The Coolest One : Yukihiro

It’s time for the coolest member in L’Arc~en~Ciel who is also my favorite member. This post is a translation from my old post, it used to be written in Bahasa Indonesia.

Yukihiro is my first post in my blogging history, it shows how I respect this man so much. At that time, the post wasn’t something good. I made a better content not long after that, and now I made another post about him in English.

His full name is Yukihiro Awaji, he was born in November 24, 1968 … hehehe he was born in the same month as I am. His blood type is A. His height is 165 cm. He is the drummer in my number one band. I admit I like seeing Hyde’s face but if you ask me who’s my favorite laruku’s member, the answer is Yukihiro Awaji.

Yuki is not the kind of man that looks interesting at the first sight, but once you know him better, there’s something cool and interesting about him. Yuki joined L’Arc~en~Ciel in 1997 after they kicked Sakura. Sakura had to leave laruku because he was caught using drug. His irresponsible act almost broke the band apart, fortunately Tetsu met Yuki and asked him to join in. I’m glad Sakura left the band because Yuki is much better drummer than Sakura. Yuki hits his drum very fast and it has its own soul that always captured my attention. His present in Laruku made laruku’s songs more colorful and more rock than before. Yuki’s first performance was in Reincarnation Live and in Heart (album)

Another Yuki fan (Chibi) added this information … arigatou Chibi 🙂

Tetsuya knew yukkie from before, he didn’t met him near/after sakura left L’Arc. It seems that tetsuya and yukkie had a friend in common, which they use to play video games with. Also, L’Arc met with (I don’t remember if it was Zi:Kill or Die In Cries that time – I believe is the second one) yukkie’s band once; that was the first time he met with hyde and he thought he was a pretty girl.

My Favorite Drummer

Yuki is the quietest man in L’Arc~en~Ciel. He hardly says a word, he only says something when someone asked him. I once saw an award giving event where Hyde pushed Yuki to the microphone to say something and he ended up looking awestruck and said nothing…hehe it was quite funny. Yuki came from a wealthy family, it was said that he can speak English and French fluently. I read from an article, long time ago, that Yuki lost the one dearest to him in an accident T.T

Although Yuki is not handsome, but he is extremely attractive with his coolness and he has a very healthy body. He looks so skinny in clothes, but when he wears armless cloth, we can see his protruding biceps. His fat percentage is very low, so low it was almost impossible to measure it. Hyde told us that Yuki doesn’t eat rice and always practice with his drum.

Yuki plays Bass in P’unk~en~Ciel

New Update (Oct 20, 2010)

This Update is added too all post about Laruku’s members (Hyde, Yuki, Ken, Tetsuya) (^_^)v

I have posted my thought on Real. Before I post my thought on Smile, there will be a bridge post that connects both albums. Just like when I wrote about Laruku no Singuru (Laruku’s singles), I will fill the gap between Real and Smile with a post on their solo projects during their break.

Laruku’s 1st Break (Between Real and Smile)
Laruku’s 2nd Break (Between Awake and Kiss)
Laruku’s 3rd Break (Between Kiss and the upcoming new album)

This is also part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (Click the picture to see more posts)


  1. I love drummers. They are so cool! Yukihiro is excellent at what he does and I’m glad that he replaced Sakura too. Nobody and nothing can break up LARUKU! They are together 4ever.

    I just wish X Japan could have lasted as long. Poor Hide. Everytime I listen to ‘Forever Love’ I cry. It’s not the same without him.

