Perrier’s Bounty

Perrier’s Bounty is another Irish Movie that I searched so eagerly and the reason for my eagerness is none other than Cillian Murphy. I will watch EVERY movie that has Cillian Murphy in it, whether I am going to like the movie or not is decided latter. I do not always like all Cillian Murphy’s movies, when I don’t like the movie I tend to skip most scenes and only watch the scene with Cillian in it.

How about Perrier’s Bounty? I think it was enjoyable but there was nothing special in it. It’s the kind of movie to spend time. It was supposed to be a crime thriller comedy movie, but they seemed to make it halfheartedly. It wasn’t as funny as I expected and not thrilling enough. When I saw the trailer and read a bit of its synopsis, I thought it would be hilarious and thrilling. I imagined that Michael (Cillian’s character) is chased by a lot of people who want money for his head and the chasing scenes will create lots of laugh. I guess, I shouldn’t expect anything…because it’ll make the movie feels so flat when I didn’t get what I have expected before.

I’m not going to deny that there are some funny scenes, but not enough. My favorite laugh was when Michael and his entourage stole a police car and then caught another car thief and decided to swap their car. As for the thriller part, it would be more thrilling if the people who tried to snitch them were more than 2 people.

There’s another thing that I found a bit odd about this movie. I can totally understand when Michael talks to another people using the word ‘man’, but it feels so weird when he keeps on using that word to his father. I mean, even though he hasn’t seen his father in a long time because of their past fight, I still think that ‘man’ is way to casual for father and son. Instead of saying ‘What the fuck are doing here, man?’ it would feel more natural if he says ‘what the fuck are you doing here, dad?’ The ‘fuck’ word can emphasize that they don’t have good relationship. But then again, I don’t know much about Irishmen, maybe they do use ‘man’ all the time. I heard Cillian used it in his interviews.

The story is about a man named Michael McCrea (Cillian Murphy) who owed 1.000 Euro to a gang leader who was famous for his cruelty. Darren Perrier (Brendan Gleeson) sent two of his goons to collect the money and gave him some punishment for his lateness in paying back. Michael desperately looking for a way to pay him back, he went to ‘The Mutt’ (Liam Cunningham) for a financial aid. He asked him to break into someone’s house. In the middle of his crisis, his father, Jim (Jim Broadbent), came and told him that he is dying, he wanted to talk to Michael before he passed away.

To make matter worse, Bren (Jodie Whittaker), Michael’s secret crush, shot one of the goons to save Michael. Michael, Jim and Brenda got rid of the body. That fact made Perrier angry and put a bounty of 10.000 Euro for Michael’s head. Michael who didn’t know about that got double crossed twice by the people he knew. In the end, Perrier got Jim and asked Michael to pay the money, bring the body and come with Brenda.

How can Michael save himself, Brenda and Jim? Go watch the movie! 😉

As I already said before, it’s enjoyable but nothing special…I can only give this movie 2 stars, which mean it was okay.

Cillian Murphy’s special


  1. I’m going to put this on Netflix, but I have yet to see In Bruges either which some people say it’s similar to this?? The thing is with movies like this there are too much profanity for my liking, I especially hate it when they take my Lord’s name in vain. Anyway, I like Cillian’s look here with his five o’clock shadow, very masculine!

    1. In Bruges? I haven’t heard about it. Yeah, it’s a gangster movie, there’s so many bad words being used in gangster’s movie. I can uderstand your feeling too…if I’m not mistake, they don’t use His name a lot in here…but I could be wrong, I have to watch it for the 2nd time.

      For me, He looks like junkies rather than maskulin hehe so skinny with unshaved beard…but it didn’t make me love him less 😉

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