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The Gates of Grand Line

Mugiwara Kaizoku, with only 5 crews decided to take their journey toward Grand Line. Actually, there is only 1 gate to enter Grand Line from east blue, but I like to consider Logue Town also as a gate to Grand Line.


Logue Town

Before docking to Logue Town, Luffy and his Nakama found out that the government had acknowledged their existence. The navy had put a bounty of 30 millions berries for Luffy. The other members were still unknown to the world.

Logue Town is known as the town of the beginning and the end, Roger was born and executed in this island…the pirate era started from this small island. Once they arrive in Logue Town, each crew has their own things to do.

Nami goes to buy clothes and then she realized that a big storm will hit the town. Usopp goes to buy stuffs to make his weapon. Sanji, as usual, goes to buy more food for their next journey. Zoro has more interesting story compare to those three, he meets a girl who looks exactly like his dead best fiend, Cuina. The girls is Sergeant Tashigi, she helps Zoro finding new swords without realizing who Zoro is. Zoro received a cursed sword – Sandai Kitetsu, and a black sword, Yukibashiri.

Meanwhile, Luffy, unnoticed by others, goes to the famous podium where Roger was executed…He wants to see the last view that Roger saw. Suddenly, Buggy and Alvida show up and try to execute Luffy. The most interesting part about this moment is when Luffy is about to be decapitated, Sanji and Zoro are trying hard to get to him but seem unable to get closer to him…Luffy knows he is going to die and says “Zoro…Sanji..Usopp…Nami…wari, or wa shinda” (Sorry, I’m going to die) and he smiles.

Smoker, the Navy captain in charge of Logue Town, sees what happens and can’t believe his own eyes when he sees Luffy’s smile. A big thunder saves Luffy from the execution. On their run, back to Going Merry, they are stopped by Smoker (Smoker has the power to turn into smoke, Luffy’s power is powerless against smoker). Luffy is saved by a mysterious man (we’ll know more about him later).

They escape the navy and head to Reverse Mountain

Reverse Mountain

After leaving Logue Town, the make a pledge by putting their foot on a barrel and shouting what they want to achieve by going to Grand Line, Luffy says “I want to be the pirate king”, Zoro says “I want to be the greatest Swordman”, Sanji says “I want to find the All-Blue”, Nami says “I want to draw the world’s map” and Usopp says “I want to be the bravest man in the sea”. I truly love this moment.

And by the pledge, they are heading to Reverse Mountain.

Reverse mountain lies in Red Line, it is the real gate to get inside Grand Line. To reach Grandline, which is on the other side on the mountain, they have to climb the mountain. They can not enter Grand Line from Calm Belt because there are so many sea monsters living in Calm Belt.

Climbing the up-current of Reverse Mountain is a very dangerous thing to do, they can survive or crash and die. Mugiwara Kaizoku manages to climb up the mountain and Ready to conquer Grand Line.

Nami is explaining about Reverse Mountain

But….they have to face a very big obstacle. (Next post)

New Characters in this chapter

This is my dedication for The Best Manga Ever Existed, One Piece by Eiichiro Oda


I’m sharing this post for my Manga Challenge 2010



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2 comments on “The Gates of Grand Line

  1. Rhinoa
    April 23, 2010

    Another manga I haven’t heard of before. I really like the look of the artwork and the story sounds fun too. Thanks for sharing and joining the challenge 🙂

    • Novroz
      April 23, 2010

      Yes Onepiece is really fun!! and if you read the Manga, you’ll see every panel is full with surrounding.

      Thank you for commenting Rhinoa 🙂

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