British Invasion

1. Trainspotting

This is my second movie by Danny Boyle, I’ve watched it last year but has no intention of writing it down because I found the movie a bit disturbing and boring. The only reason why I finally write about it is because it fits the theme of this post. The cast of Trainspotting are Ewan McGregor, Ewen Bremner, Johny Lee Miller, Kevin McKidd, etc.

The story focuses on Mark Renton and his attempt to give up his heroin habit, and how the latter affects his relationship with family and friends: Sean Connery wannabe Sick Boy, dimbulb Spud, psycho Begbie, 14-years old girlfriend Diane, and clean-cut athlete Tommy, who’s never touched drugs but can’t help being curious about them.

I honestly don’t get the meaning of this movie. I even skip few scenes due to boredom. Out of 3 Danny Boyle’s movies I had seen…this one is the worst. I can only rate it .

2. Rock n Rolla

Rock n Rolla is my 1st Guy Ritchie’s movie. I watch it because my friend told me it is funny…and I have to agree with her :). The cast are: Gerald Buttler, Charlotte Armer and Gemma Arterton.

The story is quite difficult to tell because there so many different point of vies that will linked themselves at the end. There is Lenny Cole and his trusted man Archie, Lenny secretly controls the city. He made a deal with Uri, a Russian gangster which lead to many tings in advance. One Two and his friends own lots of money to Lenny and they pay it by stealing Uri’s money. Meanwhile, the picture that is lent to Lenny by Uri got stolen and somehow become the center of the story.

This movie is really interesting and funny in its own way. I enjoy it a lot and make me want to watch Lock Stock and Smoking Barrel. I give this movie  .

4. The Boat That Rocked

This movie is directed by Richard curtis. The cast are Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Bill Nighy, Nick Frost, etc…there are so many people in this movie and I have no intention of writing it all down.

The story is basically about pirate radio called Radio Rock. It story starts when a young boy named Carl comes into the boat and joins the crew of Radio Rock. This Radio is operated on a boat. The owner is a flamboyant man named Quentin. There are 6 DJs, The Count (an American man), Dr.Dave, Breakfast DJ simple Simon Swafford, Midnight’ Mark (who looks so much like Keanu Reeves), Angus ‘The Nut’ Nutsford, and Bob ‘the Dawn Treader’. Somewhere in the middle of the movie, another DJ comes along, Gavin, he isn’t actually new…he was the star DJ of Radio Rock and then he left and now he comes back. Other crews are Felicity, Thick’ Kevin, Harold and the Boss, Quentin. Meanwhile, the governments are trying so hard to close down this radio. They try everything to stop the radio.

What’s interesting about this movie is that all DJs and Crews have their own distinctive personality. And this movie is very funny!! I can’t stop laughing. I really like this movie, in spite of the fact that it didn’t make it in box office and received bad reviews. I love the friendship between them and the laughs come naturally…plus it plays great music throughout the movie. So…screw those bad reviews coz I’m still giving this movie .

3. Hot Fuzz

Hot Fuzz is the second movie by a trio of Edgar Wright, Simon Pegg and Nick Frost. Edgar Wright as the director; Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg as the writers; and Simon Pegg and Nick Frost as the leading actors. This trio are planning to make a Blood and Ice Cream Trilogy, started with Shaun of Dead (the funniest zombie movie I’ve ever seen), followed by Hot Fuzz and will be closed by The World’s End, will be out September 2010 (I hope it’ll be in my country’s cinema)

The story is about a dedicated police officer named Nicholas Angel. He is transferred to a small village by the name of Sandford. Sandford is a peaceful country with almost no crime. Nicholas soon realizes that there are so many deaths and everyone keeps on saying that all of those deaths are just accident. Nicholas meets an unusual constable, Danny Butterman. Their relationship becomes stronger day by day. Nick and Danny find out that there’s a conspiracy going on in Sandford. Both of them, along with the other officers, work together to put a stop on it.

Just like Shaun of The Dead, Hot Fuzz is also full of gruesome death with a lot of blood in it…but in my opinion, Hot Fuzz is more serious than Shaun. In the beginning of the movie, the jokes come from their words, and then we can have lots of laughs from their action. It is really funny (tho I find Shaun a bit funnier) and I really like it. I can’t wait to see what will happen in The World’s End. I give this movie .

You can read more about Hot Fuzz in The mOvie blog


  1. Love Trainspotting, the film & Irvine Welsh’s tale.
    you should love Lock stock &, as It’s a lot better than rock n rolla, which is richie repeating himself & U really enjoyed Hot Fuzz.

    1. too bad I didnt share the same love on the trainspotting…I guess its not my kind of story.

      I really enjoy Hot fuzz but I love Shaun of the dead more.

  2. I just watched Trainspotting last month. I liked it, but didn’t love it.. but I really respect it as a film, and it has some truly fine moments and superb performances.

    Your first Guy Ritchie was Rock n Rolla? That’s a shame. You definitely need to see Lock/Stock and Snatch. Those are essentially the same movie but with different characters, but are both pretty awesome.

    1. I think culture influences the way people enjoy a movie…I still can’t process which part of trainpotting is good…except for the actors’ performance.

      I have seen and reviewed Lock Stock, I agree that it was much better than rock n rolla. I haven’t seen Snatch yet, maybe one day.

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