Men To Drool On

One charismatic vocalist, One with gorgeous eyes, One with deadly smile, One with mouse face and One humble hunk.

That sentence said it all 🙂 this 3rd post on my Top-5 list of everything is about my top 5 men to drool on. I’m not talking about ‘real’ men, you know, men that you actually meet in real life…these men are from the celebrity world , I’m not saying Hollywood celebrity because there is only one Hollywood actor here.

First, keep this in mind!! My top-5 IS NOT your Top-5 because believe it or not, this is a VERY subjective list…people have different perceptions in beauty, and I believe we all know this famous quote:

Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder

I have categorized my celebrity men into two groups, To Drool On and Eye Candy. To Drool On is for those men that make my heart beats faster or stops abruptly because they are TOO gorgeous. They can make me forget about other men. As for Eye Candy, they are the men that I enjoy watching but don’t make my heart stops.

This Top-5 is going to be a bit different the others because I will start with number one to number five.

#1 Keanu Reeves

When I was still in High school, around 1995, a lot of my friends were in love with Keanu and when I saw his picture I was like “this man? Jeez what’s so good about him?”. And in 1996, I had to lick my on spit. I saw Speed and said “Ow my Dear God, he is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my live!!!” … and he remains in his crown till today (and for many many years to come)

Keanu is perfect in many ways, he has gentle face, gentle eyes and humble personality. I admit that he is not really good in acting…BUT who cares?? His face alone is enough to make me watch his movies (tho I sometimes don’t like his movie). His gorgeous face is followed with good heart. In Islam, Prophet Yusuf is told to be the most handsome man ever created in this planet, and I remembered saying ‘it’s hard to imagine how handsome Prophet Yusuf was if I can’t even imagine anyone more handsome than Keanu’ while watching him in Matrix

#2 Hyde (Hideto Takarai)

Hyde is L’Arc~en~Ciel’s charismatic vocalist. Just like Keanu, I didn’t love Hyde at first sight. I fell in love with Laruku’s song from the 1st time I heard it, but I DID NOT like Hyde from the 1st sight…how can I like a man who was prettier than I ever be? He was such a beautiful man (bishounen in Japanese) and he also acted like a woman when he sang on the stage. And then he transformed into the look of a schoolboy (see picture on the right).

BUT…things started to change as he gets older…the older he becomes the more I drool over him. His charisma is oozing everywhere. He is drop death gorgeous!! Everything about him can be describe in one word, SEXY. His deep gaze when looking at the audience, his body movement while singing, his sweet smile, and his way of teasing us are the perfect accessories for his beautiful voice. He makes my heart stops so many times. Watching Laruku’s concert is not only a pleasure to my ears but also a pleasure to my eyes ever since Hyde transform into such a Kakkoi Otoko.

#3 Cillian Murphy

Cillian is the only man that steals my attention on first sight. I remember watching Batman Begins to see one of my eye candy, Christian Bale, but when Dr. Jonathan Crane appeared, I was like “whoa…who’s this man? So cute!!” and then I bought 28 Days Later and found out who Dr. Jonathan Crane is! I’ve been in love with Cillian Murphy ever since that day.

Cillian has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen in my entire life. I rarely like man with blue eyes, Cillian is the 1st. I think I would freeze if he ever looks at me with those eyes. Those eyes of his plus his high cheekbone and his thick lips are making him look so damn HOT. He is an actor that dedicates him self in the art rather than the money and he keeps his life simple and away from all the glamour (Just like my Keanu). And he is NOT just a pretty face, he has amazing talent in acting.

#4 Moriyama Mirai

Hehehe…I know that whoever read this might raise her eyebrows to my 4th choice. I admit that he is not handsome, he is even less handsome that my 5th choice…BUT there is something about him that makes me bite my lip when I see him. For me, he is SOOOO CUTE!!

Mirai’s case is the same with Keanu, I have to lick my own spit. The 1st time I saw him, I said ‘this boy looks like a mouse, his eyes are too slanted, his teeth are a bit forward, and his hair looks just like mouse’s fur’. That was what I think when I saw the 1st episode of Waterboys…However, the more I saw him the more I cuter he became, when I reached 3rd episode, I couldn’t take my eyes of off him anymore.

