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It All Comes in Three

It’s time for another round up of my Top-5 list. I post this list a bit late because I got a bit confuse of what I’m going to write, so many ideas but I can only choose one list a month. So far, I’ve written my list related to L’Arc~en~Ciel, Muse, Gorgeous Men, and Manga. I think it’s a perfect time to have a list that relate to movie.

I’m sure you can guess what I’m going to write simply by reading the title 😉 I’m going to list my top-5 Trilogy. First of all, even though it is about trilogy, that doesn’t mean excluding the movies that had reached more than 3 series. Take example of Terminator, there are 4 series of terminator, but we can still consider it as a part of trilogy.

We have seen lots of Trilogies lately, and I know that not all of them are great and sometimes not all the series in that trilogy lived up to everyone’s expectation…but let’s look at them as a whole and then decide which one is the best trilogy. In my previous list, I keep asking people to join in the list because I honestly want to know their list….I’m doing the same thing again for this list. It’s very interesting to see the fact that different people have different opinion.

Now, I will start this top 5 trilogy with my list…looking forward to read other people’s list 🙂 I’m going to start from the 5th place.

#5 Indiana Jones

If you like movies, I’m sure you know who Indiana Jones is! Indiana Jones is probably the only one man show I really like. I never enjoy James Bond or Tom Cruise’s version of MI. Indiana Jones is both thrilling and funny. Although the 4th movie is very disappointing, you know…with the alien nonsense in it, but the first 3 are so fun to watch, I enjoy all of them.

#4 The Matrix

Everyone who knows me well knows how I adore this movie, The Matrix is my all time number 1 movie…but that only works for the first Matrix. The second (The Matrix Reload) and the third (The Matrix Revolution) are not as good as the first one. I guess it was quite hard to match the greatness of the first movie. And for that reason, I can only put The Matrix trilogy as my number 4 favorite trilogy. The Matrix has amazing story and breakthrough visual effect. Reload has too many unimportant philosophies, fortunately the visual effect is still incredible. My favorite scene in Reload is the highway scene. The third is very predictable, but again I can forgive that due to its great visual effect. I really like the last fight, it reminds me of Dragon ball.

#3 Alien

I encountered Alien not long after terminator (although the movie it self came out before terminator) and that was my first experience of suspense, and I like it. I can still remember how it felt seeing Ripley was being chased by those aliens. The first, the second and the third movie are equally suspenseful, I love all three of them. I enjoy the 4th movie but not as much as the first 3. Although I love Alien so much, I’ve seen it countless time, but that doesn’t mean I like everything related to Alien, in fact I hate story about Alien conspiracy.

#2 Terminator

I had written about Terminator last year (here). Terminator is my 1st Sci-fi movie and it totally blown the mind of a kid in the age of 11/12…that kid is me, of course. It shaped my perception of how an action sci-fi movie should be. Although the third series is not as good as the previous 2, but I can still forgive it and placed this trilogy as my number 2 favorite trilogy. The 1st terminator is so original and the visual is incredible and somehow the 2nd managed to top that. The third is a bit too make-believe.

#1 The Lord Of The Rings

Do I need to say something about this trilogy? It’s perfectly clear why this trilogy is my number one favorite, and it won’t surprise me if it is also your favorite. TLoTR has all the elements of greatness. Great adapted script, the best movie based on novel I’ve ever seen. Amazing cinematography. Great cast, I like how all the actors and actresses looked like how I imagine them when I’m reading the book. Great visual effect. Great scoring, etc. I don’t know how many years it will take for another Trilogy to outscore TLoTR.

I guess you can easily tell from this list that I like Sci-fi movie a lot, there are 3 sci-fi movies in my list and 2 more in my under-consideration list. What can I say; I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi Movies. I also considered Die Hard, Back to the Future, and Star Wars (the old ones NOT the new ones…I don’t like the new star wars (the ones without Hans Solo), it bored me to dead.) as my favorite trilogy, but because I can only choose 5, those 5 are my choice.

