Just like last month, I have to postpone my review of Laruku’s album (Heart) till 2 weeks from now (or maybe faster than 2 weeks) because I have other thing to write. I’ve just bought Quadrinity, Member’s Best Selections, L’Arc~en~Ciel.

Honestly, I don’t like buying collection of the best songs by Laruku because I already owned all their albums, buying their collections is a bit useless. The only collection I bought was the best c/w collections. However, Quadrinity is a special best collection and has special package with extra DVD, so I was tempted to buy it. And when I received it…whoa!! Awesome package!! It worth every cent I spent on it.

The CD case is made of glossy hard paper inside a transparent plastic case. The front cover’s image is an old wooden house with 4 windows and 4 mailboxes, the back cover’s image is an old tree with 4 bird houses.

When I open the case, the first one is Hyde Best. The CD has a blue bird on it and the image on the right is the front door of the old wooden house. Next come Tetsuya Best with an image of a pink bird. The image on the case becomes a close up look of the bird houses. Next is Ken Best with yellow bird on the CD. The image on the case is a close up on the 4 windows. The DVD is placed in the middle with the picture same picture as the back cover. Below the DVD we can see pictures of 4 birds. Below that picture lies Yukihiro Best with green bird on the CD. Each CD is connected with tree branches.

The fascination does not stop there!!!

When I lift the CDs, there are pictures of the member, the same pictures that is shown in their official site.

I found more surprise when I saw a paper sticking out under the CD, I pull it out and discover 4 posters of each member. They dressed in the same fashion as the pictures under the CDs but in different style. They put the lyric of the songs behind that poster. The background for the lyric is in the same color as their bird, blue for Hyde, pink for Tetsuya, yellow for ken and green for Yukihiro.

Now, let’s check on the songs.

Hyde Best:

  • I’m so happy
  • Honey
  • Flower
  • さようなら
  • Anemone
  • いばら の 涙
  • In The Air

Tetsuya Best:

  • Ready steady Go
  • Blame
  • Time Goes On
  • Dive To blue
  • 砂時計
  • Link
  • あなた

Ken Best:

  • 花葬
  • ガラス 玉
  • My Heart Draws a Dream
  • Coming Closer
  • 真実 と 幻想 と
  • The Silver shining

Yukihiro Best:

  • A Swell in the sun
  • Cradle
  • Drink It down
  • Get Out From the Shell
  • New World
  • Revelation
  • Trick

Basically, there aren’t many changes in each song…but they have remastered them and the sounds become clearer. Listening to Quadrinity with headphone is a real joy because we can hear all the small details that hardly heard in its old version.

The extra DVD is a show called larukuizu. The quiz is full of questions related to L’Arc~en~Ciel, such as their singles, album, songs’ intro, what happened on certain event and even some silly questions that can easily make me laugh. The language is in Japanese and no subtitle, fortunately I’m not completely illiterate in Japanese, I understand most of the Quiz. The funniest of all is when some old women were asked about L’Arc~en~Ciel, they thought laruku is a brand of meat, and many other things, but the funniest one is the last answer. Another funniest moment is when a bunch of Okama was asked to choose one of the members as their boyfriend. I really enjoy watching this show. I had already watched it 3 times.

I love all the songs they have chosen and larukuizu is very funny. Quadrinity is truly a must have item for all cielers.

Say something so I know you have read my post, THANK YOU for reading :)

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