L’Arc~en~Ciel 2nd Album – Tierra

It’s been a long delay post because I’ve been obsessed with Cillian Murphy throughout March…But now, let’s get back on track 😉

Tierra was released at July 14, 1994. The songs in this album are considered to easier than Dune. One of them even become a national anthem of all Cielers, I mean everyone knows this song. It has more variation and not as dark as before.

There were 4PVs for this album, but I only knew the release date of Blurry Eyes. It came out at October 21, 1994. The other videos were Nemuri ni Yosete, Kaze no Yukue and White Feather.

As I said before…I love all 11 albums that had been released by Laruku, I can hear changes in their music.

Now, let’s talk about the songs, one by one…and just like what I’ve done when writing Dune, I’m going to write my favorite part of each song.

In the Air

Lyric and Music by Hyde.
I really like this song. I never get tired of it. I find this song as a fun song. Tetsu’s bass is so unforgettable

My favorite line from this song:

空 へ 落ちて行く
Sokonashi no sora e to fukaku ochiteyuku
そして 雲 を 君 は 掴む … 掴む

All Dead

Lyric and Music by Hyde.
This song is a bit dark and probably not everyone’s favorite. But I really like that long solo guitar by Ken. I don’t like the part when Hyde seems more like shouting rather than singing.

My favorite line from this song:

Jiyuu o ubotta anata ni
Sukoshi mo kienai itami wa
Itsumade tsuzuku no ka oshiete
Sukoshi mo kienai satsui ni
Nayamasareteiru to tsutaete


Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu.
I like this song better than the previous song. The drum beat is so fun. The sound of the piano makes this song more interesting.

My favorite line from this song:

君 を 今 も 思う 日々 が
僕 は 全て datoshitemo
いつか 時 が 膝 を 抱えた
僕 を 連れて 行く よ

Wind of Gold

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Hyde. (?)
This song is very slow but it has a really ear-catching beat, I remembered the 1st time I heard the song…it stuck in my head for weeks.

My favorite line from this song:

Tooku Nagarete yuku, Nagai anata no kage
Nakinakara itsumademo mitsumeteita
Tokei o hayametai, anata ni aerumade
Taiyou yo mawaru sukoshi demo hayaku

Blurry Eyes

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Tetsu.(?)
This song is legendary!! The intro is so well-known. Everyone who loves Japanese music, especially J-Rock usually knows about this song. I think this is the most famous song they’ve ever made in the past (the girly era). I remember every line of this song.

My favorite line from this song:

Meguri kuru toki ni
Taisetsu no hito wa mou
Furimuita sono hitomi ni
Chiisana tameiki

Inner Core

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Sakura.
This song is a bit like All Dead, an unusual song. I couldn’t get it the 1st time I heard it, but after few times of listening it I kinda get the feeling of this song. This song also has long solo guitar.

My favorite line from this song:

Karui memai no ato totoyou karada ni
Kioku no kozui ga chokusetsu nagarekomu

Nemuri ni Yosete

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
Nemuri ni Yosete means pushing closer to sleep. The PV of this song is sooo girly, with soft colored and Hyde acting so pretty (makes people wondering whether he is a he or she). Sometimes I really enjoy this song but sometimes I find this song a bit boring…it really depend on my mood.

My favorite line from this song:

Tomei na yume ni nemuru
Kowarete shimatta watashi wa yume ni nemuru
Itami ga waragu made o okosanaide

Kaze no Yukue

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken
Kaze no Yukue means the wind whereabouts. Just like Nemuri ni Yosete, I sometimes like this song but sometimes I find this song a bit boring. The PV for this song is sooo boring, I rarely watch it.

My favorite line from this song:

Ikanaide soba ni ite hoshii
Furueta koe ga kono karada ni hibiite
Iki ga desanakunaru
Sono namida ni owari wa hai no

Hitomi no Utsurumono

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
Hitomi no Utsuru Mono means the reflection in my eyes. Although this song is very slow…but I really like it, it reminds me of Ushinau Nagame (Dune). The slowness of this song touches my heart deeply. Hyde’s voice is so beautiful. It’s so difficult to find favorite lines from this song

My favorite line from this song:

Kono watashi no hitomi no naka
Aki no iro somerareta
Tori to sora to anata ga iru
Akai kareha to anata ga

White Feather

Lyric by Hyde, Music by Ken.
I can easily say that this is the best song of this album. I don’t really like Sakura but I have to admit that this song shows his true talent in drumming (Tho I still find Yuki as a much better drummer than him). This song is so unpredictable, slow and then upbeat and then full of instrument. It’s a perfect song. I’m so glad that I finally hear it live under the hand of Yukihiro (at 15th L’Anniversary concert)

My favorite line from this song:

Will you please tell me the way to the sky
Maiagaru kaze no naka
Will you please show me the way to the sky
Tozashita mama, hane wa hirogarazu ochite yuku

Here are 30seconds preview of the album:

This is part of my:


  1. Yes! Finally, Tierra post is here! Hehehe.. Yeah, you and your Cillian Murphy obsession! XD

    I agree with you, In the Air is a great opening song for Tierra. So beautiful. I like All Dead, yes, it’s dark that’s why I like it. But it’s not one of my favorites, though.

