Enchanting trailers: The Matrix and Inception

After watching The Matrix last night, I have a strong urge to write this. These 2 trailers, The Matrix and Inception, have so many similarities. These similarities only works on me 😉

In 1999, I read news saying that there will be a new movie by Keanu Reeves. At that time, I have become his adorer for 4 years. Now in 2010, I still think he is the most handsome man I’ve ever seen in my life. When I read that news, I was so excited “Yeaaa a new movie! I can see his face in big screen again”. I waited for its trailer to be played in my local TV (at that time, there was no youtube).

Then….I finally saw it!! And it was the most amazing trailer I’ve ever seen…the minute I saw the trailer, I knew I HAVE to watch it regardless who plays in that movie. Even if Keanu wasn’t the actor, I was still going to watch it. This trailer is the 1st and last trailer that made me curious beyond believe…last till 2010, when I saw another amazing trailer.

When it was finally released, I went to the cinema –alone because my friends were busy- and got a front seat. I hate sitting in front line, but I was not going to miss that movie and be spoiled by other people. I re-watched it a week later in a better position :). The Matrix truly lived up for its trailer and for my high expectation. It was the best sci-fi movie I’ve ever seen…it is still the best even after 11 years. It has phenomenal visual effect, great fighting scenes, and most of all amazing story (the kind of story that keeps me thinking till it ends). Keanu Reeves as Neo remains as a beautiful bonus in this amazing movie.

For the next 11 years, I keep searching and waiting for another movie that going to touch me the same way as The Matrix. So far…none has come close to sit side by side with The Matrix. District 9 is the closest competition, although the Trailer is not as enchanting as the movie itself.

In 2010, I finally have that feeling again!! I finally see another movie trailer that enchanted me as much as The Matrix. That trailer is from the upcoming movie titled Inception.

The funny thing is, my eagerness to find Inception’s trailer is same with The Matrix and how I feel after watching the trailer is also same with The Matrix.

I looked for The Matrix’ trailer because I wanted to know about Keanu Reeves’ newest movie, and I search for Inception’s trailer (Thank God for youtube) because I want to see Cillian Murphy’s newest movie. I love both of these men. After watching the trailer, my eagerness to watch those movies is no longer because of Keanu and Cillian. It is simply because the trailers had enchanted me, they had put a spell on me….a spell that is stronger than any other movie trailers.

However, I’m not going to be a hypocrite here. I admit that the fact that there is Keanu in the Matrix and Cillian in Inception put an extra point for my amazement toward these 2 trailers (tho I didn’t see Cillian in Inception’s 1st trailer).

I truly hope that Inception will live up to its trailer and to my high expectation. I hope Inception can be the movie that will sit side by side with The Matrix as my all time number 1 Sci-fi movie.

Here is The Matrix trailer (I still have chill whenever I watch it)

Here is Inception Trailer

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