Another movie that I watched simply because there’s Cillian Murphy 🙂 …but, my judgment over a movie never depend on the actor (as much as I love Keanu Reeves, I still can write bad reviews on some of his movies).

Sunshine is a movie directed by Danny Boyle (Cillian’s 2nd movie with Danny Boyle – as far as I know). It is about suicide mission by 8 astronauts to re-ignite the sun and save the earth from ice age.

The cast are Cillian Murphy as Robert Capa, a physicist; Hiroyuki Sanada as Captain Kaneda, Michelle Yeoh as Corazon, the biologist; Chris Evan as Mace, the engineer; Rose Byrne as Cassie, the pilot; Troy Garity as Harvey, the communication specialist; Cliff Curtis as Searle, The psychiatrist; and Benedict Wong as Trey, the navigator.

The Story
The sun is dying, she is losing her heat. The earth is frozen. Scientists have to do something to same the earth. They had sent Icarus I, a spaceship carrying a huge bomb, to reignite the sun…but they had failed.

7 years later, they send another group of scientist and astronauts. Icarus II carries 8 people and a bomb the size of Manhattan. The bomb was made by Robert Capa. The idea is to create a sun inside the sun and hoping that it’ll cure the dying sun. These 8 people realize that they might not come back, but they still hope they will.

When they arrive near Mercury, Harvey hear signals from Icarus I. From those signals, they know where Icarus I is…the question is, should they change their course to get to Icarus I or not. Captain Kaneda put the burden of decision on Robert Capa because he is the physicist who really understands about their mission. Capa thinks that getting an extra bomb from Icarus I is quite important…and so, they change their course.

That decision…for better or worse…change the destiny of these 8 people. What happened after they change their course? Will they save the earth? Will they come home and celebrate? Those are things you need to see it for yourself.

Icarus II's Crew

I think this movie is very interesting and different from most suicide mission to save the earth kind of movie. Sunshine does not show the life of those 8 people before they leave earth, the movie starts after they’ve spent months together in Icarus II. Sunshine does not include any romantic scene. And the ending is what separate Sunshine from movies such as Armageddon. I really like the ending.

All the actors play brilliantly, Boyle really is a good director. I also love the scoring from this movie, the sound really fits into the scene. Apart from Cillian, I really like Hiroyuki Sanada…I wish he’ll play more movies in international movie.

Sunshine instantly becomes one of my favorite space movies alongside Alien. Less thrill compare to alien, but still enjoyable.

Tho I like this movie, I can’t this movie 5 star because this movie is not that perfect. I can rate it as 4 stars movie.

Cillian Murphy as Robert Capa

8 Comments Add yours

  1. I really liked this movie. Mostly. I would also deduct at least two stars for some nonsense near the end, but then I would give it a star back for the actual ending.

    1. Novroz says:

      yeah the ending is the best isn’t it?! Tho some might not like it because it’s not happy ending

  2. wulaaaaaaaaaaan.... says:

    If you really like Danny BOyle’s works, then WATCH SLUMDOG MILLIONARIRE!!!!!

  3. yana says:

    yeah, watch Slumdog…novi, it’s not a tipical indian story like we know, it’s Danny Boyle’s. it’s great.

    1. Novroz says:

      Hmmm… I don’t know. I just can’t bring my self to it

      1. luluuuu says:

        it has a wondurful, story. it’s not like any regular movie. it has a point to express it’s so lovely

        1. Novroz says:

          Hi Lulu…I couldn’t agree more with you 🙂
          I love this movie so much.

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