    1. Fortunately I’m not X-Japan biggest fan, I mean it is sad that Hide died but never really make me Cry.

      A lot of people like Yuki more than Sakura 🙂 and I’m so glad to hear that

  2. w00t, I love this entry! An entry for yukkie~! ❤ ❤ ❤ I love this man very much, he's now my most favorite Laruku member! (*w*) His coolness won me over~~~ *dreamy sigh* He also looks innocent most of the time but I kind of have a feeling that he is an S, fufufu~! XD; I really think it's his destiny to join Laruku! *nods*

    I want to watch acid android live too~

    In short, yukkie is pure awesomeness. ❤

  3. Yukkie is also my favorite member but I saw some small wrong info there ^^

    Tetsuya new yukkie from before, he didn’t met him near/after sakura left L’Arc. It seems that tetsuya and yukkie had a friend in common, which they use to play videogames with. Also, L’Arc met with (I don’t remember if it was Zi:Kill or Die In Cries that time – I believe is the second one) yukkie’s band once; that was the first time he met with hyde and he tought he was a pretty girl. Oh, another thing: there’s an interview where he says that his food has been practically just rice (I guess he eats rice, chocolate and coke the most) — so I think it’s hard he doesn’t eat any rice. But yeah, he’s really thin o_o. There was a time his weight was 47!

    Thought I prefer yukkie, I guess I can’t say sakura is worse than him, when the deal is drumming. Their kind of playing are quite different, you know? I feel like sakura’s drumming is somehow more melodic, while yukkie’s is more rithmic — it’s like industrial, y’know and I really like his arrengement. But I can say I definetly like much more yukkie’s compositions. He has some sensibitly when he’s creating music that always impresses me.

    Oh, somthing funny, I’m finding more and more indonisian people who likes him the most |D. Thought I’m brazilian, I’m feeling less lonely hahah!

    1. Thank you so much for reminding me Chibi 🙂
      I forgot about the game thing…now that you’ve said it, it all coming back again. I have already added your information 🙂

      About eating rice, when was the interview?
      Hyde says Yuki doesn’t eat rice and always practice is in Larukuizu (bonus DVD from Quadrity), so it was quite new information. Maybe he used to eat rice but not anymore.

      Hehehe…sakura might not be worse than Yuki, but he sure is not my type of drummer. If Sakura is still in Laruku, I think my favorite member will be Hyde just like most of Laruku’s fans out there 😉

      it’s nice meeting fellow Yuki fans from Brazil 🙂

  4. Daaah, i’m searching in all the web, where i can find or what is the name of the clothes that Yukihiro uses in the Live in Paris DVD! I love that transparent clothes that he wears… Please help mee! Greetings from Argentina =)
    P/S: sorry my english.

    1. Hi Joshua…it’s so nice to have a visitor from Argentina ho also loves Yuki.
      Unfortunately I can’t help you, I have no idea what’s the name of his clothes, I don’t really follow fashion and I am completely lost in that area.
      Don’t worry about your English, it’s really good 🙂

  5. Boom! hahaha.. I always end up in your blog when I Google L’Arc. 😀 I was searching for a yuki photo with his drums and came across with an old-looking yuki and clicked on it.. and voila! Your blog! 😀 Anyways, this is a pretty interesting article. I really do agree. He doesn’t talk that much. But when does he can definitely let out a butt-cracking joke. It was nice to know more about the most silent member of the band. 😉 I just hope he eats well now. I heard he doesn’t eat well.

    1. Huahahaha Then I should put more odd looking photo so that more people will click my blog 😉

      Have you seen the video where I captured that old yuki image? He was sooooooo quiet during the show. Yup…he didn’t eat well 😦 In that video, Hyde said Yuki doesn’t eat gohan (it has two meanings, gohan can be lunch and rice but I think Hyde was referring to rice). He doesn’t eat rice and always practicing with his drum and that makes him in zero fat level condition

      1. I’m gonna look for that.. okey, I give up.. hahaha.. throw me the link please. 😀
        Wew, a lot of fans are so worried about his health. I came across with one video that asked the band if they love trying native foods of each country that they visit, and they said only yuki is the one who won’t try one.

        1. Sorry I don’t have any link. It was a bonus DVD from Quadrinity album 🙂
          Not only fans…the members also worried about him.
          Hope he’ll be okay in a long run 🙂

  6. … Happy Belated Birthday Yukihiro Awaji – San, many more achievements in many years to come … along with L’Arc~en~Ciel and/ or Acid Android … be healthy, be good, be more kind, and be the best as ever …

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