The Greatest From Keanu

I want to start my 1st top 5 movie by my favorite actors and actresses. At first, I was planning to start it with Cillian Murphy, because I am currently still in my highest hype over him…but I reconsider that thought because 2 Cillian Murphy’s posts in within 2 weeks is more than enough (I’m currently keeping 3 movie reviews for next month) and I also think that it wouldn’t be fair for my other favorite actors. So, in the end, I’m going to begin this series of top-5 from my favorite people in movie industry with Keanu Reeves.

The thing with Keanu Reeves is, at least for me, he tends to look extremely gorgeous in an extremely boring movie or look gorgeous in extremely great movies. Let’s look at Sweet November!! My God, he is so damn gorgeous in that movie…I literally biting my lips watching that movie, but the story sucks big time. At first I watched the whole show and then I always fast-forwarded it just to see Keanu. The recent movie was Street King, he is so hot in that movie, but the movie is so guessable. However, I’m not going to start saying that he looks bad in these 5 movies that I think as his best movies…he always looks gorgeous and makes my heart beats faster.

Enough with his beautiful physical being!! In term of acting…well, we all know he is not the kind that going to win any Oscar 😉 but he is also not bad… He is really good in action movies, the ones that required less expression. However, they are times where we can see him with good acting, one of them is in my top-5.

Now, let’s start counting down!!

#5 A Walk in The Cloud

This is the only romantic movie from Keanu Reeves that can be put in my top 5 list. The story is beautiful and the execution is perfect. It’s not too cheesy and Keanu looks so damn gorgeous.

#4 The Day The Earth Stood Still

Although some people think that this movie is not good, but for me, this is a great movie. The moral that the movie tried to deliver really got into me. I always like movie that emphasizes its story in global warming because I’m a small scale environmentalist (I protect the earth from global warming starting from my self). You can read more about this movie here.

#3 The Gift

This is the movie where we can see the best acting performance by Keanu. The leading role is Kate Blanchet, Keanu is only the supporting role in this movie. He plays as a man who likes to beat his wife, Hilary Swank. He doesn’t look handsome at all, he wears thick beard. The story is also interesting, Kate is as amazing as always…and I’m so glad to see Keanu performs good acting as an antagonist character (his acting in The Watcher, another antagonist character, is so not memorable).

#2 Speed

Speed is the movie that makes me fell deeply in love with Keanu and Sandra Bullock (remind me to write about this movie soon!). I have watched it and re-watched it for more than 10 times, the story never bored me. Keanu is really good in this kind of movie.

#1 The Matrix

Hehehehe …. should I write more about this movie? My number 1 sci-fi movie, my number 4 trilogy, and one of my all time favorite movies. I keep comparing any sci-fi movie with The Matrix. I adore its plot and Keanu is soooo damn hot!! Read more about why I love this movie in here.

Now, it’s your turn to tell me your top-5 Keanu Reeves movies 🙂

See the rest of my Top-5 list in here (click the picture)


  1. Nggg….first of all, I think it’s Street KING, not Street KNIGHT! 😛

    Alrite! here we go. My top 5 fav. movies starring my darling Nunu:

    5. The Day The Earth Stood Still

    I personally think the movie was somehow executed poorly because it somehow felt flat. However, before you start pulling out your club to beat me to death, I DO AGREE on the fact that the message is dead on! Despite the static flow of the story, the main message is well-delivered. And, like I have mentioned so many times after seeing this movie, any kinds of aliens, as long as they have THAT look, they are welcome to invade earth anytime! I’ll be their tour guide, if necessary! hahahaha!

    4. Something’s Gotta Give

    I CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T EVEN MENTION THIS MOVIE!!!! How can you NOT?!?!?! He’s the HOTTEST doctor I have ever seen! Forget Patrick Dempsey in Grey’s Anatomy or George Clooney in ER! Nunu in this movie, in that white doctor jacket, was ABSOLUTELY DROOL-ABLE!!!

    3. Lake House

    AGAIN, CAN NOT BELIEVE YOU DIDN’T MENTION THIS MOVIE! It’s like…the perfect reunion for our favorite on-screen couple! I just LOVE the chemistry here, despite the fact that they rarely meet throughout the story. Sure, the ending was so…Hollywood, but it’s one of my most fav.Keanu movie of all time, if you ask me!

    2. Matrix

    hahahahahaha… Need I say more? I mean, he IS Neo! I absolutely can’t imagine another actor playing the part. And, just like The Day The Earth Stood Still, Keanu’s straight face fits the character, don’t you think?? And that moment where he dodged a speeding bullet? I was like, “WTH?!?!?!”. In a good, awe-struck way, of course! xD

    1. SPEED



    I mean, it’s Keanu at his B.E.S.T !!!!!!

    Boy, I surely don’t complain those buff arms, that army-cut head, that smile!
    Dangnabbit! How can a guy be so smoldering HOT!!!!

    Yes, just like you, THIS is where I started to fall in love with Keanu. (Sandy too, actually!).
    And yes, I can watch this movie over and over and over and never get bored.
    Hell, with a look like that, the whole movie can be about Keanu eating an apple and I wouldn’t care! hahahahaha!

    OK. My top 5 elaborations are getting more stupid, huh? Hahaha!

    By the way, here are some Keanu-movies that I think are worth mentioning, although not in my op 5:
    *CONSTANTINE (>////////////////<)
    *Sweet November
    *Dracula (barely remember the plot, though. hahahaha!)

