The A (mazing) Team

I type this review while I was still on the bus…because I like so much!

why am I this excited? Why am I so eager to put this on my blog? It’s because of The A(mazing) Team! It was awesome!

I love movie with great teamwork. The A Team and Mission Impossible are my all time fav for great teamwork TVseries. I was so eager to see MI when they finally made it into theater…BUT Mission Impossible was SHIT! Sorry for the language becausethat is exactly how I felt about MI! They changed a perfect teamwork into a single man action…What were they trying to pull? That was not worth calling it as Mission Impossible…They might as well calling it as the American James Bond. I didn’t bother watching the 2nd n the 3rd MI …its insulting the series.

When the big screen guys decided to turn The A Team into a big screen movie…I pray to God they wont ruin this one up, and thank God I got my wish 🙂

The A team is made exactly like the series…All characters are true to them self. They behave as they were in the series. The cast are as believable as the series. And to top it all, it is as funny and amazing as the series!

Liam Neeson might not have the same charisma as the old Hannibal Smith (George Peppard) BUT he makes his own charisma and it was perfectly acceptable.

The one who becomes BA Baracus (Quinton Jackson) is not as fierce as how the old BA (Mr.T) look like, however, just like Liam, he makes his own BA perfectly acceptable. Tho I have to admit that he is the weakest character of all in this movie. The other 3 are as strong as the series.

Templeton ‘Face’ Peck was played by Bradley Copper, is handsome! Not as sweet as the old Face (Dirk Benedict) but let’s face it, nowadays girls love well built men rather than sweet man. I accept this new Face with open heart.

Now come to the part of my fav character of all…This got to be good, otherwise the movie will lose its high point. I always have fav character in every series I watch…In The A Team, its MURDOCK (Dwight Schultz)he is the heart of the A Team…I love Captain Murdock then, now, and forever. He is the most like-able crazy man ever existed in the history of TVseries. When I read that SHARLTO COPLEY (Here’s a good article on him in Flixchatter) is going to be Murdock…I have faith in him coz I have his brilliant acting in DISTRICT 9. And I couldn’t be more right! He is Murdoch without any doubt. Thank you for casting him as Murdoch because you, whoever you are who had cast him, had just made fall in love with Sharlto. 2 great acting are more than enough to turn me into a loyal fan. I want to see more of his movies.

I have covered the cast…Now, how bout the story?

They started it from the early era, before they knew each other. Hannibal tried to save Face and met BA on the way. Hannibal, Face and BA met the crazy Murdock as the one who will get them out. This escape made BA afraid of flying. They changed this ‘meeting’ part but I dont mind at all, bcoz they have to match it with current time.

8 years later, they had a mission to return some plats to make fake money. They were framed and discharged from the army. They were all put in seperate places.

They escaped to find the people who framed them and restored their good names. Things moved from one plan to another.

As we all know, The A Team are all fugitive…So we all know how the movie is going to end! But that does not make the movie less interesting. It is still as interesting as the series used to be.

I guess you were I stand when the sequel comes out 😉 I DO BELIEVE THERE WILL BE A SEQUEL.

I gave this movie 5 stars. Am now waiting for the DVD to come out and watch it again.


Here is the series opening

Here is the movie trailer


  1. Urgh! You stole EVERY word in my mind after watching this freakin movie!
    1. That guy that played BA IS the weakest one, I agree with that completely!
    2. Yes, Bradley Cooper is handsome. He’s been in my Eye Candy list ever since The Hangover.
    3. Sharlto is brilliant. Simply brilliant!
    4. Liam Neeson is FIERCE!!!

    Weird thing is, most movie critics think this movie is lame. But almost all users loved it.
    But to be honest, who cares bout critics, eh? xP

    1. Yup!! who cares about critics! I find movie blogger more reliable than real movie critics!

      There’s a movie called Pirate Radio…I love that movie but critics claimed it was so bad…did it make me change my love toward the movie? Not even a glimpse!!

