The Most Handsome One : Hyde

Horay \(^_^)/ … this is my 666th post, and to no surprise, I will dedicate this post for my number one vocalist, Hyde (read: Haido)

I’ve been thinking about what I should write for this special post…Then an idea came to me…the idea actually came from someone who stole my content without permission. The post is so simple (and I still don’t understand why someone want to copy-paste it), it’s about Hyde and how I feel about him. At that time, somewhere in 2006, I wrote it in Bahasa (Indonesian language)…For my 666th post I will translate what I have written back then into English 🙂 . The original post can be found in here.

After this post, I will translate the rest of the member each month as part of my tribute to them.

Hyde is the charismatic vocalist of L’Arc~en~Ciel. Some said that his real name is Hideto Takarai. He was born in January 29, 1969…which means that he is now 42 years old, BUT his appearance is still like a man in his late 20s. He is not tall (a polite way of saying he is short), some said he is only 160cm (I also read somewhere that he probably around 158cm)…hehehe really short!! Fortunately when it comes to him, size does not matter!!! His amazing voice, his charisma and his pretty and handsome face make people ignore his height. He likes to act mysterious, but in fact he is a fun guy…we can see it when he and Ken perform in TV Shows.

Hyde used to study design despite the fact that he suffers partial color blind. It is said that he can not tell the different of soft color. He used to be in a band called Jerusalem Road. Tetsu spotted him and determined to ask him to sing in his band (Tetsu was planning to sing in his band till he heard Hyde’s voice). Although Hyde always thinks that being a guitarist is cooler than vocalist, but let’s face it, he is a much better vocalist than guitarist.

In the beginning of Laruku’s carrier, Hyde looked SO FEMININE …He was so pretty like a real girl. Look at the picture on the left…Damn! He is prettier than I have ever been in my entire life, and he is a man while I am a woman. There are a lot of Bishounen (pretty boy) in Japan, however only Hyde can look pretty without excessive make up such as Manna. Even now, when he is already dressing like a man, he is still looking so pretty. As I already wrote here, he’s just too damn beautiful.

Although Hyde is the eye candy of the band, his look is not the reason for his fame. Hyde is so poetical, he write amazing and beautiful lyrics. He wrote the lyric in almost all the songs in L’Arc~en~Ciel…In AWAKE, he forced everyone to start writing too, hehe maybe he was running out of idea 😉 . Hyde has a beautiful voice that can touch my heart so deep, his falsetto is perfect…I love hearing his voice. His voice was the reason why I fell in love with Laruku for the 1st time (it was Finale), however soon after I heard all their songs, my favorite member changes in to Yukihiro 🙂

In late 90s, Hyde always said that the most beautiful woman in the world is a Japanese Model by the name of Megumi Oishi. He kept on saying that in every show if one of the questions was about dream woman. Hyde never met Megumi. A TV show called RABU RABU ATTACK set them up, it was such a cute meeting (here). After that meeting, they started dating and they got married in December 25, 2000. Megumi is taller than Hyde, she is about 170cm. Hyde wrote a song called Anemone for Megumi. In November 11, 2003, they had their first child. When I heard Hitomi no Juunin, I have a strong feeling that the song is for his child. I hope this couple will stay together forever 🙂

During Laruku’s first long break, Hyde played in 2 movies, Moonchild and Kagen no Tsuki. In Moonchild, he played with Gackt, Gackt has a better acting than Hyde…but my eyes were focusing only on Hyde. He became a vampire named Kei.  In Kagen no Tsuki, he became a ghost…hehe see the connection of his movie there? Hyde had more role in Moonchild, however he looked damn gorgeous in Kagen no Tsuki.

On the first break, Hyde made 2 solo albums, Roentgen and 666. Roentgen is full of slow songs while 666 is a hard rock album. He forced his voice too much in 666. On the second break, he released another solo album called Faith. Listening to Faith made me lost interest of another side project or solo album by Hyde. And that’s why I don’t feel interested with Vamps. Vamps is Hyde’s side project with Kaz…I don’t even know what’s the title of their first album.

ハイド 様 へ 。。。 素敵 な音楽 を 作る こと の は やめないで よ!!

New Update (Oct 20, 2010)

This Update is added too all post about Laruku’s members (Hyde, Yuki, Ken, Tetsuya) (^_^)v

I have posted my thought on Real. Before I post my thought on Smile, there will be a bridge post that connects both albums. Just like when I wrote about Laruku no Singuru (Laruku’s singles), I will fill the gap between Real and Smile with a post on their solo projects during their break.

Laruku’s 1st Break (Between Real and Smile)
Laruku’s 2nd Break (Between Awake and Kiss)
Laruku’s 3rd Break (Between Kiss and the upcoming new album)

This is also part of my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel (Click the picture to see more posts)

22 thoughts on “The Most Handsome One : Hyde

  1. Congrats on your 666th post! I am so jealous that you speak at least two languages and I speak only English. My husband is Mexican but even after 9 years has not taught me Spanish. Love your posts.

    1. Thank you Senora 🙂

      Well I speak 3 languages if you count my native Bahasa (Indonesian Language)…but my Japanese is still rough. Go force your husband to teach you! 😉

  2. First of all, congrats on your 666th post! And it’s about our beloved Haido-sama! 🙂 *excited*

    Hahaha. I couldn’t resist his awkwardness (he keeps batting his eye lashes! LOL) during the Megumi set up. Hahaha. Are they still together? I don’t follow Japanese paparazzi news because I can’t read Japanese. 😦 I wanna sign up for a class!!