So…this is my list of great trilogy, what’s yours?

Click the picture to see my other top-5 list


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40 comments on “It All Comes in Three

  1. wulaaaaaaaan....
    July 24, 2010

    Hmmm…for this month’s top 5, i have to admit, took me a while to make. I mean, as a movie freak, I have TONS of fav.movies, but when I have to narrow it down to trilogies, I even had to google movie trilogies to refresh my memory. LOL!

    But this, by far, is the most challenging one,but nevertheless the most interesting, hehehehe…

    So here’s MY version of top 5.

    1. Pirates of The Caribbean.



    Couldn’t help screaming at the thought of him, just like a fire alarm blaring everytime it senses hotness. hahahahahaha!

    As you know, this movie consists of: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003), Dead Man’s Chest (2006), and At World’s End (2007). I personally thought that the first movie is the best of the three, simply because that’s the first time we got introduced to this unbelievable, memorable, awesome character named CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow. Also, the plot is the simplest of the three, considering the last two kinda sucked because the flow of the story is WAY too long!

    Anyway, there’s going to be a fourth movie, titled On Stranger Tides. It’s going to be released in 2011, so technically I can still call it a trilogy! ;P

    2. The Transporter

    This movie, in my personal opinion, can beat Mission Impossible trilogies in a snap! They make MIs look like child’s play because Jason Statham kicks ass *pardon my French*!
    The first movie was released in 2002, the second was in 2005, and the third is 2008. See the pattern here?

    Anyway, I personally think the 1st one sucks, but it didn’t stop me from watching the other two. I believe the 3rd one is the best so far because the story was more complex. And the bracelet bom idea in the movie was a great challenge!

    3. The Lord of The Ring

    Alright, I’m guilty. I have NOT read the books. But it was only because at the time I was sooo….consumed with the Harry Potter series that I forgot everything else. 🙂

    My friend from junior high actually introduced me to the series. At first, when I watched Fellowship of The Ring, i was like: “ngg….ok. Is it me or is it kinda boring?” *avoiding punches from all TLoTR fans*. But I reluctantly agreed to accompany my friend to watch the 2nd one at the cinema.

    Boy, I was wrong indeed. The Two Towers were waaaaa~y better than the first and I got caught up by the TLoTR fever. And I think The Return of The King is a BRILLIANT piece of work. Well done, Peter Jackson!

    4. Jason Bourne trilogy

    Holy crap! How can you NOT like this series?!?!?! This is, for me, the BEST secret-agent type of movie Hollywood has ever made! Everything in this movie is brilliant! The thick plot, the mystery, the fighting scenes, the Matt Damon! Everything!!!!

    And yes, the fighting scenes: Genius! All those quick, swift, killer moves! Geez… Matt made it seem effortless!

    If I have to rank this trilogy, i would have to say: 1st >> The Bourne Ultimatum (2007), 2nd >> The Bourne Identity (2002), 3rd >> The Bourne Supremacy (2004).

    5. Rush Hour

    For those who hates Rush Hour, then you should go to the doctor and get your humour check! Come on! How can you NOT crack up at Chris Tucker’s 7/11 mouth, Jackie Chan’s innocent look everytime Tucker verbally bullied him, and those comedic action scenes??

    I can’t really rank the 3, because all of them are great. And what made them even greater are the bloopers inserted at the ending credit, which can ALWAYS make me laugh my ass off!

    OK. So those are MY version of top 5 trilogies. There are some movies worth mentioning too, like The Mummy, Spiderman, Jurrasic park, and (of course!) Matrix. You didn’t think I’d write my top 5 in your blog without mentioning Keanu, did you? ;D

    Oh yeah, and there are some movies that I think SHOULD’VE BEEN better being a trilogy, such as Indiana Jones, Terminator, and Die Hard (the last Die Hard should replace the second one, because LIVE FREE OR DIE HARD is soooo~o much better than DIE HARD 2: DIE HARDER!).

