Disco Pigs

Disco Pigs is a movie based on a play written by Enda Walsh. In 1996, Cillian Murphy played as Daren or ‘Pig’ and Eileen Walsh played as Sinead or ‘Runt’. The play was going to be played for 2 weeks but ended up touring around Ireland and Britain. The play was only played by Murphy and Walsh.

In 2001, Kirsten Sheridan, adapted the play into movie with the same title and the same actor, Cillian Murphy but changed Walsh into Elaine Cassidy as Runt.

The Story

Daren and Sinead were born almost at the same time and they also lived next door. Being born at the same time made them closer than anyone else. They had strong relationship and completely ignoring other people. Sinead called Daren as PIG and Daren called Sinead as RUNT.

Pig is an emotional person and he often did bad things just for the fun of it. Runt was always their as his sidekick. Days before their 17th birthday, Pig realized that he had feeling for Runt, a feeling that was more than just friendship.

The school thought that their relationship is not healthy and therefore they must be separated. Runt was transferred to another school far from their town. Pig can not even imagine living in the world without Runt. He went searching for her…but their reunion brought so much tragedy between them.

It is a very unusual love story. In a certain way, it was so sweet, especially when they held their hand together through their room and when they ran away together. But on the other hand, it was quite creepy to see Pig who’s claiming that she is his as he is her and he can’t live (literally) without her.

Disco Pigs
Sweet Pig and Runt

What amazed me in this movie is Cillian’s accent. It was amazingly difficult to comprehend and yet he speaks it so naturally. He is very convincing as a cocky and annoying young boy. But in spite of that I can’t say that I like the movie, I can only rate this movie as a 2 stars movie, which means it was okay.

I’m so curious about the play tho…Can you imagine a play with only 2 people on it.

Courtesy of Gappon.com


  1. I love Cillian Murphy. Disco Pigs is one of my favorites, we can see his theaterical tallent there. And yeah, his accent is hard to understand even to Native English.

    Love your post even though you only give it 2 stars

    1. It because I am not really into love story, it’s good but not great.

      The only reason I’m going to watch it again is just to see Cillian Murphy.

  2. I agree, the realtionship sounds very similar to Heavenly Creatures only Heavenly Creatures is worse beacuse they did commit a crime and it is a true story. To kill your own mother… And the way they did… Incredibly cold and brutal. I can tell you I am not easily shocked but it shocked me. I’d say it deserves at least 4 stars. Disco Pigs doesn’t seem that good. (I didn’t think your review was bad?)

    1. This one also ends up with a crime…but they didn’t kill their mother (Thank God), Pig killed a man and Runt help Pig to suicide.

      Actually, a lot of people love this movie…it just wasn’t my kind of movie. You might like it too as you give Heavenly Creatures 4stars. Plus it shows amazing act by Cillian.
      I think the review is bad because it didn’t deliver what I’m trying to say.

  3. this movie is the reason i started searching & watching Mr.Cillian movies. never been disappointed cause he”s acting is great.

    1. I agree that Cillian’s performance is amazing in Disco Pigs, but the movie itself is not my cup of tea, unfortunately.

      The movie that makes me start searching all his movies was Breakfast on Pluto…love everything about that movie.

      Thank you for stopping by Dany

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