I have nothing much to say on Mirai’s behalf, you judge it for yourself…but whatever you think, I still think he is so damn cute. And he is really good in acting tho he plays more musical theater than dorama/movie.

#5 Nishikido Ryo

Last but not least is my sweet Nishikido Ryo. Ryo-Chan is just like Keanu and Mirai-kun, I first saw him in Ichi Rittoru no Namida. At that time, I was saying “eee…can’t they pick a cuter boy than this to play Asou?”… It changes when I saw Orthros no Inu, Ryo-chan looks Sooo SWEET!! His acting as Aoi Ryosuke is perfect and that is why I ccan see him in better perspective.

After seeing him looking so sweet in Orthros, I watch his other dorama and he looks sweeter than I have ever seen before. He has a pair of melancholy eyes and an insanely sweet smile. Every time he smiles, my heart stops for a few seconds. I love that smile a lot.

There you have it 😉 those are my 5 men to drool on. Looking at them is really bad for my heart…I’m afraid that one day I might have a heart attack because of these men ;p

I want to share my Eye Candy too, they are so many of them, I might forget to mention all of them. They are : Christian Bale, Paul Bettany, Gerald Butler, Jonathan Rhys Meyer, Freddie Highmore  (I believe he will looks cuter as he grows older), Fujiki Naohito, Sorimachi Takeshi, Kamenashi …., etc. Sorry…I can’t remember them all.

Now, I want you to share me your own men to drool on, the rules are simple: NO REAL MAN (so don’t mention your boyfriend or your husband) and DON’T MOCK other people’s list 🙂

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Click the picture to see my other top-5 list

This list has been updated on June 10, 2012!! My list is no longer the same. 5 Men To Drool On Part 2


  1. Om Haidoooooo!! saya juga suka banget sama Hyde loh. padahal dulu sebelum ngefans saya sempet ngehujat dia dengan sebutan ‘bule kesasar’ (gara2 pertama liat pas rambutnya pirang), eh malah jadi jatuh cinta akhirnya. Dan suaranya inilah (serta musik laruku) yang membawa saya jadi suka sama musik jepang sampai sekarang XD

    dan no.5 saya juga suka! hehe anehnya saya langsung jatuh cinta sama Ryo pas nonton 1 Litre of Tears, tapi kesini-sininya mulai nggak (gara2 kepincut bishounen2 lain). Saya juga suka dia di NEWS dan suaranya cukup oke dan unik 😀

    oh iya kalo list saya sih *selain yg 2 tadi*: Eita, Adrien Brody, Tegoshi Yuya, Chinen Yuuri, Narimiya Hiroki, Takashi Kashiwabara, dan masih banyaaaak lagi *maruk* :p

    1. Huahaha banyak amat!! Kalo gw yang sebanyak itu disebut Eye Candy, yang bikin drool cuma berlima itu aja.

      AYO pilih 5 aja!! hahaha pasti susah ya 😉

  2. If my laptop goes all jammed because of my drool all over the keyboard and screen, I blame YOU for this!!! LOL

    OK, so here goes my top 5 list of men. PS: THANK GOD you asked for FIVE! Because I have aaaaaaaall~ night long making an endless list for this topic. Hahaha!

    Keep in mind that although it is TOP five, the numbers do not mean I like #1 better than #2, #2 than #3, and so on.


    OK. A few seconds ago I told you that the number order does not matter, but I can proudly and loudly say that he IS on the top of the list because I LOVE and ADORE him more than any other actors in this universe!!!! That sultryness, that mysterous aura, the sexiness is BEYOND! (drama queen, yes. feeling embarrassed by it, hell no!)

    My very first movie of Johnny Depp is Edward Scissorhand. And I instantly fell in love with his brilliant performance. Then I found out that he likes to play quirky, uncommon characters, which makes me love him even more. But my most favorite character he ever played is, of course, Captain Jack Sparrow! Genius. Simply genius!

    2. Keanu Reeves.

    I’d throw myself into a fist fight with you if Nunu decided to come to Indonesia to get himself a wife! I love you, MiNo, and you are the best teacher I’ve ever had, but the boy is MINE, I tell ya!

    Gyahahahahahahhahahahaahahahaha!!!!!!! AS IF HE’D CHOSE ME!!!!

