Ryuusei no Kizuna

I admit that the main reason for buying this dorama is because the super cute Nishikido Ryo is one of the main casts. The other reason is my friend’s recommendation. It’s a serious story them wrapped in a funny way.

The main casts are Ninomiya Kazunari as Ariake Kouichi, Nishikido Ryo as Ariake Taisuke and Toda Erika as Ariake Shizuna. The supporting casts that I know are Kaname Jun as Togami Yukinari and Nakashima Mika as the mysterious girl who likes Kouichi.

Basically the story is about 3 siblings who had pledge to kill the person who had murdered their parents.

At the night when Ariake Kouchi (Onichan/Aniki), Ariake Taisuke (Tai-ni) and Ariake Shizuna (Shii) sneaked out of their room to see a meteor shower, something terrible happened in their home. Their parents were murdered by someone. Taisuke saw someone came out of their house that night. These three orphans pledged to find their parents murderer and kill him.

14 years later, almost 15 years to be exact, they have grown up and still haven’t found their parents murderer. In Japan, an unsolved case will be closed after 15 years. Their time to find the murderer is getting closer. Kouchi lived on the second floor of a Kare Restaurant. He was working there. Taisuke worked in an adult DVD stores and lived together with their little sister Shizuna. They lived their life as normal as they can be, but they still held their pledge.

When the police in charge with the case came to see them, they always pretended that they never contacted each other, they have gone their separate way. In truth, their bond as siblings was stronger than any siblings with living parents. They take good care of each other. One day, Shii was deceived by a woman. Their Aniki intended to get that money back by tricking the woman’s gigolo. Their con act was a big success and it intrigued them to do more swindling act.

Ryuusei no Kizuna Snapshots

Their next victims were Shii’s annoying ex-boss and a school teacher. They were going to pull their last act by deceiving Togami Yukinari, an heir of elegant and famous restaurant owner. Things started to change direction when Tai-ni saw a man resembled to the man he saw the night their parents were murdered, that man was Yukinari’s father. And to make matter worst, Shii was really falling in love with Yukinari. Aniki changed his plans from swindling for money to tricks to make Togami Masayuki confess.

Is Togami Masayuki the real perpetrator? Does Kouchi or Taisuke love Shii more than as a sister? (They aren’t blood related siblings) Will Shii ended up with Yukinari?

Sounds like a serious Dorama right? Hehe but it isn’t as serious as you think it is…It’s really funny, especially when they con people…it was hilarious. I like seeing Taisuke and Shii’s relationship, they are SO CLOSE…it makes me hoping for a brother like Taisuke. I’m not saying that they are not close with Kouchi, all three of them are the image of perfect siblings relationship. It was so fun to watch how all three of them interact toward each other. Kouchi is the brain, Taisuke is the jester and Shizuna is the spoiled one. I like seeing their interaction more than trying to find out who killed their parents.

Few words about the casts. Ninomiya looks too young to be the oldest brother, he still has his childish face in spite of his actual age. He looks cuter compare his role as the poor prince. I like his expression, from a thoughtful Aniki to a miserable looking Aniki. His expression on the last episode is the best, torn between killing or letting the murderer live. Toda Erika has to play many characters because she is the main star in her brother’s con drama. It was really fun to see her and Ryo, a perfect partner in crime. Hehe I have to admit that I didn’t recognize Nakashima Mika until she sang her own song. Huahaha she is so weird. It’s really fun seeing Mika acted like that.

Now let’s talk about my sweet Nishikido Ryo 🙂 His character as Ariake Taisuke is 180 degree different from his character as Aoi Ryousuke in Orthros no Inu. He is so talk active and relax, the kind of person that never bother much by the world’s problems. I like his calm character as Aoi Ryousuke better but I love seeing him as Ariake Taisuke too because he smiles a lot!! And the thing that makes him so sweet and cute is his drop dead gorgeous smile…I love his smile so much. I want to see him as a masochist in Last Friend, probably next month. Nishikido Ryo is not just a pretty face actor, he can act really good.

Nishikido Ryo Special


  1. Komen pake bahasa Indonesia gpp kan? hehe

    Aku juga suka banget sama Ryo, senyumnya manis. Belum nonton dorama ini, kayaknya menarik.

    1. Hi Ruka… daijoubu 🙂

      Iya senyumnya luar biasa…mana tiap wawancara senyum mulu…wuiih bikin tmbh gemes aja ma tuh co.

      Emang menarik, seru liat kakak adek yg heboh ini

  2. “Now let’s talk about my sweet Nishikido Ryo”… Best opening first line to a movie review paragraph…ever!

    This sounds like an interesting film, if a little complex. Hope it has a happy ending. I don’t mind dark subject material as long as the film shows its sunnyside (if there is one).

    1. Thx 🙂 hehe tho I am wondering why do you think so?

      This isn’t actually a film, I forgot to write that this TV series consist of 9 episodes (I’ll edit it later). I won’t spoil it by saying it has happy or sad ending, I am the kind of person that like to be surprised by how things end and that’s why my reviews rarely mentioned how things will end.

      I think this drama has sunnyside because it is both serious and funny.

  3. hehehehhehehe ,,,,
    i`m coming … *finally* hehehehhe ……..
    that`s true …. ryo`s smile is very very very charming …
    hehehhehehehehe …….

    one thing that i love the most from his character in this film is despite of his foolish act, he is very smart …
    love him !!!!! hohohohohoho …

          1. yeah … that`s right !!!!!!!!
            what a lucky life sharing the same room with ryo !!!!

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