Orthros no Inu

Indonesian Version

I love this dorama (Japanese Drama) so much!! I decided to write in 2 languages, in Indonesian Bahasa and in English. Untuk bahasa Indonesia, klik link diatas.

Any human being, in order to make life shine is prepared
to have an ending with dead.
And if that were the case,
in reality your power might be
God’s hand
Ryuzaki Shinji’s word for Aoi Ryosuke.

Orthros no Inu is another dorama that I bought simply out of hunch. I’m not a fan of both Takizawa Hideaki (Takky) or Nishikido Ryo. I read the summary on the back cover and a strong urge to buy it rise in me. I didn’t have enough money when I saw it, but my feeling said I have to buy and by collecting small money from my wallet, I bought it.

And for the hundredths time, I have to say thank you to my ‘feeling’ because I have just found a great dorama that definitely become one of my favorite all time doramas.

I rarely watch serious drama because it usually turns into boredom, I really like funny dorama that have moral value, good story and lots of good laugh. Orthros no Inu is far from being a funny dorama and yet it manages to make me totally absorb in its story. And to tell you to the truth, I haven’t felt as excited as this since The X Files (my all time favorite TV series). I fell in love with Orthros no Inu.

This dorama was aired on 2009. The main casts are Takizawa Hideaki as Ryuzaki Shinji, Nishikido Ryo as Aoi Ryosuke and Mizukawa Asami as Hasebe Nagisa. I’ve seen Takky’s dorama several time, he is cute but he never really steal all my attention. This is my 2nd Nishikido Ryo Dorama, when I saw him in 1 Liter of Tears, he slipped my mind…nothing special…But when I see him in Orthros no Inu, I fell in love with him…He is so cute!! Hontou ni Kawaii. I think it is because he really into his character.

The Story: Aoi Ryousuke was a kind and good hearted school teacher. One of his students, Kana, told him that she overheard a conversation about murder. This confession led to a series of uncontrollable events. Hasebe Nagisa, a police woman, tried to capture Kumakiri (the one Kana overheard of) but ended up as the captured one. Aoi helped Nagisa by killing Kumakiri’s friend only by touching him. Aoi was a good man, he surrendered himself to the police but the police won’t put him in jail because there’s no proof. Aoi Ryosuke possessed the power of demon’s hand, he can take someone’s life just by touching that person.

Ryuzaki Shinji was a prisoner on a death row, he was guilty for killing 3 people. Hasebe went to see him, she thought Ryuzaki also have special power. What Ryuzaki had is the opposite of Aoi, he possessed the power of God’s hand, he can cure any diseases just by touching the person with that disease. Hasebe told Ryuzaki about Aoi. Ryuzaki asked Hasebe to bring Aoi to his cell.

Ryuzaki sweet-talked Aoi by saying that his hand can help millions of people, it’s such a waste to keep him locked up like that. He told Aoi to kill the guard and his power could revive him again. Aoi with his pure heart fell for it. He learnt the hard way NOT to trust Ryuzaki ever again…but it wasn’t that easy.

Ryuzaki’s escape led to political issue. A rising politician tried to use him as her pawn to become prime minister. Ryuzaki was a smart man, he didn’t want to become anyone’s pawn…he wanted to be the player. He always contacted Aoi and told him things that sound cruel but it wasn’t as cruel as it might sound at first. Ryuzaki, Aoi and Hasebe were all tangled up in political obsession.

Was Ryuzaki really that bad? Was Aoi really that innocent? Why the sudden interests in Aoi rise in Ryuzaki’s heart and mind? What is Hasebe’s part in this battle of power?

What really intrigues me since the 1st episode is the title in the 1st episode it self Kami no te motsu akuma, akuma no te o motsu tenshi (Demon with God’s hand, Angel with Demon’s hand)…this sentence grabbed all my attention and all I want to do is finishing this dorama as fast as I can. I could have finished this 9 episodes dorama in 1 day (I really wanted to do so) but my job prevented me from doing it. I watched episode 1 and 2 in Thursday and finished the rest on Saturday.


What I think of the character? I think Ryuzaki’s character is really interesting, he is the kind of person that hard to guess, he has his own way in doing thing. He closes himself toward other people because he is never been loved since his parents gone. He opens himself in his own way to Aoi. His decision might sounds heartless but he actually has good point in all his action. Aoi’s character is simpler than Ryuzaki’s. Aoi has a pure and kind heart, all his action is based on goodness, but his kindness is easily manipulated by Ryuzaki. He seemed like someone who walks in a thin wire. He is a quite man. Aoi’s character might look simpler than Ryuzaki but I think his character is more difficult to play than Ryuzaki’s character…Aoi has more expression than Ryuzaki. No wonder Nishikido Ryo won an award for his role as Aoi Ryosuke. Hasebe’s character is a typical idealist police officer. She is a single mother with a daughter who suffers an acute asthma. All she wants to do is to uphold justice, but her encountered with Ryuzaki and Aoi makes her decision blurred from time to time.