    Nunu caught my attention (and a piece of my heart) when I saw SPEED for the first time. I was like: “Holly-maccaronny-sandwich-on-a-plate! He’s delicious!!!!” Have to admit, though (and I’m sure you agree), that he would NOT be put right after Johnny Depp when it comes to his acting chop. But when it comes to who would make me drown myself in drool, he deserves that spot, especially whenever I watch SPEED, THE MATRIX, and LAKE HOUSE! xD

    3. James McAvoy

    The very first movie of him that I saw is Narnia. He was Mr.Tumnus. And, I have to admit that he didn’t catch my attention at the time. But then I saw Attonement (God, please forgive my spelling!) and he won my heart right then and there. His performance was nothing but superb! I hate the movie like I hate a plain soup, but he’s the whole reason I watched it all the way til the end. The same thing goes to WANTED, where he played opposite Jolie. The movie was totally ridiculous, but I watched it anyway because of him. I ADORED him in Penelope, despite the fact that he wasn’t in the frame that long, and his performance in BECOMING JANE makes me weak at the knees.

    4. Jonathan Rhys Meyers

    And put myself in a freezer so that I can be solid again after I melt and turn into total liquid. HIS EYES ARE IRRESISTABLE!!!!! And that cheekbone, ladies? Not very hard to look at! Oh, and did I mention about those sparkling, piercing blue diamonds he uses as eyes?!?!?!

    OK, OK, OK. Enough with my crazy talk. Let’s turn to his acting chop. I’m not sure in which movie I saw him first, but I believe it was Mission Impossible 3: The Fall of Tom Cruise’s Career (Sorry for being so harsh! xP). His part was not very significant, but he stole my attention nonetheless. And he was flawless in Tudors! He won me over in August Rush because, holly-stinkin’-crap-in-public-toilets!, he sings and plays guitar!!! And his seeeexy Hugo Boss ad is NOT something I will complain about, either. ;P

    5.Robert Downey Jr.

    The only reason he’s the last on this list is because he caught my attention only after I saw Iron Man. However, he won me over in a snap of finger. He has this…this…narcistic and arrogant charm that makes him sexy instead of annoying. His portrayal of Tony Stark is nothing but brilliant, and he brought this new, interesting, quirky image of Sherlock Holmes that I’ve never seen or imagined (Jude Law sucks, by the way! Can’t understand why girls like him. Sure, his accent is sexy, but he’s too pretty for Dr.Watson!). And the fact that he managed to rise above after drowning in alcohol and drugs make me love him even more! Standing O for him, no doubt!

    1. Huahaha thanks for the comment…I feel NO SHAME now…because your post sounds as crazy as I am *high five* …we are a couple of drooling girl 😉

      ehem..ehem…because Mr. Depp is already in your #1 list…I believe Keanu who happens to be in my #1 list belongs to me ;p

      JRM = CM = Sexy Irish!!! huahaha let’s look for more Irish for now on. I don’t know if you notice it or not, Cilli is the only ‘real’ Bule in my list. Keanu is a mix so he can’t be considered as ‘real’ Bule.

      aaa…shoot, I forget to mention Robert Downey in my Eye Candy list…I’ll edit it as soon as I find a PC. He has been my candy before his drug addiction.

  3. Huah..reaksi anda pas terhadap Cillian Murphy sama kaya saya!! dia cute sekali di Batman dg kacamatanya!! 😀 5 cowok yg selalu bikin saya senyum2 1. Cillian Murphy 2. Kenichi Matsuyama (jatuh cinta bgt pas liat dia jd L) 3. Teppei Kokei (kokei/koike ya,saya lupa! ini orang lucu bgt! imut sekali *cubit2* pertama liat dan naksir waktu nonton Lovely Complex) -pemain bola boleh gak?? 4. Ricardo Kaka 5. Steven Gerrard! klo yg eye candy : Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson, Skandar Keynes, Dani Pedrosa (hehe), Ikuta Toma, sama Junior Liem (ini artis indo). *sumpah,nyengir2 sendiri nulis comment ini*D

    1. Tentu saja pemain bola diboleh kan 😉 …whuaaa lupa sama Kaka, my eye candy juga tuh. *Harus ingat menambahkan Kaka n Robert Downey besok!*

      IYAAAAAA Cillian CUTE bgt!! pdhl jadi penjahat. Jadi ce juga ttp cute sih 😉

      Teppei memang cute, kayak anak2…hehe jd berasa pedhophile kalo liat dia.