    • Novroz
      July 24, 2010

      Hoho great list plus long explanation… yeaaa \(^_^)/

      Now that you’ve mentioned your list…believe it or not, I forgot all those great trilogies in your list 🙂 … thank you for bringing it back to my mind 😉

      From your list….Only The Transporter that doesn’t ring the bell, Sorry I haven’t seen it yet even though TransTV had played it over and over again.

      To make it short…Your list made it into my list too if it was more than 5 (except Transpoter)

    • wulaaaaaaaan....
      August 24, 2010

      OK. After (FINALLY) watching Toys Story 3, I would GLADLY replaced Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy with Toys Story as my number 1 all time fav trilogy! Pirates can slip to number 2, and the transporter can just go to hell! mwahahahaha!

      • Novroz
        August 24, 2010

        Hehe congratulation for finding the new number 1 trilogy 🙂

        I haven’t watch it yet but even if I had, it won’t change my list. Toy Story isn’t even in my list of top 5 animation.

  2. wulaaaaaaaan....
    July 24, 2010

    hahahahaha…RCTI usually airs it. Wanna know the reason why I didn’t insert Matrix?

    Because I knew you would, so I didn’t have to put extra explanations! hahahahahaha!

    • Novroz
      July 24, 2010

      What??? that’s not a good reason dear 😉

      I kinda wish for more supporters on The Matrix hehe

  3. Róisín
    July 24, 2010

    A good selection 🙂 In fact, the T1000 is probably my favourite villain of the movie world!

    • Novroz
      July 24, 2010

      Yeah…T-1000 is freakin awesome!! he is the reason T3 is not as good as T2.

      I’d love to know your favorite trilogy Roisin 🙂

  4. avianthebleedst
    July 24, 2010

    hemmmm It makes me a bit confused hahaha but I’m movie freak, it starts when I was tenth grader hahahaha
    I’m just a kid, who loves playing with imagination, paradox, or fantasy, and adrenaline hahaha, this list based on my favourite.

    if it was a trilogy list wanted, here’s mine:


    I love this trilogy, Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown is such as a dinamyc duo there.
    Time manipulation, time prediction etc, time as a topic, makes me as a watcher, is thinking, “what if the time goes this, or that”, Time paradox is a good headline of this movie. The trilogy “broke” the movies plot, cause everyone knows, jump over the timeline is an entertaining thing to think. And the ending of the Trilogy, Emmett told, which that means that the future hasn’t been written yet, and that it is “whatever you make it, so make it a good one”, what a nice quote hahaha.


    Seems like the others, including you, this trilogy can’t be judged “BAD”, epic adventures and wars. Frodo rules! but I prefer Aragorn than him hahaha

    #3 [REC]

    I know this movie has been made 2, and the third (the last) is upcoming, but I’m sorry, this movie has been exciting me just in the first 2. the story was made us to decide “I must see the sequel!”. They’re spanish movie, but America got the license to make “Quarantine”, with the same story, almost no differences, except for the location and name.
    You must see this movie, miss!

    #2 TOY STORY

    the first Pixar 3D Movie, even in the world.
    a hunger to be played, a strong friendship, funny jokes, even Buzz’s quote “To infinity and beyond” will be a legend. I can’t take that they’re already finished in 3.
    I’ll download it all and show to my children then hahaha Amin :p


    Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg, and Nick Frost rule! I know “The World’s End” hasn’t been made, but I can’t lie that this trilogy is my most favourite trilogy ever :DDDDD Shaun Of The Dead and Hot Fuzz were exciting me very much! can’t wait for The World’s End

    I’m sorry if this list was such worst-made alike, but this is my list wehehehehehe


    • Novroz
      July 24, 2010

      Wait a minute!!! You shouldn’t put trilogy that hasn’t been a trilogy yet 😉 I’ll put Ice Cream and Blood Trilogy in my list too if it already comes out…I think it can kick Indiana Jones out of my list.

      I haven’t watched Toy Story 3 yet…waiting to see it in TV.

