A Gift From Anna

Yeaa I finally got my first gift from my elementary students 🙂

Have I told you that I’m currently teaching in some elementary schools as my side job? My main job is still as Chemistry teacher in Pharmaceutical Vocational School, but I only teach there for 2 days so I need another job to fill my week. I got a job in Gakken Science Experiment School as a Science teacher for extracurricular supplier in international school. My regular school is Singapore International School, but I also teach in Binus and Bunda Mulia when there is not enough teachers available. Soon I will also teach in Al Izhar.

In SIS, I have taught 5 times there. On my 6th day, a girl named Kim Hye Jin, or Anna as her English name, came to me and said ‘miss wait a minute’ and the she got outside and bring a piece of folded paper.

She showed me a picture and said ‘Miss, I made this for you

I was surprised and touched 🙂 a gift from students always be treasured by most teachers because it is a sign that they really love us.

The picture is left in my work place but I take a picture to show it in my blog and will be using it as my facebook profile picture for a while.

Thank you Anna for your kind gift 🙂

PS. In SIS, they call me Miss Gakken no. 1 because I’m the main teacher, they call my assistant Ms. Gakken no. 2 and no.3

Say something so I know you have read my post, THANK YOU for reading :)

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