This is my second review on Chie Watari’s manga. Yugandakishi is a bit difficult to translate, to make it easier I will translate it from Bahasa. In Indonesia, this manga is called Penjaga Setia (Loyal Guardian). There are 3 stories in this manga.

1. Loyal Guardian

Satsuki was a very nice girl and quite famous because she was great in her school’s theater group. But she felt really uncomfortable with Mamoru Usami’s presence. He never talked to her but he always looked at her. Satsuki wanted to see a theater near her house but it was so expensive. One day, she received a ticket for that performance, there was no name on the envelope, only an initial of M.U. Satsuki thought M.U stands for Mitsuhiko Ueno, the boy that she liked.

She soon realized that M.U was actually Mamoru Usami. He told her that She had saved his life when he was still in 4th grade and when he saw her again in the same high school, he knew that he was destined to be her guardian. He protected her in his own way and it frightened Satsuki. Usami didn’t mind killing people that he thought had made Satsuki sad. When Satsuki told him to disappear from her life, without any hesitation Usami killed himself…but, was Satsuki really free from Usami?

My teaser for this manga here

2. A Bad Luck House

A bad luck house tells the story of a haunted house. The 1st story from this house can be found in Shiryo no Hanayome. This time, the story is about Hirose family. On their first day at this house, Miki (Hirose’s only child) heard someone chanting Buddhist pray. When she asked her family, no one heard it and no one was chanting at night. She heard it again on the next day.

On her first day at school, everyone avoided her and it made her remember her old classmate named Yasuko. Miki used to bully Yasuko and it made Yasuko committed suicide. One day, Miki saw Yasuko’s ghost in her new house. Not long after that, her grandma died. Miki was so sure she’ll be the next one to die in this house.

3. Island that consumes human being

This third story is a bit unusual. This one is my least favorite of all.

The story is about a boy named Sakazaki who came to an island to have a course. He met a girl named Sakura. When Sakazaki came to an old house, he remembered his past life as a man named Takei. He and Mayor Sawayanagi found an unusual creature that ca sucks human liquid, they named it Sakitsuka.

Takei was killed by Sawayanagi. As Sakazaki, he found out that Sawayanagi was still breeding Sakitsuki. He even created a huge Sakitsuki. That huge Sakitsuki got away from its container and killed everyone in the island. Sakazaki had to save himself and sakura from that Sakitsuki.

As always, Chie Watari can scare us with her scary characters, the ghosts are always spooky. But, this manga is not as good as Shiryo no Hanayome…that’s why this review sounds a bit flat and it takes a month for me to finish writing it because I’m not sure how to write it.


I share this post as my 5th post for Manga Challenge 2010

2 thoughts on “Yugandakishi

  1. I love this review and I am so sad that after your other one I can’t find any of his stuff in English. I really like that they are short horror stories all in one volumne rather than series that go on for 10+ volumes.

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