L’Arc~en~Ciel 5th Album – HEART

This month’s tribute to one of the best bands in the world, L’Arc~en~Ciel, is running a little late because I have to write about their recent bet collection album, Quadrinity with its awesome packaging. I have written all albums in Sakura’s era…now, it’s time to walk along a better era than before, Yukihiro era. Yukihiro’s reigning era began from HEART.

Heart was released in February 25, 1998. The album consists of 10 songs with different sounds and styles. I find this album as their most complex album, each song has their own style. I really like how Yukihiro’s drumming style changes the sound of this band.

Even though Heart is full of great songs, but Laruku only released 2 PV/ singles from this album, Winter Fall and Niji. Winter Fall became their first song that can reach number 1 in Oricon List. Niji remains as one of their best PVs ever…in fact, for me, Niji is their first creative PV. Before Niji, all their PVs are just too standard and not very interesting.

Now, lets talk about the songs 🙂


Lyric by Hyde, Music by …
Loreley is the first song where we can hear Hyde playing saxophone and he always play that instrument during their LIVE performance. The song has a mysterious feel which I can’t explain what it is. This first song of Heart gives us a glimpse of how different Heart is compare to their previous 4 albums. The sounds that really caught my attention are Tetsu’s Bass and Yuki’s drum.

My Favorite lines:

Hatenai nagareni wa setsuna no oto
Yurarete mori e yama e to tadayoo
Aisenai arasoisae nami ni nomare
Yudaneta uta wa anata e to shizumu

Winter Fall

Lyric by Hyde , Music by Ken
Winter fall is one of my favorite songs of all time. You might find this song a bit monotonous because the melody and the rhythm always stay the same. However, there’s something in this song that make it stick in to my brain forever. I love the cheerful sound of this song, especially with all that trumpet sound as its backsound. This song also has historical value to the band as their first number 1 single.

My favorite lines:

Kakedasu sekai ni kokoro ubawarete
Mujaki na hitomi ni yureru
Furi sosogu yuki wa yasashiu egao tsutsumu kara
Boku wa eien o negatta

Singin’ In the Rain

Lyric by Hyde Music by Hyde
I might be wrong because I’m not an expert in music…I think Singin’ In The Rain is the first song by Laruku that sound sounds so jazzy. The sound of the piano is the one that gives strong jazz impression into this song. Tetsu’s bass sounds so strong in this song. I love how the song flow naturally and beautifully.


Itsumademo furitsuzuke kokoro he
Kimi no sukidatta ameni yasashiku tsutsumarete
Sutteki na utaha imademo nagarete kuruyo
I’m just singin’ in the rain with you

Shout At The Devil

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Laruku has put a contrast song one after another, after we listen to a jazzy tune, they carry us into something powerful like Shout At The Devil. I love the sound of the drum in this song and you can’t not blame for loving Yukihiro more and more. Everything about this song is shouting greatness, the sound of bass and drum is so perfect and completed each other. I never get tired of this song. The most unforgettable live is on Grand Cross Conclusion Tour, Hyde was wearing a bat-wing and started sing Shouting at the devil – Montley Crue’s version, and then switched into their own version. Their stage performance becomes so powerful every time they sing this song.

My favorite lines:

Negai yo ima wa kono te o michibike
Itsuwari no kagayaki
Fuki keshite miseyoo sono chikara ga
Kegarete mietemo shinjitsu no hata furi kazase!


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Niji…there’s so many thing to say about Niji, this song is a legendary song with painful history behind it. The song is about hope after falling so low. There’s nothing about this song that I don’t like. Because I love this song so much, I used to (and I am using it still from time to time) call my self as Nijiko whenever I go online. This is one of their best songs EVER!! This is the first song I took trouble of translating it by my self and the first song that I can sing without looking at its lyric. I love love love this song so much. I find it SO difficult to choose favorite lines because the lyric is so beautiful.

My favorite lines:

Hontou wa totemo kokoro wa moroku
Daremo ga hibiwarete-iru
Furidashita ame ni nurete
Kimi wa mata tachidomatte-shimau kedo
Shinjite-kureru kara


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Hyde
Birth, probably, is the most standard song in this album. Nothing really special about this song… I’m not gonna say that I don’t like it, it’s just that the other songs totally outshine this song.

My favorite lines:

It’s all in my arms
shinjite kokoro ubawareyoo
subete o hikikae ni
saa te o nobashi
soshite toki wa mezame
ima yakusoku no kuchizuke o!

