Cillian Murphy’s Next Projects

After playing in Inception, Cillian was often asked by interviewer about his next project. I tried to read as many interviews as possible because I want to keep my self updated with his news.

I know that his movie called Hippy Hippy Shake is still unclear.

There has been a lot of talk about whether he will appear in the next Batman movie or not. Personally, I don’t want to see Cillian plays the role of Jonathan Crane anymore…Playing the same role in 3 movies is such a waste for his chameleonic talent. Tho I’m not going to deny that I will still walk to the theater to watch it because watching his gorgeous face in big screen is a bliss. However, I truly hope that Mr.Nolan would start giving his man-crush a leading role.

Cutest Irishmen alive 🙂

I’ve heard about his next movie called At Swim Two Bird, it’s an Irish movie. Tell you the truth, I enjoy watching Cillian in Irish movies or Independent movies than in Hollywood movies because he always got great characters that required good acting. And to be honest, his best act is always in both Irish n Independent movies. HOWEVER, those kinda movies never made it into my country’s theater 😦 and therefore I can’t see that gorgeous face of his in big screen, finding its DVD is also damn hard, I always ended up downloading it.

According to an interview I’ve heard last week, At Swin Two Bird is based on a novel by an Irish writer, Flann O’Brian. It was a surreal world where  characters in the story come alive. It’ll be either directed or produced by Brendan Gleeson. Beside my beloved Cillian Murphy, there will be the cute Jonathan Rhys Meyer, one Irish that I don’t really like – Collin Farrel, and Brendon Gleeson’s son. I know it’ll b a good movie.

Cillian mentioned that he want to get back into theater for a while…But it seems that he wont b doing that this year because I’ve just read about his new movie.

He will start shooting for The Retreat on September…Horay 🙂 . It’s a British movie, so there is a high chance it’ll b showed in my country’s cinema…Well at least it has a better chance than Irish movie.

He will play with an actress named Thandie Newton. The story is about a couple whose married is about to break, to make it better they go to an island. But they found a man in biohazard suit telling that the mainland is in danger because of some deadly virus. So far, that’s all I can say, I will add more about this movie on Saturday.

“Murphy and Newton will play a husband and wife who rent a remote island cottage while trying to repair their marriage. One day they find a biohazard-suited soldier washed up on the beach, who warns them that everybody on the mainland has been killed by an airborne virus. That’s when the psychological fun-and-games begin.”

It’ll b nice to see him argued all the time with his on-screen wife…I know that Cillian is a humble family man, so seeing him with a wife will b pretty interesting and I am sure I will feel jealous with that newton woman 😉

NOTE: Christopher Nolan thinks that Cillian Murphy is the best actor of his generation << I totally agree with him 🙂


  1. Now you’ve got me really amazed… You *don’t* like Colin Farrel?? 😮 Haven’t you seen his latest movie Simple Man? It’s gorgeous!!!

    I was also wondering what movie with Cillian Murphy you like best. Yep, you only get to choose 1!

    1. Huahaha we really do have different taste in men 🙂

      I haven’t seen simple man, but I don’t think it’ll do much to save his position in my heart. He is the only Irishman that doesn’t appeal me. I like Liam Neeson better even though he is older than these rising new Irish actors (Cillian, Jonathan, Colin)

      That’ll be a bit difficult? number one as a movie or number one because his act was brilliant?

      I will choose Inception as his best movie, but for best acting it’s either Peacock – an independent movie where we plays both husband and wife or Breakfast on Pluto – an Irish movie where he spent a month with transvestite community so that he can really gets into his character.

      He has brilliant talent…unfortunately, hollywood and its big budget movies tend to ignore that fact.

    1. Hehe cool isn’t it 😉

      2 cute Irishmen in one movie *drooling*. I have a picture of Cillian & Jonathan together, I will upload it on Saturday

    1. Can’t do that, because my schedule to go to warnet is tomorrow…You have to be patience my dear 😉

      The picture is really interesting…it’s as if they were a couple…Cillian looks so sweet and Jonathan looks manly huahaha

      1. Oh please! I think Cillian is quite manly. I’m not too fond of Rhys-Meyers, his pout is too Zoolander-ish, plus he’s so over the top in The Tudors.

        1. Hehehe of course Cillian is Manly…I wouldn’t like him if he is not. I was just saying Cillian looks sweet while Rhys-meyer looks manly in the picture above.

          When I found that picture, I literally thinking of Cillian as Kitten in Breakfast On Pluto

  2. “The picture is really interesting…it’s as if they were a couple” >> =________________=’


    I’m having second thoughts.


