They Who Captured My Attention 4

As I already said before (pretending that whoever you are is a constant reader of my blog ;p ) I want to write about my favorite characters from books. This is my 4th They who Captured My attention’s post, it’s about fictional characters.

I admit that I am a book worm, I have been a book worm since I was still in junior high school. Books are really amazing, they took me away from this world and created a new world. I really like observing characters (both in books and movies) and sometimes I found great characters that remain in my mind for a long time. These characters overshadowed the other characters in the book…when I found such amazing characters, I felt really excited and enjoy the book more than before.

  • Jupiter Jones (Three Detectives – Alfred Hitchcock)

Jupiter is my 1st favorite character. He is a chubby boy who has excellent ability in figuring out mysteries. He is sometimes a bit snobby. He might not be the kind of boy that going to captured girls’ attention, but he has captured my attention. His way of solving each mystery was amazing. His bossy attitude is also interesting to read. I have to admit that I read almost all series of three Detectives because I want to read about Jupiter. Writing this makes me want to re-read Three Detectives again 🙂

  • Richard Levine (The Lost word – Michael Crichton)

A genius snobby rich scientist! That is how I describe Richard Levine. His annoying selfish act is so interesting to read. His determination in pushing people to fulfill his scientist dream is such a pain in the butt…but that is what makes him interesting to read. He makes other characters less important. I have re-read this book more than 5 times (and about to re-read it again this year) and every time I read it I fell in love all over again with Levine’s character. It’s a shame that Spielberg erased his character in his version of The lost World.

  • Pippin / Peregrin Took (The Lord of The Rings – J R R Tolkien)

Pippin is the youngest hobbits in the fellowship of the rings. His childish act is so fun to read. Everything about Pippin is very interesting. He pisses Gandalf more than once. He has an innocent soul. Throughout the story, I can see changes in him, from a childish hobbit to a mature hobbit. I’m glad to see that Billy Boyd can be a perfect Pippin.

  • The Weasley Twins (Harry Potter – J K Rowling)

If it isn’t because of the Weasley Twins, I doubt that I ever want to re-read Harry Potter. The disappointment of how it ends makes me look down on Harry Potter Series, I didn’t even watch its 6th movie. Well, let’s not talk about how sucks Harry’s ending was…let’s talk about George and Fred Weasley. I fell in love with their character the moment they appeared. They are so adorable. A strong twin that always back up each other’s action. A true trouble maker. The kind of kids that can make me laugh and angry at the same time.

  • Kira (Death Note – Ooba Tsugumi & Obata Takeshi)

Kira is the perfect bad guy!! Smart and heartless. A naïve boy who turns into a fearsome God of death. Most people like L , but I fell for Kira. The way he uses people around him is amazing, he counts all his moves accurately. His plain face deceived everyone around him. I love his character so much. Too bad, Tatsuya Fujiwara is AWFUL in portraying his character and it made me hate him and tend to avoid his other movies.

  • Silas (The DaVinci Code – Dan Brown)

Silas is truly a powerful character, his appearance overshadowed the main character, Robert Langdon. The moment I read a chapter about him, I fell in love with him. No matter how cruel he is, it can’t make me hate him. I feel both pity and awe. He is bad because he met the wrong man. He has bad childhood memories and the one he trusted the most used his pure heart to do bad things in the name of God. I see him as a person who can be shaped into both angel and demon. If one day I re-read The DaVinci Code, it is simply because I miss Silas. I was really happy that Paul Bettany can portray Silas perfectly.

  • Harry Devlin, Jonesy, Beaver, Pete Moore and Duddits (Dreamcatcher – Stephen King)

What makes Dreamcatcher as one of my favorite Stephen King’s books are these 5 guys. Each character has strong personality and their friendship’s bond is stronger than anything. It makes me sad when they died, one by one. I read this book last year and I want to re-read it as soon as possible, I miss those characters.

  • Nick Andros (The Stand – Stephen King)

Nick is my latest favorite character. He is deaf and mute but he is the kind of person that people look up to and wouldn’t mind trusting their life on his hand. Nick’s character is so strong and lightens everyone with his charisma. I love reading every word about him…even at the very boring part of the book, if he is in it, I read it happily. I wonder how the movie version of Nick, I hope who ever played as him will portray him really good.

Those are the characters that managed to steal all my attention away from the other characters in the book. They fill a big space in my heart every time I read the book and I actually miss them from time to time, and when I missed them, I just grabbed the book and re-read it, so don’t be surprise if I re-read books more then twice.

So… how about you? Do you have any favorite characters?

7 thoughts on “They Who Captured My Attention 4

  1. Glad to see that there’s another bookworm like me! I wasn’t too keen on the Da Vinci Code, but you’re right the Silas character is a great character and kind of creepy…

    1. Yeaah…it’s nice to know that you are not only a movie addict but also a book worm .. just like me 🙂

      I like DaVinci Code better than Angels and Demons, and the number one reason is Silas. He is creepy but also interesting, a complex personality.

    1. Hear hear!!! Those 2 characters are not 100% evil, there’s goodness in them.

      Wow…you knew Kira!! I didn’t know Death Note is that famous. Yeah I’m still waiting for someone to do Ryuk Cosplay, I’ve seen a lot of L and Kira but never Ryuk

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