    I tried to watch Moon Child but I don’t really like it. But really cute guys play in it, such as Gackt, HYDE and LeeHom. Haha. I haven’t watch the other movie.

    Yeah some people who likes Laruku don’t really like Hyde’s solo style. Me neither, but I do listen to HYDE. I just don’t get VAMPS. My brother likes VAMPS a lot. I just can’t get it. Hehe. Actually Roentgen.english is still kinda nice. Hehe. I listen to Roentgen.english (I think this is quite a brilliant album and HYDE’s English is very good in this album) and Faith. But I never listen to 666. VAMPS do have nice songs such as TIME GOES BY and EVANESCENT. But it’s not very Laruku-ish.

    1. Thank you bananamolly 🙂 hehe to us, cielers, 666 is no longer the devil’s number, it’s our beloved Hyde’s number.

      I haven’t heard or read about them being separated so I think it is safe to assume that they are still together 🙂 I want them to stay together forever, they are such a cute couple.

      Yeah Vampire is not really my thing, I just enjoy Hyde in that movie…Kagen no Tsuki has a much better story.

      Rontgent is THE BEST ALBUM by Hyde…no question about it!! Tho it is full of slow songs but those songs are beautiful. Yeah, VAMPS can’t steal my attention too.

  3. wow I like your site!!^.^
    I love Hyde, he’s beautiful!! (Paris 16/10/2010!!)
    But you’re wrong, Hyde and Megumi have a Child in 2003, not 1993! 🙂

    1. Thank you Lucrezia 🙂

      Whuaaa I didn’t realize I type it 1993, I know the child was born in 2003 🙂 …hehehe thx for the corection, I’ll edit it straight away.

  4. I am one 1 cm taller than him – but faaaaaaaaar away from his beauty ♥

    am everytime amazed how this chibi kawaii guy can sing THAT way …

    He is gorgeous and changed my life in a way nobody ever could imagine


    1. Hajimeashite Mica 🙂
      Hahaha you’re taller heh 😉 I am still shorter than him…lucky me (or maybe not 😉 )
      Yeah he has amazing voice!! I love his voice so much.

  5. Jee.. reading this post is such a beauty like hyde! haha! I fell in love with hyde while watching Seventh Heaven’s PV. Anemone is such a beautiful song, and knowing now that he wrote it for his dearest (ouch) wife. the lyrics now makes more sense to me. And gush Hitomi no Juunin is my favorite song.. and oh well now that I know that he wrote it for his child then I can dream being his child. lolz. Now where was I… hahaha.. Kind’a lost connection in there.

    He’s the shortest among four which I think why on most photos he’s always being placed in front for him not to be drowned by Ken and Yuki’s tall features. 😀 He made a very good decision in trying out vocals than guitars and dang, he writes song beautifully.

    1. Yup!! he is beautiful!!!! I want to see him again 🙂

      There is no real article saying that Hitomi No Juunin is for his child, I was just assuming it was because of the lyric. It doesn’t sound like a love song for lover, more like for a deeper kind of love (such as toward children) in my opinion.

      No one can be perfect all around and that’s why God created him short 😉
      His lyrics are amazing, aren’t they 😉

      1. Definitely amazing and beautiful lyrics! His talent to music is undeniable.
        Actually, hitomi nu juunin became my favorite because it’s not the common -usual love song. I also think he wrote it for his kid.
        Well yes, agree to that. But we never cared for his height. I’ve seen a photo of vamps somewhere and he’s the shortest, though my sister said “woooh!” – I just said “cute!” haha

        1. HUahaha I don’t mind him being short at all as I am pretty small myself…to be honest, I am still few centimeters shorter than him 😉
          I make a better wife in height perspective than Megumi 😉 *all the fans are throwing darts at me now*

          For the lyric, I like Pieces more…I find it so deep.

  6. 1. I have to thank you for writing this… more than 5 years later and its still as awesome as if you just read it…

    2. i became a l’arc en ciel fan after discovering lost heaven at the ending of FMA: Conquerors of shamballa… After discovering them, I downloaded their whole discography and felt as if i was living under a damn rock my WHOLE FREAKING LIFE….

    3. Hyde is the sexiest man on earth hands down…. Between him and Mao from SID, i don’t know who i would devote my mind body and soul to, but Hyde and ugly is the biggest contradiction know to man…

    4. I found your post after trying to tell myself hyde is not 46… I CANNOT FREAKING BELIEVE HE IS 46…. IM 25 AND HE LOOKS YOUNGER THAN ME!!!! That blew my mind so far up my ass it gave me a hemorrhoid… I would like to know what the fuck he eats or does that he hasn’t aged since the dawn of time…

    i could go on about Hyde alone all day…. I hope he comes back to New York… i don’t do concerts, but i would give up my salary for the rest of my life for him to come back here and play at the Barclay’s center…

    Did i mention how sexy he is? lol..

    thanks for your article again… its nice to know im not the only one obsessed with him… Im gonna go on to read everything else you wrote because i enjoyed this post so much…

    1. Hi Coody 🙂

      Thank you soooo much for sharing your enthusiasm on Hyde and L’Arc~en~Ciel. They are simply the best band in the world. I have been a fan for 14 years (and 15 years next year) and they still sound awesome to me.

      I was fortunate enough to see them Live in 2012 and I hope they will come back again one day.

      I am glad you enjoy my writing … arigatou gozaimasu 🙂

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