  3. HOLY STINKIN’ CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    WHAT ON EARTH IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!


    He still looks INSANELY cute, tho! sooooo much!!!!

    1. I don’t how to interpret this comment :/ are you happy with the picture or not?

      If the movie ever made it into our country…it’ll be great to watch it together, we’ll be drooling on a different man for once hehe

  4. I like it. but just shocked for 2 reasons:

    1. CM’s head leaning towards JRM’s. Hmmmmmmm…. *glancing around*

    2. Whose Golden Globe trophy is on the floor?!?!?!?! How could someone put a prestigious trophy on the floor like that??


    1. Huahaha I find that pose really cute. I fell like seeing Kitten (Cillian’s Character in Breakfast on Pluto) trying to flirt on JRM.

      Haha don’t know whose trophy is that and don’t care

    1. Then you know her movies, right?

      I’ve been thinking about it…I know I’ve seen her somewhere but couldn’t put it together in my head and I’m TOO lazy to search information about her.

  5. she’s in Mission Impossible with Tom Cruise (MI2, if i’m not mistaken) and CRASH. The lady who was sexually assaulted by the policeman. Alo in Pursuit in Happyness, as Will Smith’s on screen wife.

    1. Ah yes!! Crash!! Thanks for reminding me. Never seen MI2 because I hate MI (movies, love the series so much) and haven’t seen Pursuit…I really want to but haven’t got a chance yet

  6. I hope Nolan will continue to cast him in interesting projects, and other directors will follow suit in hiring Cillian! 🙂 I’m excited for The Retreat, as you can see over on my blog… I happen to like Thandie a lot, she’s good in pretty much I’ve seen her in: Crash, Run Fatboy Run, MI2, Rocknrolla… she might not be an exceptional actress but I like watching her.

    1. I am hoping the same thing too 🙂 I think Cillian has good interpersonal skill because if you look at his movies, the same director tends to ask him to work together again.

      I once saw his interview together with Danny Boyle, they looked so close. So, I really hope more directors will hire him and re-hire him. There’s a talk about him in the new Crow movies…hope he gets that part.

      Yeah me too!!! Psychological thriller is my kind of movie. If they are shooting in December, the movie will be out somewhere next June right?

      Ah yes…Rock n Rolla. My student already mentioned that she was in Crash, but she gave more impression to me in Rock n Rolla…but I can’t quite remember it till you’ve mentioned it above.

  7. Hmm…I wonder what he’ll be like, acting with Thandie. As for Flann O’ Brien/Brian O’Nolan/Myles na gCopaleen, if you haven’t read anything by him yet and wish to have your mind gracefully pulled and stretched with to fit his wild imagination, “The Third Policeman” is a good place to start!

    1. Cillian and Thandie will be something interesting to watch, I have never seen him play as a husband before…I’m very curious with that.

      No, I haven’t read it yet…I don’t know if it’s even sold in here…maybe I should ask someone who is currently studying abroad. I want to read it before seeing it. The way you describe it sounds like Flann O’Brian is a master of imagination.

  8. I love Cillian Murphy. He truly is a great actor, very underrated I’m afraid. He has the most gorgeous eyes and I can’t wait to see him opposite Thandie Newton!

    My favourite film with him so far is ‘Sunshine’. I’ve yet to watch ‘Inception’.

    1. So true!! It really makes me sad that someone as brilliant as him is not as famous as actors that can’t even act. I love Cillian for both his amazing talent and physical appeareance.

      Sunshine is one of my favorite movies too, but not my most favorite ones

  9. That was a nice read. I’d really love to see him getting a lead role in a Nolan film. I wonder what kind of role would suit him best. Didn’t he say he has always wanted to play a cowboy? 😀

    1. Thank you.
      Nolan should really start following Danny Boyle, he has given Cillian 2 leading roles. Yes he said he want to be a cowboy…that’ll be interesting to see, I can imagine it already 😉

  10. sorry you don’t like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. He is In the top 5 of GREAT IRISH actors. Cillian is good, but really can’t be compared to Jrm and his acting range, accents etc. He can do them all. Look at Elvis, the mini series, if you don’t believe me. By the way that’s Jonathans Golden Globe on the floor, need I say more…

    1. Hi Maggie, I like Jonathan Rhys Meyers. There’s a comma there, the one I don’t like is Colin Ferrell.

      Love your enthusiasm in promoting Jonathan but I have been following Cillian for years, he’s not just a good actor, he’s a brilliant actor 🙂

      1. yes, he is. So sorry for the error. I just like Jonathan too! Was amazed by him at the Irish Post Awards this year!

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