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Why do YOU hate my Prophet Muhammad

These couple of days makes me want to cry cried … why there are so many people who hate the ONE man that I love above every men that ever walked in this face of the earth?

I never make fun of anyone’s believe and yet there’s always someone who hate my Prophet. Muhammad held no grudge toward anyone, even to people who spit on him.

Why do you hate him so much when you don’t know anything about him?

Here are other 2 videos I like, one by a muslim and the other by a non-muslim

Why can’t everyone be like this person? Zexionobsessed

This whole event is so stupid and pointless. I’m Catholic. I’m American. I have nothing against any religion. I don’t believe any religion is better than another. Why mock a great man? Granted, I still believe it is a little overboard to not be able to draw Muhammad, but that is the belief of Islam. Who am I to judge? Who is anyone to judge? Why waste time worrying over this? We all believe what we believe, and everyone should respect that.

If you are one of the man who hate Muhammad…don’t bother leaving comment in this post because I won’t let any bad word spilled in my blog toward The Only Man I love (tho I haven’t met him in person), you may say bad things about other things/human beings that I love…but not HIM, Not toward Muhammad SAW


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