R.I.P. Challenge V

I found a new interesting challenge from Judith’s blog. Why interesting? Because it is so my kind of read. The Challenge is held by Carl V of Stainless Steel Droopings. It is called R.I.P. Challenge V. which means R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril Challenge. The challenge has been held 4 times, this is the 5th time. I never heard of the challenge before, therefore this is my first time.

The challenge is very simple, all we have to do is read books in these genre:

  • Mystery
  • Suspense
  • Thriller
  • Dark Fantasy
  • Gothic
  • Horror
  • Supernatural

It runs from September 1st through October 31st. a very short 2 months. Most challenge I join in last for 1 year. The short time gives extra excitement for me.

This challenge is so much alike with Suspense and Thriller Reading Challenge 2010 that I have joined since January. I almost finish the challenge 🙂 . Because of the similarity, books I’m going to read for this challenge will be used for SaTC as well.

As I already written in my Mountain of Books post, I have lots of books in this genre. I will not only include novels for this challenge because there’s no rule saying ‘Novel only’. I will also read and review some Manga (Japanese Comic) and watch some movie, because watching movies in this genre can also be included.

Here are the categories for the challenge:

  • Peril the first

Read 4 books, any length that you feel fits my very broad definition of scary. It could be Stephen King or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Ian Fleming of Edgar Allan Poe … or anyone in between

  • Peril the second

Read two books of any length that you believe fit within the challenge

  • Peril the third

We all want you to participate. This peril involves reading one book that fits within the R.I.P. definition

My selection of books will be:

  1. The Road by Cormac McCarthy. Just finished the book a day before finding this challenge
  2. Cujo by Stephen King. Although I was planning to continue reading Different Seasons after reading The Road, but Different Seasons is not about horror, therefore I will continue it after finishing this challenge.
  3. Tears of Dragon by Dean Koontz
  4. The Manhattan Hunt Club by John Saul
  5. Antibodies from The X Files novel
  6. White Serpent by Lensey Namioka
  7. The Shadow Family by Miyabe Miyuki
  8. Onryo no Densetsu; Halloween Densetsu; Jinro no Densetsu;  Manga by Watari Chie
  9. Blaze by Richard Bachman (a.k.a Stephen King)
  10. Night Shift by Stephen King

I’m not a fast reader, even though I write that book list…I will not be able to read them all. I write that many books because I’m not sure which one to read first and what followed next, I’ll just let it flow. For 2 months, I think I can join Peril the First, 4 books in 2 months doesn’t seem that much, right?


  1. Good luck with the challenge, it’s nice to see you’ve also joined in. From your list, I only know The Road (I will check your review) but I know Stephen King is pretty scary (that’s why I’m never sure whether I dare to read his books).

    happy reading, Novroz!

  2. I would say that Different Seasons would be a good RIP book. “Rita Hayworth and the Shawshank Redemption” and “the Body” both cover the things we do to other people, while “Apt Pupil” is scary and “The Breathing Method” is creepy/supernatural. I’d count it!

    1. I don’t think RH and Shawshank is ‘scary’ enough, it’s more about hope. It’s a great story, I’ve finished reading it and loved it.

      The plan is to read Apt Pupil after The Road and Japanese Literature, because you said that apt pupil is quite scary…I will read it as my 3 book 🙂 … thanks for sharing your thought.

  3. Great to have you in on the challenge this year. I hope you have a wonderful time. I haven’t read King for years, which is a shame as I do like his stories. I was thrilled to see that he has a short story collaboration with his son, Joe Hill, in the He is Legend anthology that I just got in the mail the other day. I plan on trying to get to it this week as part of the short story peril.

    1. Thank you Carl 🙂
      Eh? really? I want to read it too!! I’ll be waiting for your review. I love those father and son. I wonder if I can find the book here, finding Joe Hill’s heart-shaped box was quite difficult…so, I’m a bit unsure I can find that anthalogy 😦

  4. I’m sorry it is so difficult to find certain books there. I often forget about how simple and easy it is to generally find whatever I want to fit my reading whims.

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