L’Arc~en~Ciel 6th Album: Ark

Although the title said L’Arc~en~Ciel 6th album: Ark, but in truth Laruku’s 6th albums were Ark and Ray. These two albums were released at the same time, which is on July 1, 1999…however, if I wrote both album in one post, this post will be a very long post, therefore I decided to write about Ark this month and Ray for next month. Ark will be their 6th album and Ray will their 7th album.

I love both Ray and Ark equally. Just like Heart, Ark consists of 11 songs with different style. None of the song sounds similar with another. There are 5 PVs/Singles from this album. Forbidden Lover, Heaven’s drive, Driver’s High, Dive to Blue, and Pieces. Pieces can be considered as one of their best video.

Now, let’s talk about the songs.

Forbidden Lover

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Forbidden Lover is an addictive song, I can’t really tell you what it is about the song that makes it addictive but I can tell you that there was time when all I want to listen is nothing but Forbidden Lover. I love the way Yuki hit his drum, sounds simple but it gives deep meaning to the song. I admit that at first I don’t find this song interesting but it grew stronger on me little by little.

My favorite line:

moeagaru honoo ni torikakomare kuzureyuku fune ni inochi tsukamare
obieta hitomi wa ten wo aoide sakebu kami no na wo

Heaven’s Drive

Lyric and Music by Hyde
My feeling toward this song always depends on my mood. Sometime I feel bored with this song but sometime I miss it so much. The music doesn’t vary much but still enjoyable, especially the refrain part. I love listening to this song when they performed it in their concert rather than from CD.

My favorite line:

Kowaresou na supiido agete
Tsuresatte kure
Sekai ni hi wo tsukeru no sa
Ride on heaven’s drive

Driver’s High

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
This is a perfect song to be played while we are on the highway without traffic jam. I think its PV plays a big part on the image its represent. I really like this song, it never bored me even though they have played this song in almost all of their LIVE DVD. Driver’s High is fun and able to lift anyone’s spirit. They seemed to enjoy singing this song during Live. It is fun to see the audience when they performed this song. I would jump as high as I can if I ever got a chance to see them perform in my country.

My favorite line:

mou kazoeru kurai de bokura wa kieusete makkura no asa ga kuru ne
o ki ni iri fuku ni saa kigaeta nara kakedashite!


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Yukihiro
This is my least favorite song in Ark. It’s too slow. Laruku’s slow song never bother me if it sounds powerful, but Cradle doesn’t sound powerful enough.

My favorite line:

I float in cosmos for the place to return
Living or Dying
There is no meaning

Dive to Blue

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Dive to Blue is the most cheerful song of this album. This song is often sung in their live performance. It can lift people spirit and has a nice tune that can make us start dancing. Whenever I heard this song, my mind always drifts into the moment when Hyde met his wife, Megumi. It’s a fun and never-gonna-make-you-bored kind of song.

My favorite line:

Doko made mo hatenaku yozora wo matoi
Atarashii sekai wo sagasou
Aitakute Aitakute yuremadou keredo
Mezameta tsubasa wa kesenai


Music by Yukihiro
There’s no lyric in this song and it sounds like house music. All the instruments were played by Yukihiro. I always skip this song because I don’t like house music. This song sounds so much like Acid Android’s songs. We can think of this song as the opening for Butterfly’s Sleep

Butterfly’s Sleep

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
I Love Butterfly’s Sleep so much!! Because of my love toward this song, my 1st blog url is butterflysleep.blogdrive.com. I was going to make the same url for this blog, but I decided not to copy my old blog. Butterfly’s Sleep is dark and mysterious song. I love the sound of the bass and the drum in this song. Ken’s guitar effect adds the dark feeling in this song and I love how Hyde changes his vocal range. I really want to see them performing Butterfly Sleep in their Live show, and I finally got my wish on their Smile Tour and GCT (from their 5 Archive)

My favorite line:

Itsumademo sono nekao wo shizuka ni mitsumeteita
Nemuri wo sasou yasashi kaze ga futari wo

Perfect Blue

Lyric and Music by Tetsu
Perfect Blue is a perfect beach song. Laruku really creates the feeling of being in the beach and looking at the sea through this song. The percussion, the melody and the way Hyde sings the song makes our mind drift away as if being carried away by the wave. The song is really addicted. The only performance of this song is during Grand Cross conclusion tour. I love the way the play this song, they look so relax.