    1. I’ve fixed it 🙂

      Huahaha totally agree!!! Please invade us anytime you want, if you are an alien that looks like Keanu *dreaming*

      True that he is drool-able in Something Gotta Give, but the movie it self is nothing special…sorry I choose great movies not keanu’s best look…it’ll be for another top-5 list 😉

      I do LOVE the lake house…but I can’t squeeze it into this list…I can’t take away any of that movies away, I love those 5 very much. If I extend it into 10, The Lake House will be in it.

      Hear hear on The Matrix!! Still the best sci-fi movie EVER…Tho Inception is sitting next to it now.

      Huahaha long live SPEED!! writing this make me want to watch it again. I’ll try watching it this month and write my review (like I need rewatching it to write about it! huahaha I practically remember the lines)

      Gyaaaaa….whaaaat?? I hate Sweet November!! Tho Keanu is making my heart stop beating all the time in that movie.

  2. OMG! I can’t believe how much alike we are novroz. It’s scary! I love Kee, I worship him like the Buddha Siddartha! lol…

    Here’s my top 5 (only 5??!!) deep breath here we go:

    5. Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventures (he is so cuddly here, so incredibly cuddly!).

    4. Point Break (This film made me love surfing. They made it look so cool… he was so cool. Damn.)

    3. Speed (Buff Keanu! Plus it’s got Sandra Bullock as his love interest YAY! But then along came Jason Patric and ruined all the fun. Boo.)

    2. Lakehouse (this is the most romantic film he’s ever made. I love to see him and Sandra sharing screen time. Why can’t romance ike this exist in real-life?)

    1. Much Ado About Nothing (Keanu, evil sneer, black leather pants… what more do you need? My fav actors, my fav shakespearean play. Nuff said!)

    1. Huahaha it is scary!! fortunately we chose different top 5, otherwise it’ll be scarier 😉

      Bill & Ted is another side of Keanu we hardly seen. I wonder how he feels now if he watch that movie.

      Point Break is also one of his best movies, it’ll be in my top 10.

      I watched the second speed only because Sandy is in it…I am glad Keanu didn’t the part because Speed 2 is too make-believe

      The question should be, why can’t my letter arrive to him just through mailbox huahaha I want keanu to receive my mails.

      I want to see MAAN!! but it’s so hard to find. I also want to watch his other old movies

  3. Wow, lots of love for The Lake House I see, sorry but I can’t stand that movie! My top 5 would be:

    1. Speed
    2. The Matrix (first one only)
    3. A Walk in the Clouds (high five Nov!)
    4. Devil’s Advocate
    5. Point Break (saw it sooo long ago but I remember really liking it then)

    1. I like the lake house because it brings my 2 fav people in one movie. I want to see them play together again…maybe in romantic comedy now.

      Yeaaa…you put a walk in the cloud on your list…Keanu’s best romantic movie.

      Devil’s Advocate … hmm, Keanu has done agreat acting performance but it was tough to match Al.

  4. I only like him at Speed, tehehe. ^^
    Awesome movie, awesome action, awesome BGM,and handsome Keanu.
    Bill and Ted, I remember watching it both dubbed and in original language, haha very silly.

  5. One of the first movies that i’ve seen was Speed and I watch it over and over again, quite frankly for me there’s no Reeves peformance that surpassed it, but here we go:

    5. Johnny Mnemonic>> I saw this movie like when I was six or seven so i don’t really remember the detail, basically his brain was used as some kind of memory drive something, i remember this movie because the plot pas pretty unique.

    4. Devil’s Advocate>> A good thriller movie with Reeves, Al Pacino, and Charlize Theron in the starring role. Keanu played as an attorney in this movie.

    3. Constantine>> A really cool movie where Keanu played as an excorsist alongside Shia and Rachel Weisz. The movie is exciting, I laugh when Keanu gave Lucifer the finger in the end.haha.

    2. The Matrix>> One of the best action movies ever! Who’ll forget the ‘avoiding bullet scene’ in this movie? This trilogy has many great cast too like Laurence Fishburne, Carrie-Anne Moss, and of course Hugo Weaving (Weaving in my opinion is one lucy guy to be involved in this trilogy and also LoTR). The first part is the best.

    1. Speed>> This movie is definitely his movie signature. It’s one of Jan de Bont’s finest work. Keanu played great as a police officer, great villain (well done Dennis Hopper), great supporting cast (Sandra Bullock, Jeff Daniels, even Ortiz the bus passenger played well), and of course great score too by Mark Mancina 🙂

    1. Eh?? you like Johny Mnemonic? hmm if I ever wrote top 5 worst movies by Keany, I’ll putting this movie in that list…hehe if you like that’s fine 🙂

      Agree!! the 1st Matrix is the best!! and when I said that Matrix is my number 1 sciFi movie, I only refer to the 1st one.

      Hahaha Speed is in everyone’s list…that movie really made him famous.

      1. haha number 5 on my list was gonna go either to Chain Reaction or Johnny Mnemonic, i chose Johnny because I remember that movie more clearly than Chain Reaction, although it should probably be Point Break or Bram Stoker’s Dracula but it just didn’t cross my mind,haha.

        Yep Speed is undoubtedly one of his greatest, thank God he refused to play in its sequel, because the sequel turned out to be nothing like the first one.

        By the way why don’t you like Johnny miss?haha

        1. yeah the second one is too ‘lebai’

          About Johny…well, how can I explain it…hmm let’s just say the movie sucks ;p I watched it once and once is enough.

  6. Wow that was unusual. I just wrote an extremely
    long comment but after I clicked submit my comment didn’t appear. Grrrr… well I’m not writing all that over again.
    Anyhow, just wanted to say great blog!

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