I haven’t bought Manga, other than Onepiece, in years. The last Manga I bought was Death Note. I only want to buy manga that I know I will read again and again, and does not consist of long volume, Except for Onepiece (I want this manga to run up till 100 volumes).

About a month ago, I saw a manga called Pandemic by Kakizaki Masasumi (Original Story by Eiga [Kansen Rettou] Seisakuiinkai). The front cover really intrigues me…but I didn’t have spare money at that time, so no matter how curious I was, I couldn’t buy it. Few days ago, I finally bought it…and I have no regret of buying it.

The story’s background is based on recent influenza virus. influenza Virus keeps on changing and Kakizaki Masasumi takes it to a higher level. At first, the story reminds me of The Stand by Stephen King, but it isn’t the same…the basic idea might be same which is an influenza virus that wipe out society while others remain immune, but the focus are different, how the story flows is also different.

This is the 1st time I saw a manga with colored pages (Indonesian edition tends to remove the colored pages). The story begins with horrifying pictures of dead people scattered on the street, some crows ate the dead. It is a scenery from February 24, 2011.

About 50 days before that horrifying pictures …

Dr. Tsuyoshi Matsuoka of Isumino hospital had an unusual patient. He looks like someone who is infected by influenza but the test gives negative result. However, the next day, his health decreases drastically. His oxygen level in his blood decreases drastically, high fever, vomiting blood, diarrhea, etc…a multi-organ failure caused by infections all around his body. He died nor long after that. His wife is also sick.

On January 5, 2011 at 03.28, Hidetoshi Manabe becomes the 1st victim of ‘IT’.

Teaser from this manga > here

From that day on, more and more people are infected by ‘IT’. A chicken farm near that area is suspected to be the cause.

Dr. Eiko Kobayashi from WHO comes to Isumino Hospital. She tries to catch the virus and finds the antidote. Eiko was Tsuyoshi’s friend. She asks for everyone’s corporation in order to fight the virus.

The owner of the chicken farm fells responsible and commits suicide, ironically few moments later, WHO claimed that the virus is a new breed and they named it ‘Blame‘. and presumably, the antidote will be ready 6 months later.. All Japan has to do is hang on and try as hard as they can till the antidote ready. More and more people are killed, so many dead bodies and there is not enough place to bury them all.

I really like this Manga…I think Pandemic is Amazing, both in the story and in the graphic. The drawing is superb and artistic. Every panel is full with background. The expression of the characters are well drawn, it gives the sense of dramatic and sadness. The story’s pace is fast but we can still follow what happen and it still has high emotion. What makes it better,the translator didn’t erase the important Japanese characters like they usually do when translating Manga…instead, they wrote its translation on the side bar…I find this revolutionary. All manga translator should do the same!

Without any hesitation, I rate this manga with 4 stars out of 5.

Here are some panels from this Manga

Last week, just a glimpse, I saw a DVD with Pandemic as its title…I wonder was it this pandemic or not? If it this, I want to watch it…I’ll search more information on this matter.

Read about the movie in here.

I’m sharing this review for my Manga Challenge 2010 and as my 6th book for New Author Challenge 2010 and my 6th post for Read The Book See The Movie Challenge.

14 thoughts on “Pandemic

  1. Yap, the live action film is already released. Yang main sebagai pemain utama adalah Satoshi Tsumabuki (Dororo). Judul lainnya adalah Archipelago Infection. Hei, hei, liat di mana filmnya? Kalau udah nonton direview ya?

    1. Ow berarti benar ya…baguslah nanti daku hunting di Points deh. Waktu itu liatnya di pinggir stasiun pasar minggu.

      Hehe tentu direview 🙂 karena bakal masuk Read The Book, See The Movie challenge

  2. Iya, kayaknya bener deh Miss dvd yg liat itu versi movie-nya ini..
    Btw dah baca Rainbow blm Miss? Komikusnya sama lho sama yg bikin Pandemic, a must read ;D
    I also recommend Team Medical Dragon XD

    1. Hehe siap2 hunting nih 🙂
      Belum baca Rainbow…bersambung kan? sy males beli yg bersambung krn Onepiece aja dah menguras kantong (tapi ikhlas bgt dikurasnya) jd cuma mau beli Manga2 pendek aja.

      Team Medical Dragon liat dorama aja deh, teman ada yg punya jd tinggal pinjam deh hehe

  3. Thanks for the review as I haven’t seen this in the shops here. I like the idea and the artwork looks stunning. Glad you liked it and it was worth the wait.

      1. Really? What is title of the original movie? Tell me please… 😥

        As I ever said before, I expected the appearence of zombies in this manga, because the word “pandemic” refers to “contagion of a deadly virus that changes us to zombie” in my head :D. And, I expected too much. 😆

      2. Oh ya I forgot, why don’t you read another Kakizaki-sensei’s work, “Rainbow”? Great story about Japan in 1960s. And this “Rainbow” is the winner of 51st Shogakukan Manga Award. 🙂

  4. I saw this from your post of what you have read this year so far (on October 14). This sounds AMAZING!!!! Is this a good manga to start off with? I’m going to make a list and try to read some in 2011.

    1. Yes, you can start with this manga. This is an adult manga, not adult in the sense of adult scene but it’s more like a graphic novel rather than comic books.

      The art is great and the story is novel material, and it is only 1 volume.

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