L’Arc~en~Ciel 3rd Album – Heavenly

It’s time for another post for my tribute to L’Arc~en~Ciel. Let’s talk about Laruku’s 3rd album, Heavenly.

Heavenly was released in September 1, 1995. In my opinion, Heavenly is their 1st cheerful album, the previous two albums (Dune and Tierra) sounds a bit dark and less cheerful. I do believe that this album can be easily accepted by many people.

There are 3 PVs from this album; Vivid Colors, And She Said and Natsu no Yuutsu. I like And She Said PV the most…Hyde looks like a high class and arrogant lady. Heavenly the album is also followed by Heavenly-films. I think this is the 1st official video they ever released.

Now, let’s talk about the songs, one by one…and just like what I’ve done before I’m going to write my favorite part of each song. I almost forgot to tell you that these favorite lines are based on the meaning of he lyric.

Still I’m With You

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
I really like this song, the more I listen to it the more I like it. It’s an enjoyable song, I like the beat on this song

My favorite line:

まだ 見る 風 に 揺られ 身 を 負かせれ(Mada miru kaze ni yurare mi o makasere)
誰 より も うつくしく(Dare yori mo utsukushiku)
約束 の 無い 愛 に 憧れた まま(Yakusoku no nai ai ni akogareta mama)
どこ まで も 高く 舞い上がる (Doko made mo takaku maiagaru)

Vivid Colors

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
This song is one of their singles from Heavenly. I have to admit that sometimes I feel that this song is a bit boring, however there are also times where I feel addicted to this song. The PV reminds me so much of beauty contest 😉

My favorite line:

Doredake hanaretanara wasurerareru darou
Omotte mite mo nashikute
Yagate oiitatsu hisashi no moto
Sotto sotto me o tijite
In to vivid colors

And She Said

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
One of my favorite songs in this album. I really like the beat and tempo of this song. I was so happy when I finally heard this song being sung in their latest concert. This is also one of the singles from this album.

My favorite line:

Ochiteyuku kedo aenakute
Memai ni mi o shizumereba
Kono sora o amakumo ga oii tsukushite yuku


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
This song starts very low and then it when higher. I like the way hyde sang this song, it really shows his ability in singing.

My favorite line:

Tometonaku nagaredashita
Kioku wa mune o shimetsukeru
Ano yasashisa mo ano tokimeki mo motteyuku
Toki ni dagarete into the silence

Secret Signs

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
I love the drum beat of this song. It can make me forget my self and start following the beat wherever I was at that time.

My favorite line:

Amai toiki secret signs
Yasashiku togasete nemuraseru
Nani mo kamo ga kowasarete
Dare mo shiranai
Another side of crying mind

C’est la Vie

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
Awww…kore wa kawai uta da yo! I really really like this song. I can never get tired of this song. It’s such a fun song.

My favorite line:

This time yasashii koe ga
This night machi no tariru
This time konya ga giri no
This night toki o wasureru

Natsu no Yuutsu

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken

I think this is the most famous single of this album. They also make a punk en ciel version of this song. Just like Vivid Colors, sometimes i feel bored sometimes i like it so much.

My favorite line:

Dare mo todokanai sora wo
Oyogu ano shima no you ni
Kimi wa suashi no mama de
Nokori wazuka na natsu ni kieta


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu
This song sounds so simple and monotone but I truly like this song. I remember the 1st time I heard this song, I couldn’t get enough of it…kept on listening to it.

My favorite line:

Shiroi kioku ni afureteiru anata o iyasenai
Hareta kono te ga
Kizutsukete shimau kata itami o kienai

Shizuka no Umi de

Lyric by Hyde, Music by L’Arc~en~Ciel
This is the slowest song in Heavenly. Unlike the previous slow song in Dune and Tierra (which I really like), I don’t really into this song…tho I never skipped the song but it never made it into my favorite list too.

My favorite line:

Kimi ga warau dake de
Boku wa ureshikute
Itsumademo boku wa koko no iru yo

The Rain Leaves a Scar

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
I think this is the most different song compare to the rest of the song in this album…but I like it, there’s something about this song that I can’t just ignore it.

My Favorite line:

A, yurameku odayaka ni anata o kanjite ita no ni
Mou tsunagi tomararenai
Subete wa awaku yurete

Here are 30seconds preview of the album:

This is part of my:


  1. Hey, I really enjoy sharing their songs with you. Because whenever I want to write a comment for your posts of their albums, I revisit the specific album we are going to talk about. And it always makes me found something else more about their songs and like them even more! Hahaha.

    So I am playing it right now, no shuffle on, it’s just Heavenly now. Hehehe. I have to agree with you (man you’re a true cieler! XD) that it is a cheerful album compared to their previous ones. Before reading your post and revisiting this album, you know I didn’t really enjoy Heavenly. I only get to know about ‘And she said’ from Theater of Kiss performance. Hehehe. I was like, is this their new song? I found out later that it wasn’t their new song but this song is awesome! One of my fave! 🙂

    Still I’m with you is okay to me, but it’s really fun to listen to when you’re travelling long journey. I have their songs in my mp3 and I really love it when I travel to and fro from campus to my hometown. It’s about 7 hours journey by bus. Imagine! So Laruku really help me pass time on the bus! Love them!

