief sinopsis on the DVD’s cover.

  3. I’m not the biggest movie buff out there…but your reviews make me want to jump on board with all of these movies. I’m not a big fan of horror films, but these thriller ones sound amazing.

    I want to see Mother, but just cause recently I’ve been hitting a Korean phase with my interests. I’ll let you know what i think about it.

    1. Hehe I’m not a big movie buff either…I’m a picky movie buff. I watch based on hunch. None of these movies is horror, talking about ghost and monster, they are thriller that can be enjoyed by everyone…well, at least in my opinion.

      Yes, do share your thought on Mother…I want to know if someone else likes the movie as much as I do. Tho I won’t mind reading hate review on it too 🙂 Different people have different opinion after all.

  4. I haven’t seen Ondine yet. Like you, I’m not a big Colin Farrell fan and the reviews here were only okay, so I didn’t bother. Seeing as you gave it a 2 rating, I think I made the right choice. It’s a pity it wasn’t better as Neil Jordan is such a talented director.

    1. Yes it is a pity, one of the reason I bought it is because Neil Jordan is the one who directed it. But maybe it was just me, because of my lack of interest toward love story.

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