Yana’s Movies

You might wonder what’s Yana? Well actually, the question should be WHO’s Yana?

Yana is my friend from my previous job, she was a librarian at that time. Yana has the same hobbies as I am, we both love books and movies. Our books are sometimes different but our interest in movies and Japanese dorama are so alike.

When we were watching Inception together, she lent me 3 movies, Memento by Christopher Nolan, Doubt by John Patrick Shanley and The Girl With a Dragon Tattoo by Niels Arden Oplev. And because those movies belong to her, that’s why the title of this post is Yana’s Movies. I’ll review them based on my order of watching them.

  • Memento

Memento is an amazing movie!! Watching memento after Inception had made me a Christopher Nolan’s fan. The story was actually very simple, about a man who has short term memory loss, just like Drew Barrymore in 50 1st dates, but the execution was brilliant!! It was made backward. The movie was based upon Jonathan Nolan’s short story. A man named Lenny Shelby (Guy Pearce) was looking for the one who killed and raped his wife. The story started with him killing a man and then took a picture of that man. From that scene, the story started moving moment by moment to the beginning of Lenny’s chase on Teddy (Joe Pantoliano). He met a woman named Natalie (Carrie Ann Moss) . Nolan made us wondering the whole time between who is the nice person here, Natalie or Teddy? Should Lenny trust Natalie or teddy? And in the end, it gives you more question then answer! I can’t write too much on the story because it’ll lost the fun if I write just a small spoiler on it.

Nolan made my eyes glued to my television set. He made the story in parts that needed to be mended to see the whole thing. It was not just a simple backward movie…it was freaking brilliant, such a great idea to make movie. I know now that Nolan can be the one to replace Stephen Spielberg, I haven’t admired any other director since Spielberg gone hiatus.  Nolan can create something original. And I also learn something from this movie, Nolan seemed to have high interest on men with sharp eyes, just look at my Cillian Murphy, Christian bale and Guy Pearce. Looking forward to see more of his works, especially those that don’t relate to superhero movies.

  • Doubt

This movie has 5 Oscar nominations. It looks promising and it has great cast, Phillip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep. The story is about a nun, who is also the principal in a catholic school, who suspect that Father Flynn, played by Hoffman, was molesting the only colored boy in that school. Father Flynn had told Sister Aloysius that he was only concern about the boy’s well-being. Without prove, Sister Aloysius kept on pushing father Flynn to quit from the school. At the end, Sister Aloysius started to doubt her own opinion.

Yet another simple story executed in a great way. I love seeing the talent that was being poured out of Streep and Hoffman…2 brilliant actors.

  • The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo (Män Som Hatar Kvinnor)

My first foreign language movies in such a long time (foreign being other than English, Indonesia and Japanese). The Girls With the Dragon Tattoo was based upon a novel by Stieg Larsson. The movie was directed by Niels Arden Oplev.

The story is about a girl named Lisbeth Salader (Noomi Rapace). She dressed like a typical troubled girl, but she was very smart, she has photographic memory. On her last assignment, she had to hack into Mikael Blomkvist (Michael Nyqvist) computer, he was a famous journalist. Something about the man intrigued her. She kept on hacking his computer even after she finished doing her job. At the same time, she needed to get herself free of her pervert guardian. Mikael was working on a case about a missing girl, she was the niece of a very wealthy man named Henrik Vanger. Lisbeth helped Mikael secretly, but Mikael found her and asked her to properly work with him. With Lisbeth help, both of them able to solved a gruesome case.

It’s a very interesting movie. I like the fact that it was made by Sweden not by Hollywood…because in my opinion, a movie based on novel had to be made by its own country. Beside that, I enjoy listening to foreign languages. Noomi Rapace’s performance is brilliant. This movie is going to be remade by Hollywood somewhere next year…and I WILL NOT watch it. Just like my friend, Yana, now I want to read the book too.

7 thoughts on “Yana’s Movies

  1. great movies, aren’t they? 😉

    Watched memento has made me more sure that Mr. Nolan is a freaking awesome director. All of his movies are absolutely great.

    Actually, the ending of Doubt has made me doubt as well. haha. What was actually Sister Aloysius doubt about? it keeps me wondering.

    As for The Girl with dragon tattoo… let’s give a big hand to Noomi Rapace, the woman who played Lisbeth Salander. She deserves an award & oscar nomination. What makes the story so good is also because of Lisbeth. It’s a strong and complex character.

    I’m glad you like all those movies, Novi 😉

    1. Yup…memento is wow!! such a complicated script.

      I think she doubts her own decision, I mean, maybe Father Flynn doesn’t moleste the boy afterall.

      …and because I respect Noomi so much, I don’t want to she her role being played by any Hollywood actress. Period!!

  2. Memento is a masterpiece, miss! I’ve made the review earlier hehe same goes to Doubt, I love Meryl Streep there, so scary!!

    As for The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, I haven’t watched it but my fellow movie bloggers said it was good. And miss, just FYI: Hollywood is going to remake it. Daniel Craig (James Bond) has been signed for the lead role.

    1. I haven’t visited your blog quite a while now…since I don’t have free internet anymore 😦

      Yeah…Memento really makes me want to see more movies by Nolan.

      Hehe I know!! did you read that bold sentence saying I Will NOT Watch It because Hollywood tends to ruin remake movies. I don’t want to see another woman plays as Lisbeth, Noomi is perfect.

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