    Blame and Wind of Gold are brilliant. I love Blurry Eyes. It kinda gives me the 80’s or early 90’s rock! Hehe. I don’t like the PV though. The song always makes me wanna dance!

    I agree with you, I don’t get Inner Core in the beginning, but it is okay to me. No comment for that song. Haha.

    As compared to Hitomi no Utsurumono, I find both Nemuri ni Yosete and Kaze no Yukue okay. Hitomi no Utsurumono is boring to me. You know I don’t really like L’Arc’s slow songs, right? Hehehe..

    Lastly, needless to say, White Feathers is the BEST! Awesome song there! Although it’s almost 8 minutes long but I won’t get tired of listening to it! I have to say, Sakura is a great drummer (second greatest to Yuki! I love Yuki!!!) and Ken-chan is the awesomest guitarist I’ve heard of! Ken is the best! Hehehe.. White Feathers is the perfect song! *heart*

    Wow, I really love to share some L’Arc moment with a true fans! 🙂 Thanks.

    1. Ow … don’t blame the hot Cillian Murphy ;p

      Thank you for sharing your thought on Tierra :hug:

      Yeah YOU ARE SO RIGHT!! it’s so fun to have someone to talk to about LArc en Ciel…especially if that someone is also a true fan 🙂

      They are the Best Band EVER!!

  2. Awesome band, haven’t given them a spin in some time. I think Smile will be getting played in the iPod tomorrow!!

  3. Haha, I’ve stared Tierra last week after Dune and I’ve listened it for a week. I also think this album is easier to hear than Dune. Love all the songs.
    I read somewhere that Blurry eyes can be called Laruku anthem and totally agree for their unique music.
    And I find out that I like to listen the songs in album order. It’s like an entity and the way they arrange the song in the album and change the music between them make it better! (I’m impressed at the transitions between In the air and All dead. It sounds so good)
    I don’t know Japanese much so I can’t catch the lyrics, just feel the music (I usually print and tries to understand the lyrics later). But I think the music alone provide me enough reason to love them ^^

    1. Yup I feel the same as you, listening to them in order can make us understand the change of music they have. When Yuki came, the music changed significantly. I love hearing your journey through larc albums … keep on sharing it with me 🙂

      If you can understand the lyric, you will see that Hyde is a poet, all laruku’s lyrics are so beautifully written.

  4. Poor me, I can only understand general meaning, not the way he use words. I’m trying so hard to improve my Japanese ><
    Of course, I'm also happy to share my love with Laruku with you ^^!
    I read that you love Yuki the most in the band, right? I also love him, only after Hyde. Hehe. Yuki bring me a feeling that he is calm, trustworthy and realible. He maybe a little bit quite but when he play drum, he turn into different person. I think his personality is a part that Laruku should have, better than Sakura, ne?
    Here is a great fan made video for Hyde and Yuki, dun't know whether u have watched or not. So…^^

    1. Don’t feel bad…I am not fluent in Japanese at all….and their lyrics aren’t easy to understand. Hyde often used unfamiliar words. Like Jojoushi, I have to translate per-kanji to finally understand the meaning. When I wasn’t busy, I like to translate their songs, I consider it as enriching my Japanese vocabulary and that’s how I realize how talented Hyde is…he is a real poet.

      Yup…my favorite member is Yuki 🙂 and yes he is better than Sakura 🙂

      Thanks for sharing that, I haven’t seen it but I have seen most of the footages in DVD.

  5. After reading this review, it made me listen to the album again.

    At first, I didn’t like the album that much. (maybe because it’s overshadowed by two of my favorite albums, “ark” & “ray” ^^)

    Anyway, this album is pretty solid too. In The Air, Blame, Blurry Eyes, Inner Core, Nemuri ni Yosete, Kaze no Yukue, (4-hit combo! ^_^) & White Feathers are my favorites 😀

    (And after listening to the album again, I now listen to it again all the time! ^^)

    1. When I first listened to Laruku, I listened to their random songs…not a particular album. It made it easier for me to accept their older songs…although I still can’t think of Sakura as member of Laruku.

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