      Alike-list is not a problem at all 🙂 after all, it is your list

      • avianthebleedst
        July 24, 2010

        hahahaha I’m sorry miss I can’t hold myself hahahaha REC sama Blood and Ice Cream gak bisa saya bendung emang bikin saya overreact miss hahaha. saya gak segemes ini nungguin trilogy hahaha

        Aliens juga sebenernya saya suka tapi saya belom nonton semua jadi gak afdol wkwkwkwk

        • Novroz
          July 24, 2010

          Alien…tiap serinya sy dah nntn lebih dr 5kali 🙂 tiap diulang di TV sy selalu nntn.

          Rec pgn nntn deh, tp ga pernah nemu yg 1nya…kan ga asik kl tau2 nntn yg kedua

          • avianthebleedst
            July 24, 2010

            ya ampun miss saya jg gitu download yg keduanya dulu hahahaha tapi itu gara2 yg kelar di download yg kedua duluan, 2 hari setelahnya baru yg pertama (gara2 baru ngisi internet lagi hahaha). keren deh miss, miss nonton di laptop atau di komputer, terus pake headset. saya aja nyerah pas terakhir2 lepas headset hahaha soalnya di sini zombienya gak kayak yg laen, setiap ngeliat orang langsung gigit, jadi kadang dia diem dulu, pas beberapa saat baru nyerang, dan kalo miss udah nonton yang pertama terus nonton yg kedua, pasti langsung bilang: oh jadi gitu toh.
            abis yg pertama ngegantung banget bangetan zz.

          • Novroz
            July 24, 2010

            Ga seru donk kalo dr yg 2. Tapi jujur sy juga br tau ada film semacem Rec pas liat trailler keduanya…trus jd penasaran bgt ma yg kesatunya n pgn nntn 1nya dulu.

            Wah kpn2 ketemuan yuk…hehehe siap2 membajak nih ;p

  5. Nuzul
    July 24, 2010

    Here’s…Johnny! (oh wait,that is a line from “The Shining”) here’s mine.

    5. Rush Hour

    Fastest Hands from the east meets fastest mouth from the west. What will you get? 90+ minutes jam-packed with flawless action scenes and in your face comedy bits. totally a perfect holiday movie. nuff said.

    4. Indiana Jones

    Indy! Indy! I know this flick from my mum actually lol. One day i decided to buy all of the three. And it was…..mind blowing. First of it’s kind,i guess. (adventure seeking treasure thingy) And yes,Harrison Ford alone carries the movie from the beginning to the end. His crooked smile is so perfect for the character. Oh,he made Archeologists looked awesome at that time XD. I bet there are a lot of people want to be an archeologist after they watch Indiana Jones

    3. Hannibal (Silence Of The Lambs,Hannibal,Red Dragon)

    Silence Of The Lambs still stands out in my mind as the best thriller movie of all time. Anthony Hopkins showed the world how a psycho-genious-yet scary as hell character should be portrayed. Seriously, i totally recommend you to watch the movie. My favorite line “I ate his liver with some flava beans and a nice…chianti. tsktsktsk” Priceless.

    2. Godfather

    I’m surprised no one have mentioned this flick. Godfather was the trendsetter for the mafia-genre film. Godfather 1 is Per-Fect. the casts totally blend in,and Marlon Brando delivered the BEST performance a leading role can give. ever. His charisma is wayyy over. Godfather 2 was phenomenal as well,it cemented Al Pacino’s spot as one of the greatest actor ever. And it was the first movie to use parallel storylines, i guess. Godfather 3…enjoyable. It’s not a crappy movie,but if you compare it to the other two…well you get the idea don’t you?

    1. Toy Story

    This is how a trilogy should be. This THE Perfect trilogy. Toy Story 3 > Toy Story 2 > Toy Story 1. Not the other way around. I bet my left testicle (well,not literally) every people who had watched Toy Story 3 will get all teary eyed at the ending. The ending was a perfect way to send the audience in awe,in sadness,and in joy. There was a moment in the cinema where i had watched the movie,halfway through the film all of the audience are laughing. But about 30 minutes to the end,it’s all silence. I can hear a lot of people crying,and sobbing. Because just like Andy,there was a moment where i just can’t let it go. There was a moment where i’m feeling like losing those toys. And that,is awesome.

