Are You Ready? また ハ-ト に火 を つける! In Okinawa

In my series of Tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel, I always begin each month with Laruku’s album…But for this month, True will be delayed till 2 weeks from now…because I’ve just seen this concert 🙂

Are You Ready? Mata Haato ni Hi o Tsukeru! In Okinawa is a Live DVD from the year of 2007, it was before Theater of Kiss. But I bought Theater of Kiss instead of this Live because Theater of Kiss consists of all songs from the album KISS…Now I regret that decision!! I should have bought this DVD too.

The concert starts with a little animation of stars and rainbow. And then their name appears one by one and each name is shot by an arrow to burn the name. It is quite catchy. When their logo for this concert was burnt, we can hear the intro of Seventh Heaven. Ken is wearing a formal shirt, looking like a man who is just coming from work to hang out with his friends. Yuki-Nichan is wearing sleeveless t-shirt and it shows all his muscle from drumming. Nichan’s hair is a bit unusual, it looks like Mohawk but not exactly. Tetchan is wearing his … I don’t know how to say this … wearing his own style 🙂 . Hyde is following Tetchan, wearing many kinds of clothes thrown into one, a short vest on top of sleeves t-shirt, a tight black pant under his leopard look a-like pant, a long coat *I think* wrap around his hip, it makes him looks like wearing skirt.

Seventh Heaven is a perfect song for dancing and from the beginning of the song till the end, Hyde keeps on moving his body (and his hip – off course). I love seeing him move his body like that…makes me start thinking dirty … hehe. Hyde is really in his high energy throughout this concert, he won’t stop shaking his hip and makes my heart stops from time to time. Yuki is also in his high spirit, even when he isn’t drumming he keeps moving his head ups and downs…and don’t ask about Tetchan!! Who know how he always jumps around while playing bass. I think Ken is the only one with less energy here, I’ve seen him better before.

Without any gap between songs, they start banging down Killing Me. it stars with green laser and Hyde jumping like a maniac. The stage is full with moving light. This song is so perfect to make everyone stand on their feet and start jumping along the song. The lighting is going crazy following the beat of the song. Hyde performs a slight fan-service on Tetsu. The audiences are singing along in this song. They continue to one of my favorite songs, 4th Avenue Café. The light becomes so colorful. All the members seem to enjoy singing this song. I can’t help NOT to sing along. It ends with Hyde sighing.

Before the next song starts, Hyde has something to say with Yuki drumming as back sound music. Hyde looks so damn gorgeous!! He asks the audience to shake their body. Then, Daybreak’s Bell stars and the stage turns a bit purplish. My favorite part of this song is Yuki’s drum beat. The stage turns darker and then a single green line comes from above at the same time Ken stars playing the intro for Sunadokei. This song really forces Hyde to sing at his best. I really like the green laser effect around Hyde and then it grows and surrounds all Larc’s member. I love seeing Hyde sings this song, he is so passionate.

The back screen turns into a red curtain that opens slowly and reveals a window, and Hyde stars singing one of the most beautiful songs Laruku ever made with only violins as the background music. Yuki no Ashiato is a very difficult song to sing. I feel nothing but LOVE toward this song. The back screen and the lighting make this song perfect. Although Hyde does not sing this song as good as in Theater of Kiss…but it is still beautiful. They take a brief break by showing a video of a little girl with a white bear sitting together. They come back and sing Caress of Venus. My heart beats faster…or is it stopping?…because Hyde is teasing me with his dance, he keeps moving his body and hip…I can’t stop drooling, he is such a good teaser. The back screen shows the white bear dancing along the song. I like seeing Hyde sings on the couch.

The next song starts with a solo by Ken-Chan, highlighted under blue light. My Heart Draws a Dream is sung with an image of ballerina on the back screen. Tetchan looks like he enjoys the song a lot. Hyde lets the audience sing ‘mune o egaku yo’ . A piano intro follows with cigarette holes on the back screen marks the beginning of The Black Rose. The light is dominated by red color. Somewhere in the middle of the song, the back screen turns into a target. Hyde plays with his microphone-pole a lot.

They have another break by letting Ken-Chan talks with the audience. And then the famous intro of Driver’s High makes the entire audience jump. It is impossible not to jump while Laruku is playing this song. Although this song has been sung in almost all their Live-DVD, I never get tired of hearing it. Without any delay, they continue to Revelation. I ALWAYS LOVE seeing live version of Revelation, it can really lift everyone’s spirit, especially when Hyde start singing ‘I want a riso’ and everyone start shouting ‘hey!’ and it gets better when he starts shouting ‘hey’ and the audience back shouting him. The back screen shows a bomber making graffiti. I wish I can see it LIVE in front of me.

