Hollywood Fantasy Draft

We, 26 movie bloggers, have been playing this fun game called Hollywood Fantasy Draft created by Castor of anomalousmaterial. We have to pretend that we are a movie producer. We need to cast some actors and actresses and find the right director to direct the movie. The rules are simple, we are not allowed to choose the same director or cast that had been chosen by other producers.

Castor listed us from 1 to 26, the order was reversed for each draft. Here are the link for 1st draft, 2nd draft, 3rd draft, 4th draft, 5 draft, 6 draft and 7draft. Castor also give 3 supplemental drafts Or you can see it easily in this list from anomalousmaterial for all the producers.

At first I want to choose Christopher Nolan as my director but Travis had chosen him before me. Then I prepared Stephen Spielberg as my director, but once again another producer stole him away from me, it was Dan who chose him. So I choose Peter Jackson because I’m going to do an adaptation from Manga, and Jackson has proven that he can create good adaptation movie.

Then come my turn to pick actors and actresses. Hehehe I don’t have to think hard for this, anyone who knows me well can easily guessed my 1st actor. I choose Cillian Murphy without much consideration because he can play anything. My second actor is another brilliant actor by the name of Tom Hanks. I really want to see Cillian teaming up with Tom… I wish one day they can play movie together.

For my 4th, 5th and 6th pick, I picked my actresses. My first pick is the talented Kathy Bates, I have already thought a perfect role for her. Then I chose my leading actress from Japan, Nakama Yukie will be the main center of my movie. I was going to choose Cate Blanchet as Tom Hanks’ wife but Ruth already picked her before me, so I chose Nicole Kidman because in my eyes, only Cate and Nicole has the grace and proud I needed for the supporting role off my movie.

For my 7th pick, I go back to Ireland, I needed the right man to be Cillian’s father, and I couldn’t think of anyone better than Liam Neeson.

My movie will be filled with only 9 people from the beginning to the end. I have already chosen 3 actors and 3 actresses, I can still chose 1 more actor and 1 more actress.

For my supplemental draft I chose Ewan McGregor to replace Sharlto Copley (he was taken by other producer) and Noomi Rapace.

I needed one more actor to play as Cillian’s friend but couldn’t find the right person, I wanted Tom hardy but he had been chosen by other producer Finally, I chose Gaspard Ulliel as my last pick.

Now that I have picked my cast, I must write my movie pitch. My schedule is on September 1. As I already said before, my movie will be based on Manga by Watari Chie, but not 100% exactly the same because I have to revise some scene, it’s a psychological thriller.

Here are my picks and comments and pictures (mostly provided by Castor except for Cillian Murphy)


“I choose Peter Jackson. I don’t have much to say about him except that he is a great director that can transfer great books into great movies, The Lord of The Rings is a masterpiece. And don’t forget the fact that he also produced the best movie of 2009, District-9.”

Round 2

“For my second pick, I will without a doubt choose Cillian Murphy. He is an amazing chameleonic actor. he is a bit underrated because his Hollywood movies don’t give him a real challenge, but if you take a look at his independent or Irish movies, he is always brilliant. His best act so far in in an independent movie called Peacock where he played a person with split personality (as a very shy guy and very graceful woman)”

Round 3

“For my 3rd pick, I choose Tom Hanks. Although he is not as active as he used to be but I believe he still got the talent inside him. We can not forget his brilliant performance that earned him 2 Oscars in Philadelphia and Forest Gump. His amazing 1 man act in The Terminal and Cast Away never make me bored. He can do both comedy and drama. He is one of the best actors Hollywood ever have. I really want to see Tom teaming up with Cillian, it’ll be a joy to watch…well at least for me.”

Round 4

“For my 4th round pick, I will choose my first actress, I choose the amazing Kathy Bates. She was always great in every movie she played. Her performance in Misery gave such a strong impression on me. She’ll be the perfect person for the character I have in mind for her.”

Round 5

“This time I will pick someone from my own continent, Asia. My actress for leading role is Nakama Yukie. Not many people outside Japan know her but she is actually a great actress. She can be hilarious and serious at the same time. Her character as the lonely Sadako in Ring 0 is the right kind of innocent I’m looking for.”

Round 6

“For my last actress, I need someone who is elegant and full of pride. There are only 2 women fit for this role, one has been taken by other producer, so I’ll choose the other woman, I choose Nicole Kidman. She is a great actress that can play anything.”

Round 7

“I couldn’t think of any man better than my 7th pick to be Cillian Murphy’s father. This time I will go back to Ireland and pick Liam Neeson. He has the charisma of a wise man, he is a great actor and I love this old man.”

Round 8

“I’ll choose a British now, Ewan McGregor. No particular reason here, I think that he can play the lawyer.”

Round 9

“For my 9th round, I will choose Noomi Rapace, seeing her in The Girl With a Dragoon Tatto makes me believe that she can be anyone she wants. I have no doubt she can play as the naughty and snobby woman in my movie.”

Round 10

“My last pick is Gaspard Ulliel, he has this cruel face I’ve been looking for”

Now that I have picked my cast, I must write my movie pitch. My schedule is on September 1. As I already said before, my movie will be based on Manga by Watari Chie, but not 100% exactly the same because I have to revise some scene, it’s a psychological thriller.


  1. Hi Nov! Nice picks, I know you’ll have Cillian and for sure I’ll watch your movie! With a director like Peter Jackson is the scale going to be epic? Hmm, with Hanks and Kidman, you’ve got some major movie stars here. Sorry I ‘stole’ Cate from you he..he..

    So we each have an Asian actor/actress on our list, eh? I just posted my cast yesterday, too. My lead actors are going to be Timothy Dalton and Helen Mirren, but it’s more of an ensemble cast so the supporting actors will have pretty much equal screen time.

    1. My admiration on Cillian is more than just on his pretty face, but also on his brilliant talent. If I become a real producer…you’ll see Cillian in most of my movie 😉

      No, it’s not going to be an epic like The Lord of The Rings, like I’ve said there will be only 9 people and the number will be decreased as the movie goes.

      I’m going to your blog now to see your post 🙂

  2. what is the story about?? btw, is Misery the movie where Katie Bates played an obsessive fan of an author???

    P.S: Ewan and Gaspard look incredibly yummy! nice sorting of the pics! 😀

    1. Hehe you have to wait till september 1 😉

      Yup! That’s the one. She is amazing in that movie.

      Huahaha I was surprised when I saw that picture of Gaspard…he is so cute in that picture and I am going to turn him into a bad boy.

  3. I love Kathy Bates! She brings warmth and emotion to so many roles, and yet she’s very capable of playing sinister roles too.
    There’s a nice sprinkle of Irishness on your list 🙂

    1. Agree!! Bates is not a beautiful actress in sense of look but she is a beautiful actress in sense of talent. She is going to be sinister in my movie.

      Well, those 2 are my favorite Irishmen 🙂 . Brendon Gleeson, Kenneth Branagh, JRM and Liam Cunnigham are also on my favorite actors list.

        1. Both link you’ve given don’t work 😦

          I haven’t heard or seen (maybe I’ve seen them but I ddin’t know their name) of those people you’ve mentioned, I’ll keep my eyes open if I see them.

        2. Hi Roisin, I actually have Michael Gambon as part of my supporting cast. He’ll play Helen Mirren’s father, I know they’re actually only 5 yrs apart but makeup can work wonders 😉

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