My favorite line:

Donkan na sono egao no shita no tsumi wo wakattenai
Onaji me ni awanakereba zenzen kimi wa wakaranai noka?

Shinjitsu To Gensou

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
This song is the opposite of Cradle. It’s a slow song but powerful, and therefore I like this song more than cradle. I like listening to Hyde’s soothing voice.

My favorite line:

Shinjitsu to genshou to kono me ni utsuru subete wo
Chi ga karehaterumade utaou

What is Love

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
What is Love is my second favorite non-single song after Butterfly’s Sleep. The song sounds simple but I love the way Hyde sings it. They play this song in one of their Live DVD but I forgot which one.

My favorite line:

Ima demo ai o shiranakute ai o shiranakute naze
Boku ni wa ano kanjou ga ano kanjou ga nai?
What is love?


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Pieces is the second song by Laruku that I translated by my self (the 1st was Niji). The song is sooooo beautiful. I never get tired of this song. From my translation, I think the song is about letting go part of our life. There’s a strong impression about allowing our children to go away from us and get on with their life. I can’t describe how much I love this song…Pieces is Love.

My favorite line:

Aa watashi no kakera yo chikara tsuyoku habataiteyuke
Furikaeranaide hiroi umi o koete
Takusan no hikari ga itsu no hi ni mo arimasu you ni
Anata ga iru kara kono inochi ha eien ni tsuzuiteyuku

This is part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (Click the picture to see more tribute post)

Page 2 is for you to see their PV (Music Video)


  1. Dive to Blue is the very first song that I played in a J-Rock band…. Natsukashii… (I wonder if I wrote it well :p)…
    My other faves will be Heaven’s Drive and Forbidden Lover. But, I don’t like Driver’s High and Pieces as much as you do. I’m looking forward for “Ray” review since Ray is the album that introduced me to L’Arc en Ciel. 🙂

  2. ::note:: Not a REAL J-Rock band of course, just a local amateur band that covers Laruku at those past days :p

    1. Eh?? you have a cover band?  wonder if I’ve seen your band. I have written my reviews on some local cover band, my review is always honest…if they are good, I’ll say they are good, if they are bad I’ll say that they are bad.

      Ray will come out next month 🙂 I can’t believe it’s almost over, 5 more albums and this series of tribute is over 😦

  3. Doko? Where can I read your review? I want to see whether the band has been reviewed by you. No, no. Not really my band. I’m just happen to help them playing keyboard. I’m not a skillful musician, so I quit after 3 times perform with them. 😀
    I give you a clue: the name comes after a manga/anime character. If you think you know that band, don’t mention it here. (Band yang ga boleh disebut namanya, LOL. Bring back bad memories. LOL).
    If you don’t want this series over so soon, you can
    1. Pray that Laruku will launch another album
    2. You can change the way you post it. Make it bi-monthly. (Tapi jadi ga seru yaaa…^^)

    1. You can click the list of my activity post (on the right bar) and check the section called jejepangan…if your band ever played in one of that events, I might have reviewed it.

      Bad memory? I used to be a band manager and it was such a great memory for me.

      1. They WILL DEFINITELY launch an album next year, that’s why I made this series of tribute
      2. Bimonthly is so not fun. Beside that…this is a series of tribute for my pre-celebration year…like it or not, it will end on 2010 or early 2011. Next year will be my celebration year 🙂 10 years of becoming true cieler and Laruku 20th anniversary.

      I can always write whatever I like to write about them…I’ll get idea somehow 😉 … next year will be another different series of monthly post for the best band ever created in this planet.

  4. Tehehe, you’ve mentioned the band twice, each in separated posts. You didn’t reviewed them in proper paragraph like other bands, means that it didn’t catch your attention, ne? :p
    I’m glad all of their performance on your posts didn’t involve me. 😀
    I’ve never been a true fan of Laruku (or any band. I’m more like a loyal fan of a certain song, from a certain artists. Weird, eh?) Nonetheless, Laruku is a great major band but still improving themselves with various genres of songs, which are rare nowadays.
    Yay, next month is approaching. Ray! Ray! 🙂

    1. Eh? hontou? hmm you make me curious. Which post was it?

      That’s not weird, some people are like that…they only like songs not the artist.

      Hear hear!! that’s what I like about them, they keep making different kind of songs but still have a line that connects each song. Ray will be out in the end of the month, Ken will be written before Ray.

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