Watching The Detectives

…And yes another Cillian Murphy’s movie review!! You might get bored with it already but what can I say? I’m obsessed with this man, not only he is damn cute, he is also super talented and has bunch of great movies.

Watching The Detectives never made it to the big screens, it went straight to DVD…I don’t know why, for me the movie is quite interesting and funny. An unusual romantic comedy.

The movie is directed by Paul. Cillian Murphy plays as Neil Lewis, a movie geek who owns a movie rental. He is teaming up with Lucy Liu who plays as Violet, a free spirit woman.


The Story
Neil practically lives in movie, he sometimes compare his girlfriends to a movie character. Till he meets Violet. Violet doesn’t even own a TV, she likes to create her own scene. ‘I like to think that because I live a life full of adventures that I don’t need a TV set, beside what has the television got that I haven’t got?

They start seeing each other and Neil soon finds himself in a lot of unpredictable situations. Violet surprises him with lots of things. She turns his life from routine and boring life into a life full of adventures. It stresses him out, at first, but then he realizes that his life is boring after all.

Basically, this movie is like most romantic comedy about two odd couple who realize that even though they are so different they need each other. But I like it, I won’t say I love it…but it is entertaining and very funny. I watched this movie last night, somewhere at 11pm and I laughed out loud regardless the fact that everyone around me had fallen asleep.

Cillian is another person in this movie, he looks nervous and often confused…but I really like his expression every time Violet does something. I don’t enjoy his American accent tho. The last part is really hilarious, Cillian’s exaggerate cry made me laugh so hard. Indonesian people will call that as ‘lebai’ (too much). Lucy Liu is also playing quite good as a weird and unusual character.

Overall…it’s a good movie, not a great one tho, and it sure will give you a lot of laughs. I give 3 stars for this movie, meaning I like it.

PS. I really don’t get the connection of the title with the story line.


  1. Heck yes I love Cillian Murphy so much. He’s so talented and he could always play each character well. It’s good for him to try many different characters.
    I just watched this movie, and Cillian is totally hilarious! I love the part when he cries over the girl..he’s too exaggerated xD lol

    1. Yup!! he is awesome, isn’t he? He is a great actor that seemed a bit underrated 😦

      I want to see him in another romantic comedy, but a better one than this.

      Hehe yes, that part is freakin hilarious!! l love it

  2. A few years ago I watched this dvd only to discover the most refreshing romantic comedy ever and a very handsome man that made me laugh the entire movie. I remember thinking ” this guy is hilarious,so funny, he can really act comedy ” So I’ve memorized his name and decided to look him up in other movies. After watching “Disco Pigs” and “On the edge” I was almost convinced that Cillian could play any kind of role no matter the genre. That soon proved to be true with his outstanding performances in “28 days later ” and “Breakfast on Pluto”. At this point I was hooked and felt like I must see everything he starred in. Long story short I’ve watched almost all of his movies and never been disappointed. Although is not my favorite Cillian movie “Watching the detectives” will always be dear to me cause it had introduced me to the brilliant Mr.Murphy and his natural talent for acting wich made me become a fan of his work.

    1. Thank you for sharing your discovery experience Dany 🙂
      It’s fun to know how people discover Cilli from different movies. I found him through Batman Begins but love him so much after Breakfast on Pluto.

      I’d love to see him in another romantic comedy. He is great in this movie, hilarious without trying too much. Too bad it went straight to DVD.

      1. I want to see him too in another comedy . I am sure he’ll do a very good job because he has a good sense of humor. In fact one of his childhood classmates said about him that he is hilariously funny (and some other interesting things about him that you can find here: Probably you’ve already read that forum posts but if you didn’t , hope you’ll enjoy.

        1. Thank you for the article Dany, I haven’t read it yet. I always try to read all articles about him but of course internet is a vast media to cover. I appreciate any article shared here 🙂

          I want to see him in a comedy like Shaun of the Dead or other hilarious British comedy, I bet it will be fun to watch

  3. You’re welcome! As for comedy I’m sure he’ll do that one day if he’ll find some story /character appealing to him. Just have to wait. (but the wait it’s killing me!)

  4. Hai,nov!
    I’ve seen this movie in youtube…hillarious! I wonder why this movie went straight to dvd and didn’t get distributed widely. I mean, it’s an unusual love story and funny. You know, romantic comedy.
    Well, Violet is a bit crazy, but Neil totally deserves it. And the crying scene, totally ‘lebay’ hahaha…
    Oia,novi ada info g,dmn bisa beli cdnya? Please don’t say amazon, I don’t have credit card…adanya kredit panci hihi…

    1. If is hilarious but after seeing it more than twice, it loses it’s hilarity, IMO. The one that never lose it’s hilarity is Breakfast on Pluto.
      I don’t know why it went straight to DVD, maybe because the cast weren’t THAT famous.
      Hehehehe I downloaded this movie 😉 I download most o his movies, I only have 3 original so far because those are the only ones available 😦

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