Mesmerizing Nihon (素晴らしい 日本)

Kamui Gaiden (カムイ 外伝)

Kamui Gaiden is directed by Sai Yoichi. Screenplay is written by Kudo Kankuro based on Manga by Sanpei Shirato. Compare to Goemon, this movie has better visual because it stays on the actual history. Their clothes are exactly how Japanese dressed on 17th century, their houses also loyal to how it actually looks like in that century.

The talented Matsuyama Ken’ichi plays Kamui really good. I’ve had my eyes on him since he plays L (Death Note) brilliantly. The other cast are Koyuki, Ito Hideaki, Kobayashi Kaoru, Ohgo Suzuka as Sayaka and Ekin Cheng.

The Story: Kamui became a Shinobi (usually known as Ninja) since he was a kid. He was one of the best in his clan. But Kamui had something else in his mind, he wanted to be free. He finally ran away but the clan won’t let Kamui free so they chased him everywhere. Kamui couldn’t trust anyone till he met Hanbei. Hanbei took him in his house…by fate, Hanbei’s wife was someone that Kamui once tried to kill. In spite of that, Kamui felt at peace in Hanbei’s village. Hanbei’s daughter, Sayaka, fell in love with Kamui and slowly Kamui felt the same way too. Things started to change when Hanbei was caught for his act in killing a royal horse. Will Kamui ever live in peace?

What I like about this movie is its originality, they even wore 17th century underwear (what can be more original than that?). Their fighting style was also great, I really like Kamui’s last fight. The story and the acting are also great. I really enjoy this movie. I want to watch it again in better quality (the one I watched has no subtitle – I have to rely on my crappy Japanese)

Goemon ()

Goemon can be considered as Japanese Robin Hood, he was a ninja who sole from the rich and gave it to the poor. I don’t know which legend is older, Robin Hood or Goemon?

Kiriya Kazuaki made his own version of Goemon. The cast are Eguchi Yosuke as Goemon (Eguchi looks damn hot in this movie), Osawa Takao as Kirigakure Saiz, Hirosue Ryoko as Chacha, etc. The movie was released on May 1, 2009.

The story: Goemon was a loyal ninja under Oda Nobunaga, but he fled the castle when Oda was killed. Years later, his successor, Tokugawa Ieyasu, planned a terrible thing that will shatter Japan. Goemon childhood friend, Kirigakure, served under Tokugawa but his wife and child were killed by Tokugawa. He took revenge and got himself killed. Goemon rised from his hiatus of being a skillful Ninja.

The visual effect of this movie is disappointed. I wish Kiriya-san used a real surrounding rather than computerized surrounding. He also changed how the dress, Japanese on 17th-18th century didn’t wear clothes like that, and the still have cimoge (the hair style which was bald on top of the head)

BUT…the story was incredible. Tekita Tetsuro and Kiriya Kazuaki had written a good historical fiction script. They twisted the history a bit, but the result is very interesting. I like how it ends and how the changed the dead of Goemon.

My 1st impression once I finished the movie is ‘In term of visual, Goemon is nothing compare to Avatar; in term of blood effect, Goemon is nothing compare to ninja assassin; BUT in term of story both Avatar and Ninja assassin are NOTHING compare to Goemon

Ju-On 4: Shiroi Roujo (呪 温 – 白い 老女)

Directed and screenplay by Ryuta Miyake, Story by Takashi Shimizu. Released date: June 27, 2009.

Just like Ju-On 1, 2, and 3, the movie was shown in parts…we are the one who have to put all the parts together and figure out the story. For me, this kind of story is really interesting, we can both think throughout the story and get Goosebumps once in a while. Ju-On 4 is not as scary as Ju-On 1 and 3 but the story is still interesting. My friend told me it was still BETTER than the Hollywood version of The Grudge (I don’t want to watch any remake by Hollywood after they screw up Ringu).

The Story: There are 6 parts in Ju-On 4; Fumiya, Kashiwagi, Akane, Isobe, Chiho, Mirai, and Yasukawa. This story I am about to write is Spoiler, I figured it out after watching all the parts: The Isobe family has just moved into a new house. The older son, Kentarou, saw something unusual in the mirror. One day, Kentarou killed everyone in the family and took his sister’s head and hung himself. On the cassette he left behind, a policeman can hear 2 voices, the son and his little sister. After that incident, the house became a haunted house and people start seeing the Grandma in Isobe family.

6 thoughts on “Mesmerizing Nihon (素晴らしい 日本)

    1. I like historical fiction…I think Goemon is well written…the problem is in the way they build the city and the clothes…it’s so NOT Japan style. I wish they made it more realistic like Kamui

  1. mbak,..
    klo film seperti Goemon itu masuk jenis/ genre apa??
    soalnya saya lagi nyari film dgn gaya penceritaan yang sama tapi
    dah lupa judu;y apa…

    mohon bantuannya

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