Photoshopped Kame

I’m not a good photoshopper but I like using it for easy editing. I usually edited Kame’s pictures that weren’t clear enough but has perfect pose, it’ll be a waste just to throw the pictures away.

My 1st editing is a picture of Kame trying to climb up the front stage. The title given to the picture is ‘Glow in the Dark

My 2nd one is a picture of her on my bed, she had a cute pose but I turned it into ‘A Monster From The Dark

The 3rd one is a sweet picture of her sleeping peacefully. I didn’t want to use flashlight because it would wake her up, but the light was not enough to make a clear picture. I edited it to make a dramatic look on it. The title is ‘A Peaceful Sleep

Next is a picture of her taken from below, she was on my knees. I took it at night without flashlight. She has this melancholy look on her face. I call it ‘Missing you

The 5th picture was taken at the same time as the 4th picture with a different angle. The editing made her look like a poster. The title is ‘Another Side of Me

This one is the latest one. She has such an amazing expression, an expression of love. I love this picture sooooo much. The title is ‘The Look of Love

Here is something from my brother, unlike me, he is a great photoshopper. He created a picture of kame on the cloud.

I had also edited a few pictures of my favorite band’s member. I’ll post net time.

Slideshow version>> here

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