Shukan Untouchable

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It’s been such a long time since my last Nakama Yukie’s Dorama…it was Erai Tokoro ni Totsuide Shimatta. Nakama is my only favorite female actress from Japan. She is so polite and down to earth but she doesn’t mind to make a fool out of herself for her role.

The Untouchable is her newest dorama, it was aired on …. I didn’t know what is it about – then again, I never read any dorama review before buying it, I rely on my instinct – but because it is played by Nakama Yukie, whatever the story is I have to see it.

The Untouchable is really interesting, it keeps everyone thinking from the beginning till the end. This dorama consists of 9 episodes. It has a really serious topic but as usual, it isn’t 100% serious, I can still laugh watching Nakama’s silly acts.

The DVD I bought has positive and negative side. The moment I watched it, I realize how screw up the subtitle is…the translator merely translated it from the Chinese characters (the original subtitle is Chinese/Mandarin) and therefore its English grammar is amazingly screw up…most of the time, I have to set my ears to the speaker or click the Japanese subtitle. Now, the Japanese subtitle is a rare thing in Pirate DVD, I was overjoyed when I saw it…I can learn from it. My Japanese is  still so-so, so the plan is to finish watching The Untouchable and then re-watched it with Japanese subtitle in order to learn from it…it will feel like Nakama Yukie is my Nihongo sensei 🙂

Nanashi No Gombe

The story of this dorama is about government conspiracy and a man named Nanashi no Gombe who tries to scare everyone who stands on their way.

Narumi Ryoko (Nakama Yukie) is a good journalist, but she was unlucky. She was fired from her previous work and become a journalist for Shukan Untouchable, a third grade weekly Gossip magazine. Other journalists always looked down on her, but she proved her self as a number one journalist.

The first case is titled Foreseeable Accident Woman. Ryoko had just arrived in Untouchable. The editor gave her first assignment the minute she arrived. She was introduced to the other people who worked in Untouchable by the chief Editor, they were Takafuji Shinichi (Tomohito Sato), Jonouchi HitoshiNishio Rika, Makise Misuzu (Ashina sei) and Nakahara Makoto.

In this 1st episode, Ryoko learnt about the existence of Nanashi no Gombe. Her 1st case is to solve the mystery behind Arisugawa-san’s ability in predicting accident. There was something fishy with that woman. Ryoko and Takafuji-kun tried to peek into the mystery. Ryoko’s brother, Narumi Koji, warned her to be careful. She also met her old crush, Toyama Shiro (Kaname Jun) who was always getting on her way.

She finally solved the case and found out that there was a big conspiracy that always tried to cover their action by blackmailing and killing people.

All the cases in this dorama led to Nanashi no Gombe and his organization. The second case was about 2 famous writers who released their books at the same time, but those books were exactly the same. The question was: who copied whom? Makise showed her rivalry toward Ryoko in this case. Toyama also pursued this case. All three of them learnt that the story was actually written by a college girl, both of those 2 writers copied it from her.

Onichan and Shirochan

The third case was about a big cover-up by a cosmetic company. Katsuragi Michiru, the head of that company, tried to bribe a government employee to cover her company. In this episode, Makise had finally done something horrible, she stole Ryoko’s story. Her action brought her self in big peril.

The fourth case was about a strange kidnapping involving Ryoko. Ryoko and Takafuji were chasing a gossip on Amamiya-san. She was caught in the middle of Amamiya’s fight with his girlfriend and his affair. Suddenly someone came and took them as hostage.

The fifth case was about a psychic who told everyone about the secret of two celebrities. She also told Ryoko that she will meet a man who will like her. In fact, she had her eyes on a handsome private investigator. This somehow annoyed Takafuji…hehehe there is something interesting about Takafuji’s feeling. When Ryoko was sad because of broken heart, Takafuji was there to comfort her.

The sixth case was about two gifted sisters. Someone showed Ryoko and Takafuji a video of them cheating on national music competition. Not long after that, both of them were planning to turn into political world. But there was something weird in that situation. Ryoko’s brother once told her that Nanashi no Gombe was someone close to her and she had to be careful.

Ryoko and Takafuji

On the seventh episode, Toyama became Untouchable’s editor. He sent Ryoko to a club to find out about something. This is where Takafuji started to suspect that Toyama was Nanashi no Gombe. Ryoko won’t believe that because she was still in love with him. Meanwhile, her brother put his suspicion on Takafuji.

On the last two episodes, things became more complicated. Ryoko’s brother really suspected Takafuji even though Ryoko believe in him 100%. Takafuji’s suspicion over Toyama also increased. My own suspicion was on Koji’s partner. So…who is Nanashi no Gombe? And what is his real intention?

I like this dorama because even though it is about conspiracy but it isn’t as tense-full as most American TV series which involve conspiracy. And it keeps me wondering who is Nanashi no gombe till the last episode. While watching, I keep wishing that Takafuji is not nanashi no gombe because I really like seeing him with Ryoko. Takafuji always try to protect her. Ryoko and Takafuji relationship reminds me of Mulder and Scully, there is something special between them but they don’t show it.

My rating is 3 Stars 🙂

Nakama Yukie Special

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