    That is my best trilogy. Sorry for brutalizing the english language.

    • Novroz
      July 24, 2010

      I have no comment for Indiana Jones and Rush Hour 🙂 … I love these two.

      I honestly forgot that there are 3 Hannibal movies!!! Seriously. Yeah it is also a great trilogy…tho I find Hannibal Rising a bit boring because Silence of The Lamb and Red Dragon were really really awesome.

      Hehehe I was waiting for someone to mention Godfather…I know it’s a great trilogy, but mafia is never been my kind of movie. I admit the cast were amazing and there are lots of praise on the movie…but I never managed to watch it without falling asleep. Good to know you like it Nuzul 🙂

      I need to see TS3 soon!! But DVD is my only hope now.

      Thank you for sharing your list eagerly Nuzul 🙂 Haha don’t mind the language, it’s not an essay that needs good grammar

      • Nuzul
        July 24, 2010

        yeah i know,pasti lupa yg Hannibal XD meh saya malah blm pernah liat Hannibal Rising miss haha. Ga niat dan ga akan. Hannibal Rising itu bukan bagian dr trilogi lho,itu reboot. Trilogi Hannibal yg asli ya Silence Of The Lambs,Hannibal (bukan Hannibal Rising), sama Red Dragon

        Haha Godfather itu mungkin film drama pertama yg bener2 saya suka haha. God bless Marlon Brando XD.

        • Novroz
          July 24, 2010

          reboot? maksudnya? sy dah baca bukunya plus nntn Hannibal Rising, yg buat cerita ttp sama, tp gaya penulisannya jd kurang menarik gitu.

          Ah kalo gitu berarti saya kurang 1 film…belum nntn Hannibal 😦

          Hmm…sy apa ya film drama pertama yang bener2 sy suka :/ lupa… It’s a beautiful life kali ya

    • avianthebleedst
      July 24, 2010

      ih idan camaan cama aku peringkat 1 nya Toy Story tringningning

  6. Kay
    July 25, 2010

    Okay, i have a little difficulty to pick just 5, but here they are:

    5. Star Wars (The old one where Mark Hamill & Harrison Ford still young). This trilogy is one of the first movies that I remember watching as a kid (the other being Speed, Alien, and Lion King). Great cast, great story line (I was terribly sad when Yoda died), even the special effect (which can we call ancient compared to the present time) is great. It is one of the rare old-full of special effects-movies that you can watch even 100 years later, and you won’t laugh at its ancientness.

    4. Pirates of The Caribbean. I’m very thrilled to see Orlando Bloom and Johnny Depp, not in one, but three movies at the same time. I didn’t expect much of the first movie actually, but it just blowed my mind, The 2nd and 3rd one is great (especially because they changed the score composer from Klaus Badelt to Hans Zimmer which is my all-time-favourite movie composer), but in my opinion, the first is the greatest.

    3. The Godfather. I remember chose to watch Godfather Part I because i can’t sleep and i figured I should watch this movie in order to fell asleep (When i looked the cover i presumed it was a boring-endless dialogue-zero excitement movies), but I ended up watching all the parts all night. Godfather Part 2 is the best of the three, I don’t really fancy with the last part, Andy Garcia made his way to my heart but sadly, Sofia Coppola didn’t.

    2. The Bourne Trilogy. The Greatest of all action-spionage movies. You can mix Mission Impossible with Bond and trust me the result wouldn’t cover a third of the greatness of this trilogy. Great cast (one of the finest performance of Matt Damon), great plot, and the beautifully excecuted action scenes. This trilogy is just getting better from the first one to the next.

