Shiryo no Hanayome

Starting from this month, I will review Chie Watari’s Manga. For me, Chie Watari is like Stephen King of the Manga world. She always write scary story, and I remembered how those story once gave me goosebumps (more than any Goosebumps’s books ever gave me).

I don’t know if these Manga have been translated to English or not, but I will still write my review in English.

Chiko was the titled of this Manga for Indonesian edition, the original title was Shiryo no Hanayome. I’m not sure about the kanji for shiryo, but Hanayome ( 花嫁 ) means Bride. This Manga was published 1993. It contains 3 stories.

1. Chiko

The story is about a girl named Chiko who was haunted by a male ghost. Chiko was haunted after she wore a Japanese traditional wedding dress. The ghost thought that Chiko was his bride.

In Kishaku temple, there was a shaman who often performed Spirit Wedding. If a man died before he had a chance to get married, the shaman will provide his spirit with a bride made of dolls. Matsuda, the one that haunted Chiko, was promised a bride made of Japanese traditional doll (look at the cover). The model for that doll was Chiko’s mother and that’s why Matsuda thought that Chiko was his bride. The only way to save Chiko from being dragged to the spirit world is by returning the doll back to Matsuda, but Chiko had no time to do so.

2. House of Ghost

House of ghost tells the story of a haunted house. There are 3 stories about this house, all 3 of them were placed in different Mangas (the other 2 are in Yugandakishi and Suzuran-Imawashiki Shinnyusha). All tenants of this house are haunted by their past.

In this Manga, the story is about Makiko Kano and her daughter, Ema. After the death of her husband, she needed to reduce her expenses by renting a house outside Tokyo. The day she came to that house, she saw a little girl in the same age as Ema was sneaking into their garden. At night, she found a burned children book, but when she threw it away, something happened to Ema. Ema picked the book back and saying that it was a gift from Makiko, Makiko couldn’t remember giving that book to her. Things started to feel wrse than before. She was haunted by a little girl who used to be her best friend, she died in the accident involving fire.

3. Sunset Memory

Although I can figure out the perpetrator, I still voted this story as the best story in this Manga. It doesn’t involve ghost or any other being from the spirit world, this one is a pure mystery.

The story is about a girl named July Mint. She was invited by a lawyer who worked for the late Sabro Helmest. The invitation was given to people who had helped Mr. Helmest in the past. He was planning to give them inheritance.

July was brought into a big house that look like a castle with high wall equipped with barb wire and lots of fierce guard dogs. July was very surprised to see all those protections. She was introduced to other guests, Dr. Sugano, head of Sogo Hospital, and his wife; Rie; Tony and Matt. All the guests were taken to see Mr. Helmest’s art collections, including his torturing collection and horrible wax statues.

At the first night, Dr. Sugano was killed in the same way as one of the statues. The next morning, a video by Mr. Helmest told them that Dr. Sugano had done a malpractice that caused the life of Mr. Helmest’s wife. Mr. Helmest told them that the way Dr. Sugano died is the perfect inheritance for his sin.

The next day, one by one started to die in horrible way. July remembered what happened to her when she was still a kid, a young boy helped her from drowning. She was saved but the boy was killed. That boy was Helmest’s son and that’s why July received her invitation.

Who will survive from that horrible game? And who are the perpetrators?

I truly enjoy reading Watari’s works. My rating for this Manga is 4 stars (I really like it)


I’m sharing this review as my 3rd book  for Manga Challenge 2010 and  my 7th book for Thriller and Suspense Challenge 2010.

10 thoughts on “Shiryo no Hanayome

    1. Huaaa ga sangka Embi kenal juga ma Chie Watari. Iya yg serinya Wanihiko emang seru bgt, manusia srigala, lukisan gulung sama Halloween tuh serinya Wanihiko

  1. chie watari akan selalu jd favorit saya
    !. Chiko
    2. Dari Dunia Lain
    3. Letter from the Dark
    4. Halloween
    5. Legenda Manusia Serigala

    1. Hi Eric…makasih dah mampir dan meninggalkan komen 🙂

      Kita sama ya, Chie Watari juga selalu jadi favorite saya terutama serinya Wanihiko Fudoh

  2. Misteri lukisan gulung itu lukisannya serem abis, bikin gabisa tidur.. Pengen baca komik ginian lagi kenapa di mangascan ga ada ya, ngebet banget baca karya2nya chie watari, atsuko narumo, kanon iguchi lagi. Pengen beli tapi aku orgnya penakut, kalo nyimpen komik gituan dirumah suka parno hihi

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