The X Files – I Want To Believe

Not many people know that there are books being written from movies or TV Series, what most of them know is the other way around. I have no intention of ever reading any of those books EXCEPT for The X Files.

I love The X Files so damn much, I have written all my feeling about The X Files before, here’s a glimpse  from that post

For as long as I live, I have never once seen another movie that has stronger power like The X Files. This series has stole my eyes, my heart and all of my attention the 1st minute I laid my eyes on it. It was something out of the ordinary, so mysterious and yet so smart. It turned all superstitious into a belief, a pure scientific fiction that can made people wondering about it, was it real? This movie, or should I say series, is by far the greatest series American had ever made…up to present, none can be compared to The X files, not even close.

I found out that there are some books from the series, I bought everything on sight. But I never reviewed them because I read them before I made a blog. About a month ago, I found the English version of 2 The X Files books (the first books I owned were translated books), one is I Want To Believe (based on the second movie) and Antibodies (based on the series). I read I Want To Believe first, Antibodies will have to wait until I finish my annual One Piece reread event.

I Want To Believe is novelized by Max Allan Collins, it was based on screenplay by Frank Spotnitz and Chris Carter.

The story was set after Fox Mulder and Dana Scully were no longer work for FBI. Mulder was wanted by FBI and Scully worked as a medical doctor.  Both of them had realized that they love each other and currently living together.

An FBI agent, Monica Bannan, was missing without trace, out of confusion FBI turned their investigation on a psychic named Joseph Patrick Crissman, or usually called as Father Joe. ASAC Dakota Whitney asked for Mulder’s opinion on the case. At first, he had no desire to return to FBI, but Scully got the better of him. Mulder was drawn into the case and believe in Father Joe’s power. Father Joe was a convicted pedophile and that fact made Scully loathed the priest and wanted to be as far away from him as possible. As Mulder became deeper into the case, Scully drew her self away from it. She buried her self in her patient’s problem.

Father Joe led the FBI in finding lots of human body parts. They also found out that another girl was missing. When FBI finally found a suspect, Father Joe realized the connection between him and the abductor of Monica Bannan. FBI gave up the search after finding the missing agent, but Mulder was not about to quit searching for the other missing girl.

Throughout the story, we can see lots of love emotion between Mulder and Scully. I like reading this kind of love story (I don’t like books that only talk about love and romance but I do enjoy reading love story in non-romantic books), Mulder and Scully had understand each other more than anyone else. When I first watched the show, I knew that there were something between them, and I am glad that Chris Crater finally made the relationship becomes clearer.

My rating on the book might be a bit bias because of  the love I have for the show, but I don’t care 😉 I gave this book 4 Stars (I really like it)

After reading the book, I re-watched the movie. Because the book is based on the movie, it’s not a surprise that the movie is equally as enjoyable as the book. The story is exactly the same, the book fills in some blank spot on the movie.

Here’s my earlier review on the movie

And it turns out…I LOVE THIS SECOND MOVIE WAY BETTER THAN THE FIRST!! This is so X Files and so realistic (in term of Mulder and Scully’s relationship)


I share this post as my 10th post for The Suspense and Thriller Reading Challenge 2010, my 3rd post for Read The Book Watch The Movie Challenge and my 9th post for New Author Challenge 2010.

Say something so I know you have read my post, THANK YOU for reading :)

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