    And of course Vivid colors is brilliant but as you said, sometimes boring! One of my fave singles though! I already mention that And she said is awesome, right? Hahaha! The tempo and music of the song is really getting to me. Awesome! I love songs that gives good first impression! And most of Laruku songs do that! They are the best! Hehehehe..

    You are so right!! Garasudama, hyde sings so well! Although it starts low and slow but I love this song especially when it lives up! At first I thought, oh it’s just another slow song but then it surprised me! Has been one of my fave also!

    Secret signs, hahaha the drum beat just makes you wanna tap your feet! Hehehehe. Secret signs and Cest la vie are fun but not my fave lah.. Hehehe.. Once in a while Cest la vie do cheer me up! Feel like just wanna dance with haido-sama!!! Hahahaha! XD

    Yeah, I also have this love/hate relationship with Natsu no Yuutsu, it’s abit boring to listen to sometimes but sometimes is okay. I love the PunkenCiel version though! Hehehehe..

    Cureless is okay to me. And the slow song, really not my fave! It feels weird whenever I try to listen to it, so I always forgotten about this song.. LOL!

    The rain leaves a scar.. and the song seems different! I though it is a slow song but I like it the fact that it’s not. Hahaha.. It’s always like that, sometimes the perfect combi of the foursome’s awesome talent just cannot be take for granted! Which is why I sometimes find myself like certain of their songs a lot! Hehehehe..

    Man, what a long comment! Sorry ya! Guess I am really excited to talk about Laruku!! XD

    You make me like Heavenly abit more now! 😉

    1. Yup it is a long comment 😉 But I don’t mind at all…it is always nice to hear other cielers opinion on their albums. There are just too many to talk about.

      Writing this series of tribute really makes me realize that I love this band TOO much and I will never stop loving them…they are the greatest!!

        1. In my opinion, Larc en ciel has more colors to their songs after Yuki joined the band. The only colorful album in Sakura’s era is TRUE.

  2. You’re very right! Yuki is incredible! I am always attracted to the drum beat of their songs. The songs he composed are real good, too! 🙂

  3. I don’t think I’ve listened to L’Arc en Ciel before, althought the name is really familiar – I think I may have heard of them through time spent listening to Malice Mizer, Dir en Grey etc. I love their theatrical performances. And Gackt is rather interesting!

    I’m enjoying your music recommendations – I always love to learn about new bands, especially in a genre of music that isn’t as familiar to my ear 🙂

    1. Malice, Diru and Gackt has different kinds of music compare to Laruku (Japanese way of saying Larc en Ciel)… well, all 4 of them are different 🙂 . Malice has really good teatherical performance. as for diru, I only like their music that doesn’t have growl voice. Ah Gackt, I like his music tho I don’t really like the man himself…but he is quite a good actor too.

      Laruku is the most cheerful one compare to the other 3…their music evolve through time. You might have heard Laruku because they had held a concert in Paris recently.

      I’ve loved them for 9years and the love is getting stronger by the years…they have never bored me no matter how many times I’ve listened to their music.

      I’m glad to hear that 🙂 if by reading this you start listening to Laruku…then my mission in writing this series of tribute is rewarded

    1. I’ve seen that Live long time ago…in fact that is the only one I have 🙂 … Hmm where did I put that CD :/ … you make me want to see it again.

      I haven’t received my order of Live in Paris DVD yet (waiting impatiently) …but My friend told me that it was amazing to see all those french people remember their song’s lyric and sing together.

      Ah seppun is nice, it means Kiss from their 9th album. Try to search Jiyuu e no shoutai (Invitation to freedom), I have never met anyone who doesn’t like that song…it’s a really fun song.

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! When I come here, I feel somewhat inadequate as I don’t know much about Japanese culture myself. But I think Japan definitely has a log of great things to offer to the world. Japanese society is becoming more and more open by the day – a beacon to the rest of Asia.

    1. I’m not a Japanese but yeah probably 50% of my blog posts are related to Japan because I love everything related to that country.

      Thank you for your comment 🙂

  5. wah penggemar laruku ya *toss*. aku lumayan suka album ini. favoritku Natsu no Yuutsu, C’est~la~vie, and she said, & still I’m with you 🙂

  6. Couldn’t understand what they are singing about because I don’t think it is in English? But they are very passionate performers and interesting to watch. I really enjoy listening to Muse as well, especially Their first album Showbiz. My wife loves the song ‘Unintended’.

    1. Yup…they are speaking in Japanese, and what makes me love this band more is their persistence in using their native language even though they had spread their songs around the world

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