One Piece’s Best Individual Fight

After finishing my annual One Piece reread event, I discovered that each member of Mugiwara Kaizoku (Straw-hat Pirate) has their own best fighting moment…except for Brook because he just joined in as Luffy’s crew and hasn’t shown much of his real talent.

These are my picks, other One Piece lovers might have different opinion…and if you are a One Piece Lover, I sure hope you’ll share your choice of Mugiwara Kaizokudan’s best fight 🙂

Now, let’s begin!!

1. Monkey D Luffy (Captain)

Luffy, as the captain, has fought so many strong opponents and each fight always great to see and read. He always gives all his best to defeat his opponents, especially if the opponents are people who will separate him from his beloved crew. Luffy loves all his crew and will not let anyone take them away from him. His best fight is without a doubt against the strongest CP 9, Rob Lucci, in The Battle of Enies Lobby. Lucci’s power comes from eating the devil’s fruit called neko-neko fruit type leopard.He mastered Rokushiki better than any other CP9 members. To fight him, Luffy creates 2 more fighting skills, Gear 2nd and Gear 3rd. These two strong men’s fight is incredible and powerful…Luffy’s power came from his unwillingness to let any of his crew died in Lucci’s hand.

2. Roronoa Zoro (Fighting Division)

Zoro is the 2nd strongest man in Mugiwara Kaizoku, his dream is to become the strongest swordsman in the world. His best fight is against Mr. 1 in The Battle of Arabasta. Mr.1 has eaten the devil’s fruit called Supa-Supa fruit. He can change every part off his body into sword, his body has turned into Iron. Because of his body’s condition, no swordsman ever defeated me…how could a sword cut an iron? Zoro’s power comes from his determination to be a swordsman that can cut iron. In the end of his fight, Zoro said “Thank you for making me stronger”

3. Nami (Navigator)

Nami is one of the weakest crew in Mugiwara Kaizoku, but she becomes stronger bit by bit. Her first actual fight is in The Battle of Arabasta but her best fight is in The Battle of Enies Lobby. Her weapon, Clima-Tact has been upgraded by Ussop using Dials from The Skypea. She can control weather better than before. Her fight against one of CP9 members, Califa, is full of great weather manipulation. Besides mastering Rokushiki, Califa has extra power from Awa-Awa fruit where she can turn anything into soap’s bubble. To defeat Califa, Nami creates 5 mirages and it disturbs Califa’s concentration.

4. Usopp (Sniper)

Usopp is another weak member in Mugiwara Kaizoku, but just like Nami, he becomes stronger in each fight. His best fight is against Perona in The Battle of Thriller Bark. Perona gets her power from Horo-Horo fruit, she can create negative ghosts. Those ghosts can make the most optimistic person becomes the most pessimistic person in the world…however since Usopp is the most pessimistic person in the world, Perona’s ghosts don’t work on him. Their fight is the only moment when someone actually said “if I defeat you the rest of the crew is not a problem” to Usopp. Usopp defeats Perona by tricking her.

5. Sanji (Cook)

Although Sanji gets his nickname, the Black Leg Sanji after The Battle of Enies Lobby, but for me his best fight is against Mr.2 Bon Clay in The Battle of Arabasta. Bon Clay has the power of Mane-Mane fruit but his fighting skill is not from the power of that devil’s fruit. He is a Kempo master. Both Sanji and Bon Clay use their leg to fight. It is a fearless fight, they are almost equal. The fight is also funny because Bon Clay can trick Sanji by becoming Nami.

6. Tony Tony Chopper (Doctor)

Chopper’s best fight is without a doubt happens in The Battle of Enies Lobby where he forces himself to eat 3 rumble balls even though he knows the consequences of doing so. Eating 3 rumble balls in a row will make Chopper become really powerful but he has no control at all over his power, he will attack both friends and enemies. It will also kill him. But he has no choice because he to defeat Kumadori, one of CP89 members, who has mastered both Rokushiki and Live Feedback skill.

7. Nico Robin (Archeologist)

Robin hardly ever fought anyone one on one. Her method of fighting can be done from far away. For me, her best fight happens in The Battle of Skypea. Her opponent is Yama, the leader of God’s army. Robin has to protect the remains of Shandora city and fight Yama at the same time. Yama is 10 times Robin’s size.

8. Franky (Carpenter)

Franky is still new in Mugiwara Kaizokudan, tho he is not as new as Brook. His one on one fight is only against Fukuro, another member of CP9, in The Battle of Enies Lobby. That fight remains as Franky’s best fight so far. Fukuro doesn’t have the power of devil’s fruit but he has mastered Rokushiki. It is an intense and funny fight.

Like I said before, I don’t have best fight by Brook yet because he hasn’t done any one on one fight yet.

As for best group fight…it definitely goes to Mugiwara Kaizokudan VS OZ in the Battle of Thriller Bark. Their team work is amazing!


The Battle of Enies Lobby: 4 fights

The Battle of Arabasta: 2 fights

The Battle of Thriller Bark: 1 fight

The battle of Skypeea: 1 fight


  1. I like Usopp vs Perona fight. Usopp is really funny. HAHA! I can’t really say much in this comment because I have forgotten about the story line a little bit. I wanna rerun the anime again! But it’s too long! LOL! Yes and Luffy vs Lucci is interesting, he becomes little afterward. So cute and funny.

    All in all, One Piece is really the awesome-st anime of all time. Wish I could share it with my children and grand children! LOL! I hope kids, in the next gen, don’t find it stupid; but it’s the stupidness of the whole anime which makes me love it even more! 😉

    1. I re-read the manga every years, I practically remember everything they say 😉
      The anime will take a loooong time to rewatch it again.

      fu fu fu One Piece is indeed the awesomest Manga and Anime EVER.

      Your comment on my One Piece’s post meant a lot to me because it can help show the world how great One Piece is \(^^)/

  2. HEHE! It’s true, it is the greatest manga and anime in existence of mankind! HAHA! I’m not even exaggerating! I forgot to mention the manga, not because I don’t like it, it is because I’m just not a manga person. 😉

    It is so great that my brother and I have decided that we are still gonna be a huge crazy fans of One Piece even though when we have become Grandpa and Grandma! HAHAHA!

    I don’t want it to finish (it’s gonna take very long) but somehow it’s gonna come to an end. 🙂

    Again, wow you amaze me. Annual re-read?! You do know the story is getting longer, right? HEHE! I admire your enthusiasm! 🙂

    1. Me too!!! I’m gonna be a One Piece fan forever, I have even imagine to paint my children bedroom (if I ever have children one day) with a picture of going merry. I want my children and grandchildren to the amazingness of One Piece.

      I don’t want it to finish

      Agree!!! I have never seen any other manga that’s getting better and better each volume, Oda really is a good story teller. But I feel that the end is drawing near. He mentioned it himself. 😦

      Hehehe I know, it’s volume 55 in Indonesia and volume 59 is Japan, Since August I’ve been collecting 1 Japanese version permonth. I want to have both version….but I’ll take my time, that’s why 1 manga per month.

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