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Mr. Brain

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Everyone who knows me knows that I don’t really fancy Kimura Takuya (Kimutaku) because every time I saw his dorama, it was always the same kind of act and he acts as if he is the most handsome man in the world…its kinda annoying. But I’m not the kind of person that refuses to watch something because I don’t like the actors. My friend, Yana, told me that Mr.Brain is really good and even though Kimutaku is the main cast, I still bought the DVD because Yana and I have the same taste of dorama.

Hehehe…it turns out… I REALLY LIKE THIS DORAMA, Mr. Brain is similar with Trick but it emphasizes on the science rather than magic trick…and of course, this new dorama (released on 2009) has much better camera angle and high tech gadget, it is more sophisticated compare to Trick.

The Story:

Tsukumo Ryousuke had an unfortunate accident, an advertisement board fell over his head. He survived from that accident and somehow it changed his way of thinking. Few years later he was asked to work in IPS (Institute Police Science). On his first day, he went to a place threaten with bomb. The police caught him and accused him as the bomber. Within few minutes, he was able to solve the mystery and it made a young officer, Hayashida Rinda, very impressed with him. Hayashida’s supervisor, Tanbara-san was least impressed and dislikes Tsukumo, but he eventually liked him and depended on him as much as hayashida.

Tsukumo’s First Case in IPS was a case of a serial killer who left a big cross mark on the wall, the cross was written in blood. Hayashida asked Tsukumo to help the police. Tsukumo’s assistant,Yuri Kazune, was tagging along her boss. A very unusual policeman, Takei-san, looked very suspicious. By using MRI and his neurologist deduction, Tsukumo made the perpetrator confessed.

Takegami Keijiro

A very famous singer, Gackt, appeared as a guest star in the Second Case … I was surprised to see him and his acting was really good. The case began when a serial killer named Takegami Teijiro (Gackt) was executed for his crime. A year later, murders with the same method as Takegami’s occurred in 2 places. Both of the victims were the policemen who had captured Takegami. Miyase Kumiko, the fiancée of the fourth victim and one of the witness on Takegami’s court, felt threaten. On this case, Tsukumo convinced Yuri that she could become a good assistant and she proofed her self that she was indeed a good assistant. By using a little trick, Tsukumo made the perpetrator confessed. The key in solving this case is on the game called Janken.

The third case is about The Invisible Man. A doctor in the hospital where Tsukumo was treated was murdered but the camera didn’t capture the image of the murderer…as if the murderer is an invisible man. The police interviewed the other 3 doctors, Chihara, Wakui and Megumi. Megumi suspected someone, when she was about to tell the police, she was pushed by the perpetrator. Megumi survived from that accident but her brain was damaged. Tsukumo convinced Wakui (her fiancé) that she can be cured (just like he was). They key in solving this case lies on the game called shiritori. Wakui was played by Kame-Kun (I forget his full name because I always called him Kame-kun).

The Fourth case started when the police found a dead body in the house of a very talented young musician. Nakagawa Masaru didn’t remember what had happened because he had short term amnesia. Masaru’s sister confessed that she was the one who had killed that man in order to save her brother. Tanbara-san didn’t believe her and for the 1st time he himself asked for Tsukumo’s help. All four of them didn’t believe that Masaru could kill that man. Tsukumo and Yuri went through all Masaru’s notes and music sheets. By putting all the clues together, Tsukumo dound out who was the  real murderer. The key of this case is in a game of memorizing card.

Akiyoshi Kanako

The Fifth case is my favorite case 🙂 … Why? Because the gorgeous Nakama Yukie was the main guest star of this case. She played brilliantly here (as she always did in her previous films/doramas). The case started when the police found a woman murdered in a brutal way. She was shot in several places and then the murderer covered her with blanket, the murderer ate the victim’s food before she left. Tsukumo was so perplexed by it. The police found out that the murderer was Akiyoshi Kanako (Nakama Yukie), a kidnapped victim who had been held by the kidnapper for 15 years. Akiyoshi escaped from her kidnaper and started taking revenge toward the people who responsible for her kidnap. Tsukumo thought that Akiyoshi had multiple personalities, but there was something that didn’t click with his theory. Tsukumo had to prove whether Akiyoshi really had multiple personalities or not. This case was the saddest case for Tsukumo because he knew that his act will hurt both Tsukumo and Akiyoshi. The key in solving this case was in how people perceived color and information.