      SAMA!! gw juga pas nulis nyengir sendiri n bengong2 sendiri liat foto2 yg kumpulin…sempet berhenti juga jantung beberapa detik.

  4. my post sounds crazy, huh? and whose fault is that for making me write such a list?? hahahaha…

    hopefully none of your friends will criticize my comment 😀

    1. Hehehe it’s nice to let all the drooling feeling go…once in a while 😉 It will set our hearts free and beat normally again.

      Don’y worry, all the people I tagged (if they decide to participate) are as crazy as we are…hmm some even crazier than me! *Lirik2 Anda Buledh*

  5. In no order:
    -Robert Downey Jr.
    -Jonathan Rhys Meyer (especially as King Henry)
    -Matthew Mcconaughey
    -John Corbett (Mmm Aiden)
    -Charlie Sheen

    I notice a lot of people said Johnny Depp. He is cute don’t get me wrong, but I am more attracted to him for his charisma and acting abilities. If it was on looks alone I wouldn’t give him a second glance.

    1. Hi Livebesidetheocean 🙂 thank you for sharing your list. It’s nice to see that JRM and RDJ are appearing *again* in your list…a lot of people seem to like them (me included)

      Yeah I agree with you on Depp, I like him A LOT, but it is because of his talent rather than Look Alone…however some people will find talent as something cute.

  6. I complete agree with keanu! Sweet November keanu and walk in the clouds Keanu is more drool worthy than Speed Keanu…maybe. haha My list would be Gerard Butler, Jon Bon Jovi, Jim Sturgees, Robert pattinson and Stefan from vampire diaries. His real name is Paul but i completely forgot his last name. lmao

    1. Hi Skylar, thank you for sharing your list 🙂
      Well I love Keanu in every movies…the love for him is just to deep. I second your 1st 3 choices, Gerard is so charismatic, Jon is getting more handsome as he gets older and Jim is so cute, I want to see more movies by him.

  7. Ehm, mine will be:
    1. Matsuken aka Kenichi Matsuyama (the one that kept me smiling all the way while I watched Death Note Movie 1&2)
    2. Totani Kimito (the thief from Kamen Rider DCD that stole my heart. Hahaha, berondong. Wakakakaka)
    3. Tamaki Hiroshi (but only when he starred at Nodame’s regular series. After that, he’s getting thinner and thinner… T.T)
    4. Toshiya from Diru (love to see him smiling happily as he plays his bass at Diru’s live concerts)
    5. I don’t know. I just can’t decide it yet. It can be Johnny Depp (like him since 21 Jump Street? LOL), Takeru Sato (from Goemon), Ethan Hawke, Tanaka Koutarou (H2’s Hideo), Tsukamoto Takashi (BR’s Mimura), Sousuke Takaoka (BR’s Sugimura)… haha, masih bingung. ^^
    Sekarang saya tahu arti “senyum2 mesum”, ternyata mau publish Top 5 ini toh 😀

    1. Hehe you like them in special ‘time’ right? hehe I love mine in every movies 😉

      Yup…that’s what the ‘mesum’ means, because writing this post really makes me think of ‘yang iya2’ lol 😀

  8. Yup. That is because I haven’t watched their other films. Mm, but as for Kimito Totani, I’ve seen him at KR decade for 31 episodes, longer than the other men at my list. He is my current obsession now (capture his picture and put it as my desktop wppr ^^). He is supposed to be my no.1. But he is sooo youung….. Huhu, shame on me. LOL

