Jurassic Park

The Lost Word is my first English book, before TLW I only read translated books. I love TLW a lot, I read it 5 times (and planning to re-read it again this year). I’ve been searching for the 1st book, Jurassic Park for years…and finally I found it 🙂

Jurassic Park is written by Michael Crichton. A lot of people have seen the movie (directed by the great Stephen Spielberg) but not many have read the book…my advice is, they should READ THE BOOK!!! The book is as thrilling as the movie.

The story is about an old man named John Hammond who dreams to have a park consist of extinct animal, dinosaurs. He buys an island at Costa Rica and finds people or companies to support the research. His genetic expert, Henry Wu, extract the dinosaurs DNA from insects. He creates 15 species of dinosaurs and claims that everything will be safe because all the dinosaurs are female.

Hammond has some experts for consultation. A mathematician named Ian Malcolm has told him that his park will fail due to Chaos Theory but Hammond doesn’t want to listen to him. He invites all his experts to come and visit the half-done park so that they can tell him what they think about the park. Beside Ian Malcolm, there are Alan Grant, a paleontologist, and his student Ellie Sattler. Gennaro, Hammond’s investor’s lawyer also comes along. Without telling anyone, Hammond invites his grand children, Tim and Lex. A fat man named Nerdy, a computer expert with a mission under his sleeve, also tagging along with this group.

Hammond set out a tour for them in his park…but one bad things lead to another. The dinosaurs are breeding, in spite the fact that Wu controlled them to be all female and now they have more raptors on the park. Nedry shuts down the park power system and the communication so that he can do his things….and this leads to a series or survival games. From one dinosaur to another, escape or fight or be eaten by them.

I always enjoy Crichton’s work…he makes science sound so much fun.  Techno Thriller is another kind of Thriller genre that I enjoy a  lot. In Jurassic Park, we can fell the tense of being chased by an 8 tons carnivore, or being surrounded by the smart and vicious Raptors, or being spitted with poison by Dhilophosaurus, or simply being followed around by Compys because they think that you are on the brink of death. Reading this book is a great experience, suspense like no other book can offer. I love every word in this book, including those boring theory by Malcolm. Crichton has once again put his magic on me…I love him more and more every time I read another book by him.

After finishing Jurassic Park, all I can think about is finding the right time to re-read The Lost Word so that it will become a complete circle. Without a doubt I give this book 5 stars, it was AMAZING.

Comparison to its movie

The first movie of Jurassic Park only has minor changes (they completely change the lost word) at first. The movie changes the detail on the characters, for example: Grant is a bearded man in the book and the movie he has no beard. Tim is older than Lex but in the movie Lex is older than Tim. Lex (from the book) is so annoying, if I was in the book, I have slapped her so many time…thanks God the Lex in the movie is not like that.

But in the end of the story, things really change…they way the escapes the Raptors are different, some details of death also different. But I can assure everyone that the movie and the book have its own fun. I love both of them.


I share this review in Read The Book and See The Movie Challenge and Thriller and Suspense Reading Challenge 2010

2 thoughts on “Jurassic Park

  1. I also LOVED Jurassic Park, both the book and the film. I actually read the novel many years after I saw the movie. I loved how well-researched and plausible the novel was. Michael Crichton certainly did his homework! One of the things I noticed was how much darker in tone the book is than the movie. The book contains more gruesome deaths. And the characters’ motivations are more sinister in the novel, than they are in the movie.

    Great post! Excellent blog. Your English is spectacular. Keep up the good work!

    1. Yeah Crichton ALWAYS does his homework, all his books always have credible science. I read Dan Brown’s Digital Fortress and found it so boring…none of Crichton’s books bored me *so far*

      I’ve read lots of books and watched movies based on them…and books always have more things to offer compare to their movie version.

      Thank you for the compliment :hug:

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