Book Blogger Hop

I found this interesting event to know more book bloggers. I found out about when I was hopping to Mel U’s blog.  The host is Jennifer from Crazy For Books.

I can’t write much right now…my mind is so full. I will edit this post again when I’m free of things to do….that’s a promise!!

This week’s question is:

Who is your favorite new-to-you author so far this year?

That’s easy!! I would choose Takashi Atoda without any trace of doubt. His book, The Square Persimmon, is a masterpiece. I recommended it to my friends and none of them disagree with me, they all love it as much as I am. I want to read more books by him.

For this month…I won’t be reading any books till  finish my Annual One Piece Re-read Event. One piece is my favorite Manga of all time.

If you find my blog through book blogger hop, please let me know so that I can hop into your blog 🙂 and I also hope you’ll check Takashi Atoda’s book too.


    1. Yes I have signed up in mr.Linky 🙂 there are lots of blogs to hop, I’ll hop here and there from time to time 🙂

      Thx Judith…it’ll take few weeks because it has reached 55 volumes.

  1. Hee, you’re hopping on the wrong day! LOL I guess no-one minds though. 🙂

    So far I’ve only finished 3 books by new-to-me authors this year… embarrassing, isn’t it? 😮
    I put aside two addition ones (non-fiction).

    Anyway, my favourite would be… (another embarrassing revelation) Iris Murdoch! I loved reading her book The Sea, The Sea (with Hokusai’s print of a Wave on the cover). She’s famous of cuorse, but I hadn’t read any of her books until this year.

    1. Hehe I’m not hopping on the wrong day Gnoe 😉 I haven’t hope this week. I’ll do the hopping for this week tomorrow.

      Since I join the new author challenge, I read more new authors than last year and I really enjoy finding new authors.

      Iris Murdoch? I’m the one who becomes embarrassed. I’m sorry, I’ve never heard of her before, thank you for letting me know about her 🙂

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