    1. The Lord of the Ring. Oh, what can I say about the amount of greatness in this trilogy? All components of this trilogy are just wonderful. Sure the main plot is the basic good versus evil, but it doesn’t make this trilogy less amazing. Amazing actors, amazing actions (all of the battle scenes are just outstanding,but if I have to pick one battle it’ll be the Battle of Helms Deep), amazing effects, amazing score by Howard Shore. I watched the movies first before I read the books (and I felt strange reading the book because it’s in Indonesian, haven’t got the chance to buy the English one) but I think i can conclude that I wouldn’t be disappointed in the movies even if I had read the book first (which is a rare occurence to me)

    Honourable mentions: Jurassic Park, The Matrix, and possibly Narnia if the 3rd movie is equally or better than the first two.

    That’s my list, pardon me for all the grammatical errors 🙂

    • Novroz
      July 25, 2010

      Like I said to Nuzul, Don’t worry about grammar 🙂

      I love the old starwars too!! the new felt so fake and boring…Did you know? I love the old ones but when I watched the new ones…I ended up fast-forwarding the movie all the time.

      Pirate of carrebean 1 is also my fav…Johny is brilliant, I love an actor who doesn’t mind looking bad (physically) in order to deliever great performance.

      Godfather is a great movie that, sadIy, I can’t enjoy…on contrary to you, I fell asleep watching it. But I believe it’s a good trilogy.

      Yeah Bourne is awesome!!! Ow please…MI is the worst spionage movie ever, thanks to those who have kindly changed the basic idea of MI. Bourne is thrilling and exciting. Tho it doesn’t make it to my list but I like this trilogy too.

      Agree on every single word you said on TLoTR!! I’ve read the book in English, beautiful language, unlike any book I’ve read…it’s so beautiful, and I haven’t read the translation yet because I don’t want it to be ruined by our language.

      Thank you for sharing your list Kay 🙂

      • Kay
        July 28, 2010

        Yep! I don’t think the new star wars movies are bad in general (it’s bad in star wars standard), but then again, it definitely can’t be compared to the old ones, Mark Hamill was a much better Skywalker than Hayden Christensen,haha. Aaa you just make me want to buy the english copy of TLoTR even more! I read the indonesian translation and i felt translation is just….weird.hehe

        • Novroz
          July 28, 2010

          So TRUE!! Somehow, Hayden can not live up to my expectation as Dart Vedder (I know I misspell this, I forgot the right spelling)…he was not charismatic enough. Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford were great together.

          Huahaha of course it’ll be weird…the language is not written in the same way as modern book (but not as old as Shakespear either). I’m planning to re-read The Twin Tower this year.

  7. Olive
    July 25, 2010

    My list would have to be;

    1. The Godfather; it’s untouchable as far as I’m concerned.

    2. The Lord of the Rings; epic!

    3. The Matrix; although I wasn’t keen on the second & third films so much, they were still good. And the first film more than makes up for the rest of them.

    4. Star Wars; The Empire Strikes Back is probably my favourite of the three. But the others still stand the test of time.

    5. The Bourne Trilogy; Love Matt Damon!

    • Novroz
      July 25, 2010

      Thank you for sharing your list Olive 🙂 I had guessed that you would put Godfather in your list.

      Me too…I wasn’t too keen with the 2nd and 3rd Matrix, but the 1st was too great and I guess that’s why the 2nd and 3rd had difficulty to top that one.

  8. Abi
    July 26, 2010

    I have no idea about trilogy because i don’t see a lot of trilogy movies. But here come my list :

    1. Toy Story
    2. The Lord of the Rings
    3. Die Hard
    4. The Bourne Trilogy
    5. Honey, I Shrunk The Kids (it is perfectly ridiculous)

    I’m not a big fan of sci-fi movie, so shoot me till I die.
    -Eh, Harry Potter bisa dimasukin ga Miss?

    • Novroz
      July 26, 2010

      hehehe bukan pengemar sci-fi ya Bi…gapapa tiap org kan beda2 selera.

