My Heart is Melting

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Look at this 2 videos of Cillian Murphy for Flaunt Magazine Video.

all I can say is “Dear God, you’ve made this man too damn gorgeous!!”


What do I think of Sexy?” << Well…just look at yourself in the mirror Cill!!


  1. Ow my gawd…he is too sexy!! You are so right for saying ‘Just look at yourself in the mirror.’

    I want him to be my husband!!! Marry me Cillian!!!

  2. I have a weakness for boys with blue eyes or guys in black/white shirt or tuxedos.

    So for him to have ALL those, I am helpless….

    Get rid of those shades! They hide your piercing blue eyes, Cillian!

    1. You as a non-fan said ‘I am Helpless’…how do you think I feel?? gyaaaaa My heart is not strong enough to see those videos, it keeps forgeting to beat.

      Those shades are quite good, they give a mysterious aura on him…tho I agree that they cover his wonderful piercing eyes

    1. I can answer this easily 🙂

      His eyes is the first thing that made me fall from him, they are the most gorgeous blue eyes I have ever seen and I don’t usually have celebrity crush on blue eyes actors. I noticed his eyes in Batman.

      Then, I watched 28 days later…his whole feature is too cute!! His high cheekbone, his lips, his skinny body…everything about him is nice to look at.

      And last, after searching all his movies, I fell in love with his amazing talent. He is not just a pretty face, he is also a brilliant actor. Too bad he is a bit underrated.

      Plus, after watching lots of interview…his voice with that cork accent is sooooo sexy!!

      And my admiration over him become stronger after reading how down to earth he is. He is not a snob actor who likes to show off his life and family to every gossip channel available.

      1. Haha – I spend most of my time trying to tone down my Cork accent! I tend to sound a bit like something from Darby O’ Gill. If you haven’t watched Darby O’ Gill & the Little people, you should have a look at it on Youtube – I think you’d find it weird and funny!

        1. I will look it up today 🙂 today is my schedule to go to internet rental, so I can watch youtube. Why do you want to tonne it down?

          The funny thing about Cillian is he can sound so American in movies and back to his own accent in interviews.

          1. Deal. And I’ll retain James Franco – At spontaneous intervals, he can spray Gucci fragrance into the air.

            I’m liking this global trade we’ve got going on here, Novia.

          2. Talking about old men…I just remembered one. Christopher Lambert! He can kill me with those eyes instead of his sword in The Highlander

          3. He was in Cork earlier this year 🙂 I have green eyes – I can’t think of any actor with noticeably green eyes. Except maybe Jude Law. Blue seems to be the order of the day!

          4. Cork has all the fun. No actor ever come to my city 😦
            Green eyes are quite rare, the one who plays in Supernatural has green eyes, I forgot his name.
            Yeah, there are lots of blue. I like dark eyes better (cillian is an exception), maybe because all Indonesian have dark eyes.
            I want to your green eyes!! is it light green?

    1. Welcome back Caroline 🙂 hmm I wonder why you have to go through comment moderation again, I set it so that same person doesn’t have to through it twice.

      Thanks for the links, I will check it out. I’ve seen the movie 3 times and have reviewed it here , but I won’t mind reading other people’s review

  3. Ahahaha… you crack me up, Nov… your enthusiasm is endearing. I haven’t felt like that for anyone, I mean not even for Gerry Butler! 😉 No, you won’t want to be his second wife… he may be cute on the outside, but on the inside, you’ll never know… ha..ha..

    1. Huahaha Don’t worry Ruth, it was only an empty talk 😉 as most teen here said ‘lebai’ (dilebih-lebihkan).

      I always like to talk ‘lebai’ on people I like, not only Cillian…but I never would be Cillian’s second wife even if he REALLY asks me.

      I even said I want to be Hyde’s 2nd wife 😉 (Hyde is Laruku’s vocalist, my most fav band) and I’m already claiming to be Keanu’s wife lol.

  4. Great post Nov, unsurprising, but fabulous nonetheless :-)I have a question, you’ll probably know the answer. Is it pronounced ‘S’illian or ‘K’illian? That has been buggin me for ages.

    1. Ah..Ronan, I haven’t seen you in my blog for quite some times now 😉

      Hahaha I don’t know about it being a great post because it’s only 2 videos from him. Cillian has made it into my monthly post along with my other 3 monthly posts (see the icons on the right). I’m still working on the perfect icon for him.

      Eh? don’t you know? You’re an Irish, wouldn’t you suppose to know Irish names? Or is it a test for me 😉 It’s Killian. I pronounce it Sillian before searching more info on him.

  5. HAHAHA! I like your answer for that silly question! LOL! What do I think of sexy?!

    He’s so gorgeous; I’m melting like butter on a hot bun. Ops, that came out wrong. But my point is he’s just too beautiful! Most beautiful man on earth!

    1. Horaaaaayyyy…more people agree that Cillian is beautiful \(^^)/

      I often meet people who hates him because they say he is creepy…it always fun to know more people think the opposite way 😉

      1. Are you kidding me? He’s oddly beautiful. He’s so unique; and just as you said, he’s not just a pretty face, he’s really talented, he’s really good in Inception, I haven’t watch all of his movies and films but he’s a great actor.

        1. *hugs and Kisses* for Bananamolly. He is so underrated, he has bigger tallent that what Hollywood had been giving him.

          I’m not kidding, one of my own students thinks he is creepy. When I say I LOVE Cillian, she twitted me back and saying ‘How could you like him miss? he’s creepy’. I’m pretty sure that anyone who said he is creepy only watch him in Batman and Red-Eye.

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