Whiskey Peak – An Introduction to Baroque Works

In my previous post, I wrote how the climbed up a mountain to get into Grand Line. When they climbed down, they faced their first obstacle, a giant whale named Laboon. Laboon was blocking their way and Luffy was furious at him because his favorite sit was broken when they hit Laboon. They learned from Crocus that Laboon was waiting for his friends to come back and he always tried hit the mountain as if he can create a hole to go to the other side and searches his friends.

Luffy, as usual, had a plan to stop Laboon from hurting himself. He challenged Laboon and promised that he’ll come back and continue their fight. With that challenge, Laboon had something to wait again.

Beside the story of Laboon and Crocus, in this Twin Bay they met a strange and mysterious couple named Mr. 9 and Ms. Wednesday. They tried to kill Laboon because their village needed his meat. Mugiwara Kaizokudan can easily defeat them. But somehow, they managed to convince Luffy to allow them to ride on Going Merry, they were heading to Whiskey Peak.

Nami soon realized that Grand Line is so different compare to East Blue, the weather kept on changing within minutes. Nami learned as fast as she could to control this unexpected weather.

Whiskey Peak

Whiskey Peak is Mugiwara Kaizoku’s first island in their great journey across Grand Line. The people of that island welcomed them with warmth and elaborate party. Something fishy was behind all that kindness. Only Zoro and Nami suspected this kinda of kindness.

Zoro knew about the existence of a group of Bounty Hunters called Baroque Works, and Whiskey Peak was one of the their headquarters, there were more than 100 bounty hunters in this island…and all of them wanted to capture Luffy and earned 30 million berries. Zoro defeated all of them easily.

In the middle of the fight, another strange couple came and changed the course of this fight. Mr. 5 and Miss Valentine were there to capture a traitor inside their organization, Baroque Works. In turned out that Miss Wednesday is a princess from a country named Arabasta. She joined Baroque Works because she needed information about that organization, it was a crucial information to save her country.

Mr. 5 has the ability to change every parts of his body into bomb, miss Valentine can manipulate her body weight. Both of them are considered to be extremely dangerous. But both of them were easily defeated by Luffy and Zoro because they were disturbing Luffy and Zoro’s fight 🙂 . There was a misunderstanding between Luffy and Zoro.

Miss Wednesday and Mr.9

Baroque works – an introduction

Once they finished fighting, Nefertari Vivi (Ms. Wednesday) explained the truth about Baroque Works and her beloved country. Arabasta used to be a peaceful country but lately there were so many rebellions. She realized that an organization by the named of Baroque Works was behind all this rebellions. After few years in Baroque Works, she found out that a Shicibukai is the leader of Baroque Works. His name was Crocodile.

The unlucky were there and heard every word. They drew Luffy, Nami and Zoro’s face and alerted the organization.  Like it or not, they were drawn into this conflict between Arabasta and Baroque Works. Mugiwara Kaizoku decided to help her out.

On their way out of Whiskey Peak, they met Miss All Sunday, Second in command in Baroque Works. She was a mysterious woman….then again, everyone in Baroque Works are mysterious 😉

Before reaching Arabasta, They will land on 2 incredible islands.

This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda

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