  9. kbetulan ‘my five’ ni bknlah org2 yg super cakep tp mrka bnr2 bs ngebuat gw deg2an or something like tdk prnh myukai seseorg yg duluny sy benci dn sy tdk prnh mbenci seseorg yg dlnya sy suka.
    1. Valentino Rossi, The Greatest Of All Time.great fighter. itu yg bkn jth cinta bgt sm dia dr thn 97 smpai skrg. mata plus bulu matany jg indah bgt hahah. dia slalu bs bkn gw ketawa ngakak ngeliat ekspresiny. dia ga prnh nunjukkin rasa sakitny. itu yg bnr2 mginspirasi gw. I luv him so much till the end of time.
    2. Jenson Button, dia bnr2 gentleman, dewasa dlm mghadapi mslh, wlo dunia slalu mrendahkannya tp dia slalu sabar. HEBAT.Orgny jg cakep, senyumnya itu manis bgt hahah
    3. Steven Gerrard, apa yg dia lakukan diinstanbul 2005, bnr2 bkn gw sk bgt sm dia. kharismany luar biasa, senyum malu2nya jg lucu bgt, gw pgn bgt pnya suami kayak dia hahah kacau :p
    4. Andrea Dovizioso, sama sprti jense dia jg slalu sbr mghadapi mslhny, wlo dia ga prnh dianggap sm dunianya. gw suka senyumnya, tulus bgt dan ngademin bgt. mgkn ga trlalu cakep, tp mnarik buat gw.
    5. Vidi Aldiano, singer yg anti lipsync. suara indah,musikalitasny bgs. senyumny manis bgt apalgi ketawanya renyah abz dah hahah. yg gw plng sk adlh kerendahan hatinya. slalu care sm fansnya.

    mgkn bkl da yg nanya kok listnya olahragawan smua, tp jjr mreka mmg sanggup bkn hati gw berhenti berdetak hahah lebay gw kumat -_-” SORRY ya bu guru :D:p

    1. Huahaha ini memang racing addict 😉 sayangnya kalo suka pembalap aga jarang liat mukanya…iya kan?

      Makasih ya dah ikut berpartisipasi 🙂

    2. ye, siapa bilang buk? eike srg kok ngeliat muke mereka. makanya nontonnya jgn setengah2 biar bisa liat semua. km psti cuma ntn racenya aja kan, quali ato yg lain ga kan? heheh. yg jls mereka semua bkn gw meleleh hahah lebay:p

      1. Indeed I am!! hehehe abis kalo olah raga sy jarang nntn karena orgnya. Suka bngt MotoGP n Basket benar2 karena olah raganya. Bahkan ngefans berat sama Abe pun karena style racingnya

  10. I can’t decide my top 5 men. Grrr. Here’s my top 3 Japanese men. 🙂

    1. Ken (L’Arc~en~Ciel) – I really like him! He’s real tall and my heart stops beating whenever he plays the guitar! And I get very excited watching them, especially Ken perform live, although I am watching DVD. 😦 Hehehehe

    2. Hyde – He’s second although he’s super smexy! He’s the eye candy in the band! He comes second because he’s short. 😦 If only he’s as tall as Ken! But then again, that’s what makes him big! I mean, big like a rock star! He’s good looking with killer voice, he’s petite and he dances around with his signature moves. Rock on, Hyde!

    3. Kazutoshi Sakurai (Mr Children) – I fall for his voice sometimes. He’s tall, that’s definitely a plus already! Hehehe.

    As you know, the former Laruku drummer, Sakura is also very cute. I like him, I find him hot. But he doesn’t make it to top 3. XD Gosh, I really have a thing for older men. X)

    1. Thank you for sharing Bananamolly 🙂

      Huaha yes Ken is really tall and funny, but somehow I found his face a bit hentai haha…we can see that he is a really nice person from his TV Shows (when he appears with Hyde as a guest in TV shows) and from his twitter.

      If Hyde is tall…he will be perfect as a human being…and as we all know, nobody’s perfect 😉 so that’s why God creates hyde in his small height ;p

      Which one Kazutoshi, I know Mr.Children but I don’t their name…I assume it’s the vocalist because he is cute.

      Haha older men has charisma that can’t be found in younger men

      1. Yeah, I find Ken’s goofy (hentai-ish) face adorable! Hehehehe.

        If only Hyde is tall, he definitely is the most perfect man! But you’re right. So I am accepting him at his height with all my heart, too! That’s what makes him stand out. ^^

        Hahaha. Yes! Mr Children vocalist! He’s cute, right! I also dunno their names, I just wiki-ed for their names when I want to post this comment.