Promised Land

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Promised Land has a very interesting beat, it’s not as hard as shouting at the devil, but it’s still a good tune to make my head goes ups and downs. For me, their LIVE performance of this song is better than their recorded version because they make this song livelier. I especially love how Yuki hits his drum during ‘devil’s walk in strawberry field’

My Favorite Lines:

Negai wa yakitsuku sarete
Owaranai gareki no sekai de dare ni sosogu?
Devil’s walk in the strawberry fields
Shiboritate no namida o douzo meshi agare
“Ai subeki mono yo!”


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Fate’s intro is very easy to recognize. Once again, Tetsu is really brilliant in this song, you can not ignored the sound of his bass. It’s so easy to follow the flow of this song. I don’t know why, if I close my eyes the song sounds a lot better and it sipped in through my mind easier.

My favorite lines:

Setsunai hodo ni kimi o omotte
Kono ude ga kono mune ga
Daichi o koete kokoro o koete
Taisetsu na hito no tame ni…?

Milky Way

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Milky Way is a very easy listening and somewhat girly. Maybe the impression of girly comes because of Hyde’s movement in Hi O Tsukete Live. The kind of song that never makes me bored and can easily cheer me up when I’m feeling down. Milky Way is the Punk~en~Ciel’s first song.

My favorite lines:

Naze hitomi no oku kimi wa
Mayoi toomawari suru?
Hora kokoro no DOA hirakeba sugu
Mukaeni iku yo


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
I want this song to be included in my wedding song!! The lyric is so lovely. Anata is a very beautiful song and the most perfect song to end a concert. Whenever they used this song as a closing song, we can feel how the air in stadium changes when Hyde lets the audience sings the chorus…I haven’t watched them LIVE yet, I only see them singing this song through DVD and even so, I can fell the changes in the atmosphere…I know I will definitely cry if I ever watched them LIVE singing this song. Listening to this song always gives me an awed chill.

My favorite lines:

Mune ni itsu no hi ni mo kagayaku
Anata ga iru kara
Namida kare hatete mo taisetsu na
Anata ga iru kara

This is part of my Tribute To L’Arc~en~Ciel


    1. Huahaha…sorry, I have to laugh!! You’ve got your information wrong my dear 🙂

      They are stil together!! in fact, next year they are going to held an europe tour and a 20th L’Annivesary is high on discussion. TetChan had already mentioned that the group will have a break for 3years and they’ll be back on 2011.

      The reason why I make this tribute is to celebrate their 20th anniversary and my 10th anniversary as a devoted fan. The review on their album will be over once they announce their new album.

      Have you listened to their latest single? A remake of I Love Rock n Roll.

      Thank you for the compliment 🙂 I will definitly check your blog

  1. Many apologies for MIA for a while! I’m back now, and I’ll start with where I’ve left it, which is this post. 😉

    Now that you mentioned it, I find Loreley really gives a sense of mysterious; like you’ve always wanted to listen more to it and it has a few surprises to it.

    HAHA! I’m feeling Winter Fall the way you do! I think this song also stuck in all other fans’ head like forever! It’s the best song. Timeless and awesome! ‘Nuff said. 😉

    Yeah, it’s little jazzy; it’s not necessarily bad but it’s not my favorite. Though it’s a beautiful song.

    Shout at the devil is also one of my favorite song. It rocks! HEHE! Then comes Niji! OMG! Niji is one of the few songs which gives great first impression for L’Arc that makes me keep digging out their songs and starts to love this awesome band! 🙂 Bravo!

    HEHE! Yup Birth is standard L’Arc. Not my favorite but I do listen to it some times. Most of the time I just skip it. 😉

    Promised land is interesting. I especially like the part where Hyde sings “Devils walk in the strawberry field” HAHA!

    I think I told you before that Fate is my all time favorite song! I love this song so much, I don’t even know why? LOL! Yes I love Tetsu’s bass, Ken’s guitar and Yuki’s drum and everything about this song!

    Milky way, yeah nothing special except a little girly. I feel that this song should be in heavenly album. Reminds me of C’est La Vie, but even C’est La Vie is more fun! 😉

    Needless to say, Anata is another brilliant song! I love it!

    1. Welcome back fellow Laruku-lover 🙂

      Yeah Niji is awesome isn’t it?!
      I don’t have to say anything, I agree on everything you’ve written except for Milky way, I kinda like that song.

      I want to sing Anata along with them…will I ever get that chance? I wonder

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