      I bet we wont stop talking about it if we really do end up watching it together.

      The people in the cinema are laughing so hard…it was as funny as the series.

      1. Thanks for the shout-out, Nov. WOW you beat me girl, I was going to write my review of this also, but most likely I’ll post it on tomorrow night as part of my weekend roundup. It’s a fun movie, not a ‘great’ one by any means but it does its job which is to entertain. I think they did the casting well, poor Quinton had huge shoes to fill as Mr. T is so fiercely charismatic, but I thought he was all right. Bradley is a feast for the eyes for us ladies, but I think he’s almost TOO Pretty! LOVE Sharlto as Murdock, he really is the comic relief in this movie.

        1. Yeah it’s a not great movie as a whole…however i give my rating and claim it amazing because it represent the series really well. It’s hard for a movie to fill in a great series, and this one did a great job.

          Horay for Sharlto 🙂

  2. District 9 tu film pertamanya Sharlto, bener ga ya? Kl iya, pertama aja ud brilian! (Tema filmnya juga keren! Ceritanya juga! Bahkan sampe Aliennya gue suka :D).
    Loh, kok jd ngomongin film laen…
    Singkat kata, karena liat post ini, makin ada alasan untuk nonton… Habis, biasanya remake mengecewakan T.T

    1. Iya remake biasanya mengecewakan!!! Liat aja tuh Mission Impossible…benci bgt d nntnnya…tp ini bgs bgt loh 🙂 Remake terbaik yg prnh gw liat…bnr2 ttp di jalurnya.

      Kalo ga salah, di film Hollywood sih iya ini yg pertama (tp ga seratus persen yakin ya) tapi dia kan udah bintang film juga di Afrika. Hoho D9 itu film terbaik thn 2009 … bukan Avatar dgn ceritanya yg flat abis (efek sih emang bgs bgt)

  3. Hey hey hey! sejarahnya si Sharlto itu (menurut Yahoo movies!) dia itu bener2 g ada latar belakang aktor/film! jadi suatu saat dia diminta tmnnya untuk jadi aktor di film kecil2an yg temennya itu lagi bikin, dan trnyata film itu berkembang jd D9 yg fenomenal itooh!

    1. Ow gitu toh!! daku belum sempet ngegoogle ria sih..abis di skul lg sibuk dgn SAS jd ga konsen browsing ini itunya.

      Wow…kalo gitu dia HUEEEEBBBBAT bgt!!! *tambah ngefans* Jd pgn nntn District-9 lg…ntar ah pas weekend (pdhl dah nntn 3x hehe).

      Tp berdasarkan artikelnya Ruth, dia dah pernah film2 pendek gitu.

      Nnt linknya di cek di skul 🙂

      1. Wadoooh sy jadi tersipu-sipu nih post sy disebutx melulu, makasih ya Nov 🙂 Iya itu si Sharlto sy impress banget sm dia, sampe abis nonton D-9 sy langsung bikin post sy itu. Kadang actor yg “amatiran” malah lebih impressive dr yg terkenal ya, tp bener sy ampe nangis deh nonton itu, apalagi pas dia ngomong ama istrinya and endingnya jg bener2x trenyuh abis. I hope they don’t screw up the sequel/prequel!!

        1. You’re welcome 🙂

          Eh? there’ll be a sequel? I hope it will be good. I want to see more Sharlto 🙂 and I hope Sharlto will be like Cillian, choosing movie because of how interesting the characters are instead of how big will the movie be.

  4. Adegan berkesan di D9: Ada alien bikin bunga. Gue mpe ktawa miris ngeliatnya. Ampun, bener2 memorable. D9 tu film fav keluarga ^^
    Ya, smg aj Sharlto ga salah ambil peran di film2 mndatang. Tp aktor yg bagus, mau peran yg kecil skalipun, pasti mencuri perhatian.

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