        You’re right. Older charismatic men are so sexy! 🙂 They have better sense of humor also. XD

        1. Huahah I like Ken a lot but I don’t drool over him.

          Have you seen Hyde and megumi walking together? she is taller than him ;p

          He is very cute (Mr.Children) he doesn’t look 40ish

  11. tadaaa ….
    i`m coming (again) …

    just 5 ???? there so many cute boys !!!!! hohoohohoho ….
    okey okey …

    1. Nishikido Ryo ..
    he is sweet, cute, and cool …. i love his smile so much !!!! he is also a good singer, he has unique voice !!! hohohhohohoho …

    2. Nakajima Yuto
    He is sooooooooo sweet !!!!! tall, and great …. he always acts cool when photo session or video clip .. but actually he is very noisy !! hahahhahaha .. he can play drum an he started to learn guitar from Okamoto Keito…

    3. Yamashita Tomohisa
    okey .. everyone knows yamapi … good singer. good actor .. many people said that he is the next kimutaku …
    he has great body !!! hohhohoo … >///<

    4. Inoo Kei
    i admire him for he is still study in university while being part of Hey Say Jump.. very smart boy ..

    5. Last but not least Denzel Washington
    soooooooo sexy !!!!!!!!! he is very great his film is great .. and he is also a great produser …

    what do you think about those 5 men ??? hehehhee

    1. Whuaa…we are alike 🙂 well almost alike 😉

      We both like more Japanese than those hollywood actors.

      You know I love RyoChan, I don’t know Yuto and Kei…maybe I’ve seen them but didn’t know their name. As for Yamapi, maybe I’m the only japan-freak that think he is nothing special…he is cute but he doesn’t even make it as my eye candy.

      Denzel has great charisma 🙂

      1. do you know hey say jump ?? yuto and kei are members of that boyband ……
        and about yamapi ,, i love him more in doramas eventough he has good voice …
        hehehhehehehehhehe …

        1. Aa no wonder I don’t know them, I hardly listen to any Boyband. That’s why I knew Ryo a bit late because I see him in Dorama not during his boyband’s era.

  12. Moriyama Mirai is confusing! Ganteng tapi jelek, jelek tapi ganteng. Beda sudut, beda aksesoris, beda rambut, semuanya faktor penting. Tapi akting dia juara banget. Gw baru nonton Moteki Film (sebelomnya uda namatin doramanya). Love him sooooooooo much! Apalagi kalo dia udah mulai menari, omaigat muka gak penting yang penting skill~

    1. Setuju dgn smua yg Nanien katakan 🙂

      Mirai itu kdg terlihat imuuut bgt tp kdg jg jelek tp ttp enak diliat haha.

      Sy kurang suka ma Moteki, jd aja ga sy review, tp doramanya yg lain bgs2 sih.

      Makasih dah mampir, snangnya ktmu fans Mirai yg lain…jrg2 ada soalnya 🙂

      1. muhehe. Moteki yang membawa Mirai bersinar di matakuu. True, ceritanya 21++ sih, tapi kocak banget. Dulu nonton Sekachu jaman baru suka dorama, errrr ga kuat liat kok pemeran utama gak ganteng sih~ 😀 Sekarang lagi nonton Fish Story, termangap-mangap liat gerakan dia yang luwes berkat skill dance yang luar biasa~

        1. hehe sy ga suka karakter dia yg jd co plin plan bgitu makanya kurang suka ma dorama itu.

          aduh blm nntn Fish Story 😦
          Tp sy plg pengen nntn Bokutachi no Senshou, yg dia maenin 2 peran skaligus. Udah nemu link DLnya tp blm smpt DL. Gede bgt filenya.

          Hoho kl mau liat dia gerak dgn luwes, tntnlah Waterboys….gyaaaa Mirai-kun joget2 cuma pk celana renang *nose bleed*

          1. gyaaa dimana donlotan Bokutachi no Sensou? Di IDWS ga ada, doramax264 juga nihil huhu. Baiklaaaah donlot dulu Waterboys~

          2. aaaw thank you atas link barunya! Kyahaha iya gw baru nonton seperempat episode 1. Khas drama jadul yaaa humor dan plotnya kaya gitu. Mirai surprisingly cute banget disanaaaa (inget di Shokuzai dia menyeramkan). Eita~~ Aaaah lelaki2 muda inih.

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