What is Orthros no Inu? Orthros no Inu means Orthros’ Dog, a legendary  2 headed dog from Greek mythology.

How I feel about this dorama? The fact that I’m writing this review in 2 languages shows how much I love this dorama! I think this is one of the best dorama I’ve ever seen. The minute I finished watching it, I want to re-watch it again. There’s nothing about this dorama that can make me love it less (and so do some harsh reviews I’ve read about it). Every scene, every episode, every character, every word in Orthros no Inu had drawn me completely.

Matta hito o koroshimasuAoi Ryosuke
Utte! Anta o korosareru warukunai Ryuzaki Shinji



  1. review ini terus miss, bgus bgt y? (udah lama ga liat doramanya hideaki takizawa, hehe..) btw, dorama jepang yg lg bgus apa deh miss?

  2. Hii reviewny krg, krg panjang hahah. trtrk bgt sm dorama ni krn gw fans tackey n mmg sk sm crta y buat gw mkr. tmbh dnk.

    1. HUahaha apanya yg ditambah? kalo terlalu banyak nulis ceritanya nanti jd spoiler n ga bagus lg.

      Btw baca yg Indo atau english? yg Indo emang aga dipendekkin…yg English lebih panjang

  3. Hi! I’m glad I dropped by to read your review because it’s always enriching to find out other people’s perspectives on a drama or film. I see that you’re a huge paranormal/sci-fi nut (wow, The X Files, huh? one of my best friends was also quite a fan and diehard MulderxScully shipper back in the ’90s :D), so I understand why the Orthros no Inu premise would appeal to you so much. That’s cool. =D

    See you around! 😉

    1. Hi Ender thanks for stopping by and I’m glad I dropped on your review too 🙂 and as you said, it is enriching…that’s why I like blogwalking on the same review both movie/drama or book.

      It’s nice to see different perspective on things

      Haha yeah that’s why I really like Orthros no Inu, one of of my best friend said that ‘this dorama is so you’. I like unusual story which wrapped in a good way

  4. Hey!
    You’re SO right – Orthros no Inu is an amazing dorama.
    Now that I’ve finished it I’m desperately searching for sth. similar.
    Any recommendations?? 🙂

    1. Hi Vivi, I’m glad we are on the same page 🙂

      No, I haven’t found anything similar yet. I bought/watched dorama randomly, never read full review…so maybe I’ll bump into something similar one day.

  5. review ny bagus.. kbetulan baru nonton Orthros no Inu juga.. Love it! 😀 Yg saya g ngerti itu, knp d kasih jdul Orthros no Inu ya? kenapa harus anjing Orthros dalam mitologi Yunani? penasaran ttg itu.. :p

    1. Makasih akumayoichi 🙂
      Gw juga ga ngerti kenapa pake judul itu…mungkin, belum tentu benar, karena anjing Orthros itu punya 2 kepala jadi melambangkan kepribadian mereka (ngarang abis). Hahaha maaf tak bs membantu.
      Kalo ngerti mitologinya mungkin juga bakal ngerti kenapa pakai judul itu. Tapi gw ga gitu tau mitologinya, cuma tau itu anjing berkepala 2

  6. This is very late already but I just watched this drama recently because of Nishikido Ryo. However, even if he was the reason why I decided to check this out, the summary of the show was what compelled me to actually watch it. I read reviews from other people about the drama’s faults and I would have to say I agree. However, I am glad that at least, there are some people who share my opinion about the drama – that is, it is a great drama. I don’t think there is a drama/show that is entirely faultless. Most shows I know have situations which we can say are impossible or stupid but I still think despite the “flaws”, Orthros no Inu had an interesting plot. I like how it shows the different perspectives of two people who in a way, held power over life and death and the consequences that come from their decision to save or take lives. I also liked the twists in the story and the lessons that come from it.

    I don’t watch that many dramas or shows so I cannot exactly say some scenes are a copy of this other movie (or an attempt to) nor can I say that the plot or execution is not as good compared to manga/books/novels (if there is any as most shows recently are based on novels or manga series). However, I think that is why I am able to enjoy the show. Watching it as it is, I am able to concentrate on the story and how things are played out by the actors/actresses. Never mind the faults or inconsistencies as I think every movie has them. But the portrayal of the characters, the angst shown, the desperation and all….. I think the actors/actresses did a good job. I really do enjoy this show and I am glad to see that there are people who enjoy it just as much as I do. 😀

    1. Hi Hille 🙂
      Thank you for stopping by. I really enjoy your enthusiastic comment…despite what people say about the drama, i like it nevertheless, I still think the story was great and Ryo showed great ability in acting.
      I am sooooo glad you like it too, at least I know I am not alone in liking this dorama a lot 😉

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