Nakama yukie played brilliantly!!! She had 4 different expressions for each of her personalities. It’s so good seeing her play a serious character. It makes me want to re-watch all her dorama again.

The Sixth Case was also the last case, it started when the Vice Head Police department was shot by a sniper. Not long after that, an important person in government was kidnapped. This case really troubled Tsukumo, IPS and Police department. This case also injured Hayashida. In the end, Tsukumo switched place with someone so that he could see the perpetrator face to face. The most interesting part of this case was what tsukumo told the perpetrator (the subtitle on this episode was not right from the beginning, so I have to rely on my crappy Japanese), here is my translation : “Someone who committed suicide will only kill himself, but someone who killed other people will kill both the victim and his own soul, he will never truly smile from his heart again

Just like most Japanese TV Series (Dorama), this dorama has the element of entertainment, knowledge and moral. Every case has its own moral. Plus it’s a really funny dorama, Tsukumo’s behavior is really fun to watch. If that kind of person really exist, a smart man with unusually cheerful characteristic…I would fall deeply in love with him 😉

Hehehe….a little unimportant information….I don’t know why every time I see Kimutaku as Tsukumo, he reminds me so much of Hyde. Maybe because of his hair or his movement or maybe because of something else I can’t put my fingers on. I can’t dislike Kimutaku in this dorama 🙂

Tuh kan mirip Hyde!!

Nakama Yukie’s special

15 thoughts on “Mr. Brain

  1. yay saia suda nongton ini, sekarang lagi nungguin another dorama baru nya takuya kimura ai no koibito ….

    saia penasaran apa yang dibisikin si kimu taki pada ayase haruka sebelom belio brangkat ke amrik, ohya diya khan mula2nya hostclub yak?

    mizushima hiro mirip banget ma inspektur takagi di detektif conan

    1. Hehehe film baru kimutaku? ntahlah mau nntn atau ga…ga gitu suka kimutaku.

      Iya itu penasaran juga, tapi sih kayaknya Tsukomu blg I’ll be back!! hehe gw yakin ada yg keduanya…trick aja smp 3seri. Code Blue (blm nntn sih) juga smp 2 seri.

      Huaaa Rinda-kun kocak bgt, masa polisi takut sama pistol hahaha.

  2. wah, saya juga banget sama dorama ini. suka karakternya kimutaku di sini, lucu XD kasus2nya juga menarik semua. paling suka episode yg Nakama Yukie, keren banget akting perempuan satu ini.

    btw salam kenal ya, nice blog btw 🙂

    1. Hi Puri..hehe iya disini Kimutaku beda bgt dr biasanya, sy jd suka ngeliatnya (pdhl biasanya mls bgt liat dia)

      Huahaha Nakama Yukie gitu loh!!! dia sih emang TOP BGT, ce Jepang yg sy ikuti karir film/doramanya cuma dia seorang.

      Arigatou 🙂

  3. Hi, salam kenal. Gue baru aja nonton dorama ini, mpe episodenya Nakama Yukie. Keren banget cara Tsukumo “menipu” si Akiyoshi Kanako. Kayaknya memang banyak yang menjadikan episode ini favoritnya. Temenku yang menyuplai dorama ini juga bilang begitu.
    Chemistry Tabana dan Tsukumo lucu bgt di episode 4. Keduanya ternyata punya intuisi yang sama akan pelaku sebenarnya. Episode 4-5 juga menjadi favorit saya si. Habis terharu melihat hubungan kakak beradik itu T.T. Takeru Sato juga keren main pianonya ^^.

  4. saya suka banget nih dorama. pokoknya dorama jepang paling OK lah… ^^ si tsukumo itu pertama kali keliatan kocak bgt tapi kalo udah mau nyelesein kasusnya,otak kananya bekerja bgt… banyak maknanya lagi nih dorama. OSTnya keren yg original. orcestranya hampir sama kaya iryu team medical dragon. keren deh pokoknya… ^_^ yg belum ntn, silakan di tonton..

    1. Hajimemashite Lavistara 🙂
      Iya ini dorama top bgt…pdhl sy bukan fans Kimutaku tp suka bgt liat dia di dorama ini. Jd pengen nntn lagi nih kapan2.

      Ayo promosikan ke semua orang hehe.

      Tokorode, itu bukannya otak kiri ya yg bekerja? aga2 lupa otak kanan apa kiri, perasaan otak kiri.

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