      Honey I shrunk up the Kid bukannya cuma ada 2?
      Harry potter bs2 aja sih…tp itu dah 7logy ya? (hehe ga tau kl dah smp 7 jd apa)

      • Abi
        October 16, 2010

        Ini basi banget saya reply-nya Miss, haha. Honey I Shrunk The Kids sampe 3 Miss, yg ke 3 judulnya Honey I Blow Up The Kids kalo ga salah. Dan setelah saya pikir-pikir, saya kelupaan masukin Jurassic Park, pdhal itu favorit saya (and i’m obsessed with dino things). Jd, saya revisi :
        1. Jurassic Park
        2. Toy Story
        3. The Lord of the Rings
        4. Die Hard
        5. The Bourne Trilogy

        • Novroz
          October 16, 2010

          Hahaha gapapa, gada kata basi…tp hebat juga masih inget dimana terakhir ninggalin komen.

          Hmm yg pertama Honey I shrunk up the kid, trus Honey I blow up the kid…yg ketiga?? atau saya kelewat yg pertama ya?

          Saya terima revisinya 🙂

          • Abi
            October 18, 2010

            Yg ketiga Honey, we shrunk ourselves. Jd org tuanya yg pada jd kecil.

          • Novroz
            October 18, 2010

            Wah yg itu belum nntn!!! ga tau kalo ada film ketiganya sih. Hmmm…msh bisa nemuin DVDnya ga ya….

  9. dhitzunako
    July 26, 2010

    He, it is difficult to find trilogy that is really good as one package. For example, you can see at my list below:

    Pirates of Carribean
    The first one is a lil bit jayus (in a good way ^^). The second one is hillarious. And the third one just out of focus. (I just can stand why the story keeps focusing on Will and Elizabeth… T.T They should explore Jack story more… Tehehe).

    The first one is so intriguing. The second one, ahem, still interesting. But the third one is… a lil bit boring. Godfather lost its touch.

    20th Century Boys
    The first one is too slow. The second is too fast. The third one, I haven’t seen it yet. LOL. But I like the first and the second one. I root for the brilliant idea.

    Star Wars
    The first one is okay. The second one makes me craves for more. The third one leaves me smiling for all of the characters’ happiness. ^^

    The Lord of The Rings
    I love all of the films. That makes TLotR as my favorite trilogy.

  10. dhitzunako
    July 26, 2010

    Ups, I forgot to include Terminator too…. It ties with 20th Century Boys, I suppose. T.T. Oh well. LOL. It is hard to make a list. Tehehe.

    • Novroz
      July 26, 2010

      oh well..at least you’ve tried 🙂

      You know, I haven’t watched the 3dr pirate of carrebean yet…because of what you said, it focused more on will and Elizabeth, I want more Captain Jack Sparrow.

      Which Starwars are you talking about? the old ones or the new ones? I like the old ones much much better.

      No argue on TLoTR, the best trilogy EVER!! if one day I made top 5 best movie based on novel, TLoTR will be one in that list too

      • dhitzunako
        July 26, 2010

        The original Star Wars trilogy. Not the prequel. Yup, yup, Peter Jackson is a genius, even though not all LotR-die-hard-novel-fans like the movies, but for me: EPIC. \>.</

        • Novroz
          July 27, 2010

          It’s Epic for me too and I am TLoTR book die hard fan 🙂

          Hehehe the old starwars are the best!!

  11. Mezz
    July 27, 2010

    Miss i’ve written my list here:



    • Novroz
      July 28, 2010

      I’ve tried leaving a comment in your blog…but it said I need to log-in to disquz (or something like that). So I’m not sure if my comment showed up or not.

      I write my comment once again in here.

      There are 3 ace ventura’s movie?? I thought there’s only 2.

      Whuaaat?? you haven’t watched TLoTR?? wow … o … wow… I’m speechless.

  12. bananamolly
    October 7, 2010

    I love Bourne Trilogy a LOT!!! I’ve watched it so many times already! LOL! Besides I’m also a fan of The Transporter! 😉 And of course Resident Evil! Awesome!!

    • Novroz
      October 7, 2010

      I need to catch up with the 3rd part of Bourne soon, everytime the TV showed it, I always missed it

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