The Friendliest One : Ken

It’s time to talk about Ken 🙂

Physically, Ken is the least interesting of all Laruku’s member…well at least for me. However, Ken is the friendliest of all. He is always smiling and he is willing to reply his fans through his twitter account. He would give few hours every day to reply his fans. I got replied my self once 🙂

In my old post about him, I called him as the most Hentai one because he has this hentai aura around him … hehe, sorry Ken ;p . But now, his friendliness is oozing everywhere and covered his Hentainess.

Ken was born in November 28, 1968 (20 days and 9 years apart from my own birthday). He is the tallest in Laruku, his height is 178 cm. his blood type is AB. Ken is one of the most productive song writers in Laruku. His songs ranged from very slow and deep till very cheerful and hard. I’ve become Laruku’s fan for almost a year now, and somehow I can tell the different between songs made by all 4 of them.

From a rumor I read few years back, Ken was a divorcee. He quit from his college to join laruku and it kinda made his family furious at him. But…we can see now that he had made the right choice 🙂 Ken might not be the best guitarist in the world but he has his own style that differs from others. A friend of mine who used to play heavy metal said that Ken’s style made him thinks really hard because his style is very smart. His songs are always nice to listen too. Unfortunately, his voice is not good…hehe, again, sorry Ken but it’s the truth. He used to have a side project called S.O.A.P. He is doing solo now as his side project.

Ken is the one that enjoy doing concert the most (Tetsu is the least). You can see it in all Laruku’s concert, ken always look so much like having his own world…he will close his eyes or move his body along the song, his way is so natural without showing that he has to do so.

He is a heavy smoker. His habit in smoking has made him as the only man allowed to smoke on national TV. He always teams up with Hyde whenever Laruku got an invitation to do a TV Game Show. Both look so good together. I’ve seen more than 5 TV Show where the guests are Ken and Hyde. I’ve also read an interview of all 4 members of Laruku, and from that interview we can see how close Ken and Hyde relationship is.

Ken used to be my least favorite member…but, the more I see him in concert (only in DVD, keep wishing that one day I can see them Live) the more I like him. Right now, Tetsu is my least favorite member…sorry pak ketu (leader)

New Update (Oct 20, 2010)

This Update is added too all post about Laruku’s members (Hyde, Yuki, Ken, Tetsuya) (^_^)v

I have posted my thought on Real. Before I post my thought on Smile, there will be a bridge post that connects both albums. Just like when I wrote about Laruku no Singuru (Laruku’s singles), I will fill the gap between Real and Smile with a post on their solo projects during their break.

Laruku’s 1st Break (Between Real and Smile)
Laruku’s 2nd Break (Between Awake and Kiss)
Laruku’s 3rd Break (Between Kiss and the upcoming new album)

This is part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (Click the picture to see more tribute post)


    1. What can you expect from rockers? they always smoke 😦 … but you might be surprise reading about Tetsuya next month 😉 He is the healthiest Rocker I know.

  1. Ken is really interesting. HAHA! I agree with you, Tetsu is my least favorite. He’s boring, even more boring than Yuki, who’s the one that talk so less. LOL! Ken makes really good musics for L’Arc~en~Ciel.

  2. Yes, much respect and gratitude for Tetsu, otherwise, we won’t be sharing so many awesome things about Laruku! He might be boring in person, but he’s a great leader and a good bassist. Not much of a singer, though. HAHA!

    1. Well…he is better in singing than Yuki 😉 and why are we talking bout tetchan in Ken’s post anyway? hehe…poor Ken.
      Tetsu is coming out on sunday, a week after his birtday.

  3. I fell in love at first sight to Ken. I even call him Papa Ken (am not sure though with other countries, but in the Philippines, when a man is attractive and oozingly hot we describe them as “Papable” and calls them Papa. 🙂 ) But after realizing hyde’s beautiful face ken had a twin with my attention. lolz. I have read his wiki article but then again your post is even more interesting. Next in line is tetsu’s.

    PS: I love ken’s classic humor. And every time he teams up with hyde makes a great laugh.

    1. Thank you Kath 🙂

      My post has a lot of love in it…maybe that’s what make it interesting. You with Ken is same with me and Yuki then 😉
      Ken is the most polite one and very funny…such an adorable man

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