The next song is really making my heart stops! I love Pretty Girl because of its fun beat and also because Hyde is always going crazy on this song. He moves in a way that can take my breath away. The back screen is showing a belly dancer who is not as HOT as Hyde’s hip dance .. hehe ;p. Hyde can so damn sexy without the need to take his clothes off, really!! Ready Steady Go begins with silver papers thrown as the audience. RSG always manage to make everyone lifted. The song is closed with Yuki-nichan’s drum solo. Yuki relies so much on his speed. They takes another break and let the audience shouting ‘Encore .. encore …encore ’

A 2 minute countdown becomes the mark for the appearing of P’unk~en~Ciel. Tetchan doesn’t forget to bring his famous water pistol in banana shape 😉 . The coolest P’unk~en~Ciel are always Yuki P’unk and Hyde P’unk. Their first song is Feeling Fine and follows by Honey. Honey is more fun to watch than Feeling fun because everyone seems so excited and also because the arrangement is much better than feeling fine.

After an animation of a truck coming to the stage, it gives time for the crew to take Ken’s drum off the stage, L’Arc~en~Ciel returns and sings Metropolis. And again, I find it hard to breath because Hyde is doing it again *drooling*. This pervert song is followed by Hyde’s pervert dance! Hehe. I don’t know for what reason, suddenly the back screen is showing Hyde’ picture and only Hyde. Without giving any time to breath, they continue with New World. I love Tetchan Bass. Hyde makes some girls hysteric by taking their dolls and put it in front of his private area 😉 , it’s nice seeing Tetchan smiles seeing that action.

Link comes next…I love love love this song!! The nuance of the stage becomes yellowish. Although I am watching it at home, I still jump to this song…it’s too cheerful and hard to hold my self to stay still. Hyde makes the girls go crazy again by kissing one of their dolls and gives a deadly smile when handing it back to the girl. And then he starts touching Ken and Tetsu’s butt…hmm, Hyde is having lots of fun in this concert.

And then he jumps down which I am sure it was an accident hahaha.

Laruku have their last break by letting Hyde talk about being grateful of everyone; member, audience and crews. They closed this concert by singing Jojoushi. I love that Laruku always closed their concert with a dramatic slow song. The lighting makes the song more dramatic.

Laruku’s concert is not complete without Tetchan giving free samples of his banana..hehe. He throws a lot of bananas to the audience. And then one by one all the members come out, first Hyde, then Yuki and Ken. All of them are throwing bananas too. And something new happens!! Well, at least new considering I have never seen it in their other concerts and I’ve seen lots of their concerts. They hold hands together and bow to the audience. Somehow, at first I can see that Hyde looks a bit awkward. But, it was nice to see them do that 🙂

All pictures can be enlarge by clicking on the pictures (^_^)v

4 thoughts on “Are You Ready? また ハ-ト に火 を つける! In Okinawa

  1. Oh, man! I’m also very excited when I watched this Live DVD. Yeah, you should get this one too! Hehehehe. I just downloaded it. 😦

    This is the most exciting live I’ve seen! Everything is fun and playful! Yeah!! The banana throwing fest at the end is really something NEW!!! Hahahaha. YES!!! Hyde is sooooooo sexy! Even if he’s standing at this height. LOL! XD

    Argh. Your post makes me want to watch it again. Too bad the file is in my brother’s PC! 😦

    Shall youtube it now! Hehehehe.

    1. I will one day 🙂 for now, I have to be happy with my low quality Pirate DVD because as I’ve already told you I’m waiting for L’7 DVD and Quandrinity. Hmm, they are really making me bankrupt ;p

      Yes…yes…and yes!! Hyde is sooooo damn sexy in this concert, even thinking about what he had done during the concert makes me drool all over again.

      Youtube version is so bad, I’ve seen it once.

  2. Eh~ dasar Hideto Takarai! Makin tua makin keladi! (Smiling a lot seeing the picture. Hiaaaaaahhhh!!!).

    Ampuuun, baru tahu kalau Metropolis itu lagu pervert!!! Wah, gue ga tau itu ^^. Haduh, jadi malu saya (Emang artinya apaan sih??? Langsung nge-google ah). Habis emang lagunya asik buat goyang. Di Lar’c The Best C/W ada kan ya? (lupa). Gue suka itu sama Anata no Tameni.

    1. Hehe pokoknya ttg ‘itu’ lah… kayak lagunya John Mraz yg Butterfly.

      Iya nih bapak2 udah mau 40 thn (waktu konser ini dia blm 40thn) tapi ampun deh benar2 ga sadar umur…bikin orang klepek2 hahaha.

      Yup Metropolis ada di c/w 🙂

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